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...hang the dj

...hang the dj is a music blog. Old school, shoegaze, psych, and darkwave are featured genres.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is my personal, independent website. It is not affiliated with Bell Media, nor does it represents the thoughts, opinions, desires, etc of Bell Media

For music submissions, press releases, or questions/concerns:

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Here's another concert review by Rok Madison:

Rock reviews by Rok Madison
Plus 44 (+44)
St. Andrews Hall

So it’s the biggest bar night of 2006. There are a ton of options as to what to do. But if you were like me, and the 799 other people that decided to see Plus 44 at St. Andrews Hall you were probably happy for two reasons:

1. You got to see a huge band at one of the smallest venues imaginable.

2. You were smart and knew that you could see the show and go out to have your fun that night afterwards.

The Matches opened the show with a very high-energy performance. The fun concluded with the singer jumping on top of the large speakers on the side of stage and nearly falling to his possible death on multiple occasions. They did a first-class job of opening up and getting the crowd pumped for Plus 44.

Being that Plus 44 only have one album out it was no surprise that they only played about a one hour set. All I have to say about their performance is have you ever seen Travis Barker live? Now imagine him playing with only one arm! Now imagine him playing with one arm AND SMOKING A CIGARETTE!!! That dude is sick…

The show was really excellent. The songs sounded great for being done live and Mark brought back memories of Blink with his childish and immature comments in between songs. I think everyone at the show left feeling great because they knew that they were all part of something special that night.

The show was special not only because of the fact you will probably never see Mark and Travis from blink-182 in such an intimate setting again, but also because it was 89X’s 15 Minutes of Fame show. Krissy Ruff, a local girl from Livonia, got to present the show with her name all over the airwaves, in the paper, on concert posters, and even on every single ticket. She donated net proceeds from the show to charity and greeted the concertgoers on their way into the venue. So there was much more going than just good music that night.

\m/ Rok Madison \m/
Rok Madison has agreed to contribute his immense reviewing talents to the blog. You can enjoy the fruits of his labor below...

Rock reviews by Rok Madison
Panic! At the Disco
Palace of Auburn Hills

Whether you love the music of Panic! At the Disco or you hate it, there is no denying that they know how to put on one hell of a show. Beginning with the two opening acts, Plain White T’s (who replaced Bloc Party since their drummer had a collapsed lung), then Jack’s Mannequin (Andrew from Something Corporate new project), and finally ending with a stage setup that was reminiscent of a cabaret combined with a carnival sideshow on crack! The fans got their money's worth that night.

The Palace is quite a huge venue and most would doubt that Panic! would be able to entertain and keep everyone in the venues attention, yet they did just that. They flew through all the songs off their album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and even through a cover of Queen’s “Killer Queen”. I know all you Guitar Hero aficionados were secretly playing air guitar along to the song. But along with the music there were also stilt walkers, smoking ballerinas (literally), contortionists, and other freakish finds that the band brought along with them. For the entire show there was always something going on for you to keep your eye on.

Even if you're not a fan of the band and are forced to go with your 14 year old sibling or significant other… fear not. I’m sure whatever venue Panic! would be performing in they will make it a show that you would not want to miss.

\m/ Rok Madison \m/


A new single from Relient K has been posted on the band's official website. "Must Have Done Something Right" is the first single from the band's forthcoming cd, Five Score & Seven Years Ago. You can purchase "Must Have Done Something Right" and "Fallen Man" from the band's website and iTunes. The full length cd from Relient K will drop March 6th.
Tickets to see Incubus will go on sale this Friday morning at 10am! Don't miss Incubus February 2nd at the State Theater!
Jack's Mannequin, Head Automatica and the Audition will hit the road for a big tour early next year. Don't miss them February 17th at the State Theater. Tickets go on sale this Saturday.
Finger Eleven has bumped up the release of their new cd. Them vs You vs Us will now be in stores on March 13th. The first single "Paralyzer" will hit 89x in late December or early January.
The Libby awards were handed out a few days ago. The Libbys are annual awards handed out by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). AFI was named Best Vegetarian Band. Rise Against won Best Animal Rights Song for "Ready to Fall" and Trent Reznor was named Best New Fur Foe.
Nine previously unreleased Red Hot Chili Pepper songs from the Stadium Arcadium sessions will be released digitally on December 19th.

The Peppers will be back on the road playing live dates with Gnarls Barkley in the spring.
Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy has posted some pictures on the net, and this time they aren't nudies! Check out a photo history of Fall Out Boy here.

Don't miss Fall Out Boy December 13th at the State Theater.
Thrice has posted a Christmas song on their myspace page. Check out their version of "Carol of the Bells" here.


Bloc Party will return with a new cd next year. The cd, A Weekend in the City, will drop on February 6th. A new song called "the Prayer" has been posted on the band's myspace page, so give it a listen.


Jimmy Eat World is busy working on a new cd. The new cd is expected to drop in the late spring. The band will also reissue their first two cds in 2007. Static Prevails (1996) and Clarity (1999) will be reissued in May. The new versions will contain a few previous unreleased songs.
Mindless Self Indulgence will release an ep in December. The 5 song ep, Another Mindless Ripoff, will be sold exclusively through Hot Topic stores starting December 5th. You can check out more from the band by visiting their purevolume page.


David Gahan is all bummed out that people in the U.K. just don't give Depeche Mode any props.

He tells The Sun, “I don’t get it. We’re a band that has come out of England, lasted and done well. But no one seems to notice and it does hurt.

“It’s a struggle here to get recognition for what we’ve achieved. We’re that oddball band that people don’t know how to categorise. We don’t fit the rock category and are not pop.”
Crowded House will release a cd/dvd early next year. Farewell to the World captures the band's farewell show from 1996. The cd and dvd will be sold separately.

In related news, Neil Finn from Crowded House has been busy working on a solo cd. His ex-bandmate, Nick Seymour, is playing bass on the new cd. Finn says that Paul Hester's (Crowded House drummer) suicide in 2005 brought them closer together. Finn says the new cd is coming along quite well and everything feels "natural and right." No release date has been set yet, but it is expected out in the first half of 2007. Read more here.
Maynard James Keenan recently did an interview with IGN online. They discussed Keenan's new musical project Puscifer, as well as his interest in winemaking and stand up comedy. He explained that he already had an interest in winemaking before finding out it was part of his heritage:

IGN: Winemaking is one of your new projects. Was this something you've always been interested in or a more recent discovery?

Keenan: It turns out that my family made wine in Northern Italy. I had no idea until a relative of mine who I rarely see told me. It's in my blood. I'd already put vines in the ground before I knew this.

Read the entire interview here.
Pete Doherty was arrested yesterday for possession of crack.

Even though Doherty is probably best known on this side of the pond for his battle with drugs, he actually fronts a pretty cool band called Babyshambles. The band will release an ep in December. The Blinding EP is due to drop on December 5th.
U2's greatest hits cd, U218 Singles, will be out on Tuesday. The band decided to put an old school picture on the cd cover. Good times.


Incubus is getting ready to release a new cd called Light Grenades. The cd will finally drop on November 28th. Check out the band's official website to listen to a new podcast from the band. Mike & Brandon explain how they put the cd together and they give info/backstory on all the tracks on the cd.

Incubus will hit the road in early January for a big North American tour. The tour stops off at the State Theater in Detroit on February 2nd. Here's the deal with tickets: the internet presale begins this Tuesday (November 21st) at 10am and will run through Sunday November 26th at 10pm. You can check out the official Incubus website for more info on the presale. The rest of the tickets will go on sale Friday, December 1st at 10am at all ticketmaster outlets.

***presale starts Tuesday and runs through next Sunday (Nov 26th)

***the rest of the tickets go on sale Friday, December 1st
Taking Back Sunday Christmas Cards are available on the band's official website. The cards can include a personalized message from the band on the inside of the card.

Proceeds from the cards will go to various cancer charities--Eddie lost a niece to cancer, while Mark and Matt both have mothers that have survived cancer. These are the charities that the band has picked to support: The American Cancer Society, Give Kids the World Village, & the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
The first single from Fall Out Boy's brand new cd can be enjoyed here. The single is called "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race." The title of the full length cd, Infinity On High, comes from a letter Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother in 1888. The letter detailed how his renewed health had an effect on his painting.

Don't miss Fall Out Boy at the State Theater December 13th for the 89x Nutcracker.
Angels & Airwaves recently recorded a Christmas song. You can check out "Star of Bethlehem" on the band's myspace page.

Don't miss Angels & Airwaves December 14th at Cobo for the Night 89x Stole Christmas 9.
The new cd from Brand New is streaming on the band's myspace page. The cd, titled the Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me.
The Deftones have posted the song "Kimdracula" on their official myspace page. The song is from the band's new cd, Saturday Night Wrist.

In other news, the Deftones recently did an interview with KROQ. Listen to it here.
Here's the latest video from Papa Roach. "What Would You Do" has been posted here for your viewing pleasure.


Snow Patrol is coming to town, but you'll have to wait until the spring to see them. The band will be at the State Theater on April 1st. The internet presale is going on right now here. The password is "headlights." The rest of the tickets will go on sale this Friday morning at 10am.
A new song from Fall Out Boy has made its way online! Click here to check out "Carpal Tunnel of Love." You have to register with the site before you can listen to it, but the registration is free.

The new record from Fall Out Boy will drop in early February. In the meantime, don't forget to grab tickets to the 89x Nutcracker featuring Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, and Cobra Starship.
Bloc Party was scheduled to open up for the Panic! At The Disco show at the Palace on November 21st. As previously reported here, the band's drummer, Matt Tong, is suffering from a collapsed lung. After a few days of observation, Matt's doctors have advised him to rest for a few weeks, so Bloc Party will not be able to make it to the Detroit show.

Plain White T's will take the place of Bloc Party. Tickets are still available for the show.


In an attempt to promote her new tell all book, Courtney Love has decided to bare all. Literally. Courtney will appear in the nude in the new issue of the U.K magazine Pop. Courtney says that she'll be, "as naked as the day I was born." The mag hits stores in about 3 weeks.

Courtney's book, Dirty Blonde: the Diaries of Courtney Love, is out now.

Read more here.
Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer from Oasis played an exclusive acoustic show in Los Angeles earlier this week. A local L.A. radio station organized the show and gave away all the tickets on the air. The winners were treated to an exclusive screening of the band's tour documentary, Lord Don't Slow Me Down, then immediately afterwards, Noel and Gem came out and played an acoustic set.

Oasis is getting ready to release their greatest hits collection Stop the Clocks. The two disc set drops on November 21st.
A new singles collection from Depeche Mode will be released this Tuesday. A regular version as well as a limited edition/deluxe version of Depeche Mode the Best of Volume 1 will be available. The deluxe version comes with a dvd packed with Depeche Mode music videos. Check out the U.S version here. And here's the Canadian version.
Perry Farrell from Jane's Addiction/Porno For Pyros has a new band. The Satellite Party is the name of the new project. Perry has been busy working on new material for the past year, and it's almost time for him to unveil his new creation. The debut cd, the Ultra Payloaded Satellite Party, drops in March, and the first single "Kinky" will be released in January. Kinky also features Peter Hook (from New Order) on bass.
Plus 44, the new band featuring Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker from Blink 182, is getting ready to release their debut cd. The cd, When Your Heart Stops Beating, will land in stores on Tuesday, however you can check out the full album stream on the band's myspace page.

Don't miss Plus 44 November 22nd (the night before Thanksgiving) at St. Andrew's Hall. Tickets go on sale this Tuesday (November 14th) at all ticketmaster outlets. Tickets are only 15 bucks for this all ages show.


Blue October has been added to the Night 89x Stole Christmas 9! Don't forget the show is happening December 14th at Cobo! Tickets are on sale now.

Tickets go on sale TOMORROW for the 89x Nutcracker, featuring Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory and Cobra Starship December 13th at the State Theater. Tickets go on sale at 10am at all Ticketmaster locations & at ticketmaster.com


Slipknot will release a double dvd set titled Voliminal: Inside the Nine on December 5th. The first disc will be a 90 minute film along with short vignettes on each band member. The second disc will contain live footage, interview footage and some of the band's music videos. A trailer for the dvd set can be viewed here or here.
Blue October's lead singer Justin Furstenfeld was rushed to the hospital early this morning in Grand Rapids. After a bunch of tests and x-rays it was determined that Justin had re-damaged some bones and ligaments in his leg. Earlier this summer Blue October had to cancel about a month's worth of tour dates due to Justin's original leg injury.

This afternoon Justin flew back to Texas to have his regular doctor look at the injury. The band's show that was scheduled for tonight in Grand Rapids has been cancelled along with the rest of the tour dates that were scheduled for this week. The band hopes to be back on the road early next week, pending permission from Justin's doctor.
Korn has released a very special ep today. The Election Day ep is now available on iTunes. The ep features the band's latest single "Politics" along with various remixes of the single.
Check out the latest video from Cobra Starship.

The Church of Hot Addiction

Don't miss Cobra Starship as part of the 89x Nutcracker!
You've probably already heard about the Night 89x Stole Christmas 9. The show features My Chemical Romance, Angels & Airwaves, Ok Go!, and Taking Back Sunday. The show will be at Cobo on December 14th.

Well, now, get ready for the 89x Nutcracker! The night before the Night 89x Stole Christmas 9 we are throwing another huge party! The 89x Nutcracker is December 13th at the State Theater and features Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory and Cobra Starship. Tickets go on sale this Saturday morning.


One of the original members of Duran Duran is out of the band. Here's the official statement from Duran Duran regarding Andy Taylor's exit:

A Message to our Fans

To Our Fans

We know that there has been a tremendous amount of speculation over the past few weeks regarding Andy Taylor's continued involvement with the band and we are sorry that we've been unable to provide you with more information until now.

The past five years have been an incredible journey for us all - and having the original five back together was something that we had wanted to see happen for some time. As of last weekend, however, the four of us have dissolved our partnership and will be continuing as Duran Duran without Andy, as we have reached a point in our relationship with him where there is an unworkable gulf between us and we can no longer effectively function together.

Although obviously disappointed and saddened about this, we are excited about the next chapter of the Duran Duran story and look forward to seeing you all soon.

Simon, John, Nick and Roger
Billy Idol has recorded a Christmas cd. He's pimping it on his official website which links you to his myspace page. He's even posted a couple of videos: White Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock. While I think it's way too early for Christmas music, it's worth checking out for a really good laugh.


U2 has revealed that they plan to release a 3d concert film next summer. The band recently filmed one of their concerts in South America, and they plan on giving that the 3d treatment. Expect to see Bono & the gang in all their 3d glamour in theaters next summer.

In more U2 news, here's the video for "the Saints Are Coming." The song will be on the new U2 greatest hits collection U218. The disc drops November 21st.


Blue October recently performed a couple of songs for the folks at VH1. Check it out "Hate Me" & "Into the Ocean" right here.

Nirvana will release a dvd on Tuesday called Live! Tonight! Sold Out! This is a re-release of their 1994 VHS, but they have added a bunch of new stuff to the dvd. Check out a trailer for the dvd here.

Angels & Airwaves have posted the video to "The War" here. Don't miss Angels & Airwaves December 14th at Cobo as part of the Night 89x Stole Christmas 9.
A video for the new Incubus single "Anna Molly" has been posted here. The new cd from Incubus, Light Grenades, will drop on November 28th. The band will be in town February 2nd at the State Theater. Keep it on 89x for ticket information.


Ticket for Music As A Weapon III featuring Disturbed, Stone Sour, Flyleaf and more go on sale this morning. The show is December 16th at Cobo. Tickets go on sale at 10am.
The 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards were handed out last night in Copenhagen. Depeche Mode won best overall band. The Killers were named best rock band, Muse won best alternative band, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers won the award for best cd (Stadium Arcadium).


Click here to check out a "pre-release" of a new track from Plus 44. The song is called "145" and it is an acoustic version of a song titled "155." "155" will be on the band's debut cd, When Your Heart Stops Beating, but the acoustic version "145" will not, so if you want the acoustic version, check out the link.


Courtney Love appeared on Good Morning America yesterday morning to pimp her new book, Dirty Blonde.

Check out the interview here.