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...hang the dj

...hang the dj is a music blog. Old school, shoegaze, psych, and darkwave are featured genres.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is my personal, independent website. It is not affiliated with Bell Media, nor does it represents the thoughts, opinions, desires, etc of Bell Media

For music submissions, press releases, or questions/concerns:

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Rise Against has a new cd in the works. The rumored title is The Sufferer & The Witness. The cd boasts 15 new tracks and is due sometime in June. Don't miss Rise Against on the Warped Tour this summer.
AFI's new cd is almost here! The band has been busy working on the new cd for almost a year now. They even canceled their appearance at the Big Day Out festival in Australia this winter so they could re-record some tracks. Well, they polished off the songs and the cd is ready for release! The cd, December Underground, will be out June 6th. 89X's Vince Cannova has heard the new material and says, "It made me well up with tears...but they were tears of joy. It was so damn good!" Keep an ear out for the new single on 89X.
Fall Out Boy was fined 15 grand for playing past their curfew over the weekend. Saturday night the band played Austin. Things were going well, the band was rocking out and didn't feel like stopping the show, so they just extended it. Austin police weren't too pleased. They threatened to arrest the band if they didn't shut the power off and leave the stage. Fall Out Boy eventually did as they told, so they managed to escape arrest, but not the 15 thousand dollar fine.



NIN is currently on the road tearing it up. All this week Trent & the gang have been filming their shows for an upcoming DVD. No word on when this will be released, but odds are it'll be out sometime in the fall. Don't miss NIN at the DTE June 25th with special guest Bauhaus! Tickets go on sale this Saturday morning at 10am. Also don't forget that NIN will release a 6 song ep next week. The ep has different remixes of "Everyday Is Exactly The Same" "Only" and "The Hand That Feeds." Check it out Tuesday.
Evanescence has been busy working on a new cd for over a year now, but leader Amy Lee says the wait is almost over. The cd is in the mixing stages right now, but it looks like the full cd will drop sometime in August. The band had a somewhat rough go of things over the last couple of years. Ben Moody abruptly left the band back in 2004 and was replaced by Terry Balsamo. After the band started to work on new material last year, Balsamo suffered a stroke. He is still recovering and has been taking things slow, but he's been able to work on the new record while going through rehabilitation. Read more about Evanescence here.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers will release their double cd, Stadium Arcadium, on May 9th. Be prepared for 28 sizzling tracks that will change your life. The first single is "Dani California" and will debut on MTV next Tuesday, April 4th at 11pm. Seriously, MTV is really gonna play a video, so definitely take them up on the offer. A standard and limited edition version of Stadium Arcadium will be released on May 9th. The limited edition version comes with a bonus cd that contains the Dani California video, behind the scenes footage, artwork by the band, interview footage and much more. Plus it comes with a 28 page booklet. The Chili Peppers are going to be playing the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago's Grant Park in August. For details, clicky clicky.
Head Automatica will release a new cd, Popaganda, on June 6th. The cd will contain 13 new songs as well as a remix of "Beating Heart Baby." Next Tuesday, April 4th, they will give you a taste of what's to come as they release a digital only 4 song ep. The ep is titled, Pop Rocks, and it will include "Laughing At You" which will be the first single from the cd. Here's a link to an audio stream of the song. And don't forget to check out Head Automatica this Friday at St. Andy's.


The new Tool cd is going to be released on May 2nd. Tool is a great band, and the guys have a great sense of humor...which is why many are wondering if they are setting up fans for a big practical joke. Don't get me wrong, the Tool cd will rock, and it will be out on May 2nd. But are they pulling one over on everyone in regards to the cd title, the tracklisting and the cover art? At this point, no one knows for sure except for Tool. They claim that the cd will be called 10,000 Days, and that "Vicarious" will be the first single. If you check out the cover art for the cd here, it seems somewhat suspicious. Who knows, maybe that's really the cover art/title/tracklisting and single, but I'm gonna be leery about it until the cd actually comes out. Whatever it ends up being called, I am sure it will be more than worth the wait.

Atreyu's new cd, A Death Grip On Yesterday, is in stores today! You've already heard their first single, "Ex's & Oh's", on 89X. Now you can enjoy the whole cd, so go to it!

Corey Taylor from Slipknot has been busy working on his side project Stone Sour. The band has completed their sophomore cd, Come What May, which will be released on July 18th. Stone Sour will hit the road on June 2nd. It looks like they'll tour overseas before starting up a U.S. tour. They will also be opening up for Alice In Chains on some of their Euro dates. In more Stone Sour news, the guys are looking for a new drummer. Joel Eckman is out of the band...apparently things weren't going so well. A replacement for Eckman hasn't been announced.
Ex-Cold members Scooter Ward & Sam McCandless have formed a new project called the Witch. They are busy writing new material and are hoping to release a new cd later on this year. You can check out their myspace page for further updates.


MTV and Rolling Stone magazine are hooking up to produce a new reality tv show. The show is still untitled, but it will be an Apprentice-type show--the carrot at the end of the stick will be a job at Rolling Stone. Interested? If you are 18 or over, you have until April 8th to get your writing sample and casting video to the casting call folks at MTV. Make it a good one so we can make fun of you when the show airs in the fall. Here's the link for more info on the show and an application.

Audioslave's Chris Cornell recently sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone. During the interview, he revealed that the new cd would be titled, Revelations, and would drop sometime in June. Cornell also said that the new cd would be groove-laden and the vocals would have an R&B and soul-like quality. Cornell told the mag, "My vocal cadence is different, my approach to the vocal is different. And with this band, we have the ability to go into more of a soul/R&B direction and have it be authentic. Read more from the luscious Cornell here.
Korn is going to release their first live cd, Korn: Live & Rare, on May 9th. The 10 song cd will contain some live material that the band recorded at CBGB's and Woodstock. There will also be a studio version of the band's take on "One" which was originally recorded by Metallica.

Korn is currently on the road finishing the latest leg of their North American tour, but fear not! Korn will take to the road once again this summer for a big headlining tour. The tour is currently in the planning stages, but it is expected that there will be 3 or 4 other bands on the bill. It looks like there will be a Detroit date this time around, so stick close to 89x for further updates.
The Ranconteurs--the new project featuring Jack White and Brendan Benson--played their first live show in London on Friday night. All the hipsters were out in full force, including some Hollywood types like Jude Law, Kate Moss, and even the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. According to NME, the Raconteurs played an hour long set featuring material from their new cd along with a couple of covers. The debut cd from the Raconteurs, Broken Boy Soldiers, is going to be released on May 9th. The first single, "Steady, As She Goes" can currently be heard on 89X.


The Pixies will be back on the road for a summer tour. They'll spend the month of July touring Europe, but it doesn't look like they're going to do any dates in the U.S. Meanwhile, Frank Black is getting ready to release his new double cd, Fastman/Raiderman on June 20th.
If you like Ride, this is a really good compilation to get. It's the greatest hits double cd that they released back in 2002. These days, Mark Gardener (ex-singer of Ride) is getting ready to release his debut solo cd, These Beautiful Ghosts. You can check out his official website, www.markgardener.com
but don't check out this one with the different spelling, www.markgardiner.com, since that is someone totally different.
Turns out the previous report regarding the Roxy Music reunion is WRONG. Eno is not going to be taking part in the reunion. Enoweb says that the journalists (and the official Roxy Music website that also reported that Eno would be back in the fold) had it wrong and that it was wishful thinking on their part. Eno says he will have no involvement with Roxy's new cd or upcoming tour.


The Killers have been holed up in a recording studio working on the follow up to Hot Fuss. Recently the band posted this comment on their webpage, "keep your chins up children. The chariots are charging." Hmmm. Read the rest of the comments here. Tonight the Killers are breaking free from the studio and will play a big show in Miami as part of the Winter Music Conference. Hard Fi and the Prodigy are also on the bill for tonight's show.

Dashboard Confessional has a new cd coming your way in May. The band is currently rocking out on the road and word is that they may just drop a couple of new songs into the mix. The tour kicked off yesterday, but there is no Detroit date scheduled. If you feel like roadtripping, you can check out Dashboard April 22nd on the campus of Saginaw Valley State. For ticket information, click here.


The new Tool cd is on its way and the boyz are lookin' fine in their promo shots. Check out more pix of Tool here.

Tool's cd, 10,000 Days, is going to be released on May 2nd. You can already pre-order the cd through amazon. Keep tight to 89x for the debut of the new single...you should be hearing it soon!!!!


Keane is gearing up to release its second cd, Under The Iron Sea in June. The first single from the cd is called "Is It Any Wonder" and you should be hearing it at the end of April or early May on 89x. The band is going to digitally release a new album track called "Atlantic" sometime in April too. Check back for updates.
Trent Reznor and some of the ex-members of Nine Inch Nails have been feuding on the net. You can catch a blurbs of the interview by ex-drummer Jerome Dillon that started it all, plus subsequent barbs here.


Courtney Love is obviously so incredibly broke that she will resort to almost anything to make some cash. The National Entertainment Collectibles Association has struck a deal with Love to make a Kurt Cobain action figure. The action figure features the same look Kurt was sporting in the Smells Like Teen Spirit video--striped shirt, blue guitar and it even has a gymfloor as a base for the figure. You can check it out the full story here. And here's a picture of the action figure. The Kurt Cobain action figure will hit stores in June.

is coming back to town May 16th for a big 89x show at the State Theater. Aiden (not Dave Hunter's kid, but the band) will open up the show. Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10am.


Taking Back Sunday has a new single "makedamnsure" that has been rocking the airwaves on 89x. The new full-length cd, Louder Now, will be released April 25th. There will be two different versions of the cd; a standard version and a limited edition version with bonus material. Thursday is currently getting ready to kick off their North American tour. The tour will stop by Clutch Cargos on April 17th, so get your tickets now while you still can.
Head Automatica has set an official release date for their new cd, Popaganda. The cd is scheduled to drop on June 6th. Don't miss their show at St. Andrew's Hall on March 31st.
Tickets for the Pearl Jam show at the Palace on May 22nd will go on sale this Saturday at 10am. My Morning Jacket will open up for Pearl Jam.



The latest offering from My Chemical Romance will finally be released tomorrow. Life On the Murder Scene contains 2 dvds and 1 audio cd. You can check out a couple of trailers for the release here. Meanwhile, MCR is busy working on a set of brand new songs. They are currently demoing new material and will be going into the studio next month with producer Rob Cavallo, who is best know for his work with Green Day. In a recent interview with MTV, Cavallo revealed that the working title for the new MCR release is the Rise And Fall of My Chemical Romance. Check back for updates! As always, I'll pass along any updates as they become available.


NIN & Bauhaus will take over DTE on June 25th. There's an internet presale scheduled for March 29th, but that's for fanclub members only. The rest of the tickets will go on sale to the public on April 1st. Get your tickets early, you DO NOT want to miss this fine show!
There's a new compilation called Punk Goes 90's that is scheduled to drop on May 9th. This cd features a bunch of newer "punk" bands that re-recorded songs that were huge in the 90's. A myspace page has been set up to help promote the cd. You can currently sample four songs from the forthcoming cd on the page. The following songs have been posted:

  • Mae "March of the Pigs" (originally done by NIN)
  • Emery "All I Want" (orginally by Toad the Wet Sprocket)
  • Copeland "Black Hole Sun" (originally by Soundgarden)
  • Hit The Light "Hey Jealousy" (originally by Gin Blossoms)

If you haven't guessed by now, the covers are pretty cringeworthy for the most part, but hey, you need a good laugh right?? Click here and be prepared.

The Cars have decided to reunite, however since original member Ric Ocasek didn't want to be involved they decided to rename the reunion project The New Cars. The New Cars have enlisted Todd Rundgren to sing vocals. The band is going out on tour with Blondie this summer. The Detroit date is scheduled for June 30th at DTE.
We're getting closer to the release of the new cd from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The double cd, Stadium Arcadium, will drop on May 9th. According to NME, the first disc will be subtitled Jupiter, the second disc will have the subtitle, Mars. There's a total of 28 tracks on the collection. RHCP will be playing Lollapalooza in Chicago in August, but right now there are no other North American dates scheduled.


Tom Delonge (ex-Blink 182) has a new band called Angels & Airwaves. You can check out their new single, "The Adventure" on 89x. The full length cd, We Don't Need To Whisper, will be out on May 23rd. You can check out the official Angels & Airwaves site here. Or click over to this fansite that is dedicated to all things related to Blink 182. It has pictures, lyrics and updated information on Angels & Airwaves, plus updates on the other members of Blink.

The Beastie Boys played a secret show at the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas this past Thursday night. They played an hour long show that featured many of the band's greatest hits. Don't forget that you can check out the Beastie flick, Awesome, I F***in' Shot That this Thursday, March 23rd at the Commerce Township Stadium 14 in Walled Lake and at the Livonia 20 in Livonia. For more details click here.

Roxy Music is gearing up for a reunion! And to make it even sweeter, Brian Eno has agreed to take part. Original members Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay, Phil Manzanera, Paul Thomson and yes, Brian Eno will all be together again for the first time since 1973. Roxy reunited a couple of years ago, but Eno was too busy in the studio working as a producer to be able to take part. This time around Eno has cleared his schedule and is working with the other members of the band on a new Roxy cd. They will do some festival dates, but it is unclear whether there will be a full-scale tour of North America.

The wacksters at Rhino Records have melded rock 'n roll and Peeps. You can check out their website for their special 'Great Scenes in Rock 'N Roll History as reenacted by marshmallo Peeps.' Nope, I'm not even making this up. Click here and prepare for the Peeps revolution.

I saw this at Barnes and Noble the other day while I was getting my Starbucks Frap.


NIN & Bauhaus will take over DTE June 25th. Keep it on 89x for further ticket information. If you can't make the Detroit date, you may consider a road trip to Ohio. The tour stops by Cleveland on June 27th, and the following day, June 28th, the tour will rock Columbus.


Pearl Jam presale tickets are still on sale for Ten Club fanclub members. The Detroit show is happening May 22nd at the Palace. Other shows in roadtripping distance include:
  • May 9th & 10th at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto
  • May 16th at the United Center in Chicago
  • May 19th at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids
  • May 20th at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio
  • May 22nd at the Palace of Auburn Hills

My Morning Jacket is scheduled to open up all of the shows.

The Beastie Boys documentary, I F***in' Shot That, is getting ready for its theatrical release. The film will open in select theaters on March 31st, however it will have a special advance screening nationwide on Thursday, March 23rd. The advance screening will also feature another Beasties flick, A Day In The Life Of Nathaniel Hornblower. The Detroit locations for the March 23rd screening are: Commererce Township Stadium 14 in Walled Lake and Livonia 20 in Livonia. The screening begins at 8pm. If you want to go to this exclusive Beasties event, click here.

The Warped Tour will roll through town July 29th at Comerica Park. The internet presale kicks off this Wednesday, March 15th at 6pm. Check out the official site for the full list of band and other pertinent information.


A Pixies documentary is premiering today at the South By Southwest Music Fesival in Austin, Texas. LoudQuietLoud will also be shown 2 other days this week at the festival. The film follows the band around while they were on the road for their 2004 reunion tour. The film's director, Steven Cantor revealed in an interview with Billboard magazine that the bandmembers pretty much kept to themselves while on the road, and spent most of their time in their separate hotel rooms reading. Cantor told Billboard, "I feel like 75% of the reason for the reunion was for money, but the other 25% was because of the fact that they're legends." The documentary is not currently scheduled for a theatrical release.

Oh, and there will be another Pixies tour this summer. Dates haven't been released yet, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Frank Black is gearing up to release a new solo cd. Fastman/Raiderman is a double disc set that features 27 songs. Look for it to hit stores on June 20th.
The Revolting Cocks have a new cd out called Cocked & Loaded. The first single from the cd is called "Fire Engine." You can check out the band's video for the single here. Revco is getting ready to hit the road with Ministry for a big North American tour. The show is scheduled to hit Harpo's on June 24th.
Live has been trying to release a new cd for over a year now, but each time they set a release date it gets pushed back. But this time they promise that their new cd, Songs From Black Mountain, will really and truly be out on May 9th. To placate all their fans that have been riding an emotional rollercoaster waiting for the cd, the band has set up a webpage so you can check out some tracks from their forthcoming cd. There's also a link to their myspace page so you can enter a contest to win Live stuff. See, there's always a silver lining...
VH1 just did a taping of the Alice In Chains/Heart tribute on Friday called Decades Rock Live, and apparently it went so well that now they have decided to throw a similar tribute concert for Elvis Costello. Death Cab For Cutie, Fiona Apple, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day and others will take to the stage and perform Elvis classics on May 19th in Atlantic City. Elvis Costello himself is also expected to perform. We'll pass along an air date when it becomes available. The May 19th date is the taping, so it will probably be another month or so before they edit things out and have the show ready for viewing.
Morrissey is getting ready to drop his 8th solo cd, Ringleader of the Tormentors, on April 4th. Apparently enterprising fans decided the cat needed to be let out of the bag sooner than the official release date, so the cd has been leaked on the net. The new cd actually has copy protection software on it, but the promotional copies don't contain that software so apparently it is easy to rip the cd to the mp3 format. (Uh, don't look at me. It wasn't me. Honest.) Anyway, the new Moz cd contains 12 new songs and the best song title of all is "Life Is A Pig Sty." Leave it to Morrissey.
Duran Duran is a band that constantly gets namechecked as a influence and inspiration to other bands, so wouldn't it be interesting to find out who inspired them to make music? Wonder no more. Nick Rhodes and John Taylor are busy putting together a compilation of songs and artists that inspired them to form a band and take over the world. The compilation, Only After Dark will feature David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Ultravox, and more. Look for the cd to drop sometime in May.


I saw a commercial tonight on MTV pimping the Monster Ballads (Platinum Edition!!!!!!!!)compilation. All your favorite hair metal wankers are on there: Poison, White Lion, Cinderella, Whitesnake, Kix, Skid Row, Warrant, Winger, Faster Pussycat, and more! The best part of the whole commericial is the line, "Monster Ballads--'cause every bad boy still has his soft side!" Comedy gold! You must click here to check out the commercial. Can you believe they are selling this steaming pile of crap for the low price of $26.99???

Yep, it's March 11th, which means it's officially 311 Day! 311 always has a big bash to celebrate--they usually play a huge, extended concert for their fans in New Orleans. Since Hurricane Katrina decimated the arena the band normally uses, they decided to move the 311 Day festivities to Memphis this year. So as we speak, the band is rocking out and sweating up a storm in Memphis. The band is rolling tape and may turn this year's concert into a live DVD, although they released their 2004 311 Day concert as a DVD, so they may end up keeping this year's footage in the 311 archives for safe keeping.

Fall Out Boy's cd, From Under The Cork Tree will be reissued this Tuesday. The new version will contain 5 songs that weren't on the original version that was released last year.

In way juicier Fall Out Boy news...bassist Pete Wentz was recently exposed (literally!) on the net when some pictures of his, uh, family jewels surfaced online! Apparently he had some pictures of his schlong stored in his cell phone (why??) and someone hacked in and uploaded the pictures on the net. Wentz released a statement on the band's official website calling the whole ordeal upsetting and a total invasion of privacy, although he admits that the moral of the story is if you don't want pictures of yourself to end up on the net, don't take the pictures. Scott Stapp concurs.

A special thanks to 89x's Dave Hunter for this story. As always, Dave keeps on top of stories that involve body parts, especially naked ones!!!

Our Lady Peace is getting ready to hit the road for their Canadian tour. The Paranoid Times Tour will have a couple of opening acts: Neverending White Lights and Jets Overhead. There is no Windsor date scheduled, however the tour will make a stop at the John Labatt Center in London, Ontario on May 7th. London is only about an hour away from the Windsor/Detroit area, so you may want to think about a roadtrip.

The surviving members of Alice In Chains played a concert for VH1's show, Decades Rock Live. The show was taped yesterday, but will air on VH1 on May 5th. Alice In Chains played two songs with Pantera frontman, Philip Anselmo (pictured above) on vocals, and two songs with William DuVall, a member of Jerry Cantrell's backing band. AIC is gearing up to do a handful of live shows overseas with DuVall handling all of the lead vocal duties. Cantrell has said in recent interviews that AIC will definitely do some touring in the U.S. this summer, so stay tuned for details in the upcoming weeks.
System Of A Down has put the video for "Lonely Day" on their official website. Check it out. Yesterday SOAD announced that they will be headlining Ozzfest this summer. The Detroit date is slated for July 19th at DTE. Disturbed and Atreyu are also a part of this year's festival.
The tracklisting for the new NIN ep has been posted on the band's official website. There are 6 songs in all--2 versions of "Everyday Is Exactly The Same", 2 versions of "The Hand That Feeds" and 2 versions of "Only." The ep drops on April 4th.
The Taste Of Chaos show is going on at Cobo today. Tickets are still available for this 89X show. Doors open at 4:30. Here's the list of bands that are scheduled to play today:

The Smashup
Street Drum Corps
Greeley Estates
The Receiving End Of Sirens
Funeral For A Friend
As I Lay Dying
Story Of The Year


Well, it looks like we have another rock 'n roll catfight on our hands! Weiland vs. Axl.

Legend-in-his-own-mind Axl Rose recently had an alleged meeting with his old bandmate Slash. Slash of course, is currently the guitarist for Velvet Revolver. At the meeting, Axl claims that Slash starting talking smack about Scott Weiland, saying Weiland is a fraud. Axl also blabbed that Slash hates VR's drummer, Matt Sorum, and feels that Duff McKagan (VR's bass player) is spineless.

Weiland was none too pleased with Axl's claims. He tore into Axl in a press statement that you can read here in its entirety. Some of the highlights include: "Get in the ring. Go to the gym...or if you prefer, get a new wig...here it comes, you fat, botox faced, wig wearing f***. Don't think for a second we don't know where those words came from. Your unoriginal, uncreative little mind, the same mind that had to rely on its bandmates to write melodies and lyrics. Who's the fraud now bitch?"

Stay tuned to see if this eventually comes to blows.


Pearl Jam is kicking off the first leg of their world tour on May 9th in Toronto. A Detroit date has been scheduled for May 22nd at the Palace. You can check out Pearl Jam's official website for info on internet presale tickets that go on sale this Friday, March 10th. While you're at the site, why not download the new Pearl Jam single, "World Wide Suicide" for your listening pleasure? The lyrics to the single have also been posted on the site. Go to it!

My Chemical Romance is gearing up to release their cd/dvd collection, Life On The Murder Scene. The collection is due out on March 21st, however right now you can check out a couple of teasers for the release on the band's official website. Click "watch it now" to watch it now.


A woman that took part in the videotaped Stappy/Kid Rock/stripper sex-romp in 1999 is now suing Stappy. The woman, identified only as Jane Doe, is suing because she thought the sex tape would only be for Stappy's personal and private collection, not for public viewing. A lawsuit was filed in Miami last Thursday which claims the woman is seeking unspecified damages for emotional distress. The lawsuit goes on to call the woman "the star of the females in the video." Read all about it here.


Depeche Mode will reissue three of their cds on April 25th. Speak & Spell (originally released in 1981), Music For The Masses (1987), and Violator (1990) will be reissued with bonus tracks and other goodies. The entire catalogue will be reissued within the next year or so, but the band has decided to start with those 3 cds first. Depeche Mode is currently on the road supporting their latest cd, Playing The Angel. The tour will roll through North America until the end of May. Look for a live concert dvd from the latest tour to be released in September.

The Cult played a super secret show in San Francisco last Monday. The band (joined by Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains) played 5 songs and promptly blew out a couple of amps. The secret show was a warmup for their tour that kicked off this past Wednesday. Check out the Cult's live show at the Emerald Theater on March 19th.

Helmet has a new cd coming this summer. The new cd is being produced by Wharton Tiers, the guy that worked with them on Strap It On and Meantime. Page Hamilton has indicated that the new Helmet cd will sound much more like their old school sound, so this is certainly good news for Helmet fans. Helmet will also be on the Warped Tour this summer. Warped rolls through town July 29th at Comerica Park.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have revealed that they will be playing the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago this summer! They will be headlining at least one of the nights of the festival that is scheduled to take place August 4 through the 6th at Grant Park in Chicago. Lolla this year is gonna be huge--130 bands and 8 stages in 3 days! The full lineup has not been announced yet...the official announcement is expected on March 16th, which is the same day that tickets go on sale. There was an internet presale last week that sold presale Lolla tickets for 45 dollars (three days of music for 45 dollars!!!) but those presale tickets sold out in less than 2 hours. The Smashing Pumpkins are also HEAVILY rumored to play the festival, so if you want to go, be prepared to jump on tickets when they go on sale on March 16th. For more info, check out the official website.


The Dave Matthews Band is gearing up for another summer out on the road. This year's DMB summer tour is going to kick off May 30th in Missouri and will roll through Detroit June 6th at DTE. The DMB will have different opening acts: O.A.R., G Love, Gomez and Matisyahu will be some of the acts on the upcoming tour. So far there is no official word on which band or bands will be opening up on the Detroit date. Keep it on 89x for further updates and for official ticket information.

Monster Magnet has cancelled the upcoming European tour. Lead singer Dave Wyndorf od'ed on Monday. He is currently in the hospital. A full recovery is expected.

A new Lostprophets cd is in the works. The boys are mixing the new cd in Vancouver. The cd is expected to drop over the summer.


Pearl Jam has settled on the title for their new cd. Apparently it is going to be a self titled cd. Pearl Jam will drop on May 2nd. The new single, "World Wide Suicide", will be available as a FREE download on the band's official website starting on March 8th.

Cold has broken up, however Scooter Ward has decided that he is going to put together a Cold dvd for the fans. Expect the dvd sometime in the fall.

Pete Doherty has been arrested again!!! He's been busted for drugs about 5 times since November, however he somehow managed to escape a prison sentence. You'd think he'd be all about rehabbing or at least trying to lay low, but no. This past week he got arrested once again. This time around he was arrested on suspicion of stealing a car, and of course, possession of drugs. Read all about his latest arrest here.

Thursday's new single, "Counting 5-4-3-2-1" can be enjoyed here. The band just shot a video for the single...it should be finished and ready for viewing near the end of the month.