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...hang the dj

...hang the dj is a music blog. Old school, shoegaze, psych, and darkwave are featured genres.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is my personal, independent website. It is not affiliated with Bell Media, nor does it represents the thoughts, opinions, desires, etc of Bell Media

For music submissions, press releases, or questions/concerns:

hangthedjmag (at) gmail.com

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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Classic Alternative - Episode #163: Static

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Classic Alternative - Episode #162: Vector

Thursday, June 25, 2020

New Order introduced a new limited edition t-shirt to benefit their touring crew.

The Touring Technique t-shirt is a nod to New Order's Technique and uses a black/purple combo similar to Technique's iconic artwork. All proceeds will be donated to New Order's crew members who have been out of work since the pandemic hit.

Read New Order's comments on the t-shirt and head here to pre-order. The t-shirt ships July 24th.

"We’ve toured the world with our crew, they work really hard, they’re really professional, kind, funny people who we care about enormously. They are all facing no income for some time to come because of the current pandemic. Our shows are nothing without them and we need them to be able to come back and work with us next year otherwise we can’t tour! 100% of the proceeds from this specially designed exclusive crew shirt are being donated to them, thanks to Warner merchandising for helping us facilitate this.

If you like New Order live and want to see us play next year, please buy a shirt and help our crew keep going!"

Wayne Hussey is releasing a 2020 remake of The Mission's classic "Tower Of Strength" featuring a lineup of musical luminaries.

The collective is titled Re-Mission Interational and includes Martin Gore, Gary Numan, Budgie, Lol Tolhurst, Andy Rourke, Jay Aston, Michael Aston, Michael Ciravolo, Rachel Goswell, Billy Duffy, and more. Proceeds from the single will be donated to several Covid19 related charities chosen by the artists involved in the project.

Hussey revealed a few details surrounding the project last month, and this past week he shared another list of participating musicians. The single is still a work in progress and no details regarding the release date have been made available yet, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, since Hussey announced both Jay and Michael Aston are involved in ReMission International, inquiring minds want to know how exactly Hussey was able to convince the estranged twins to agree to work together again. It turns out Michael Ciravolo of Beauty In Chaos addressed that very issue in a blog he posted earlier this week:

"I guess I take the blame or credit, depends how you look it it of suggesting them. I have remained friends with Michael Aston since being part of the Gene Loves Jezebel Anniversary tour in 1997-1998...I can’t say I remained friends with Jay, as in his brain, I sided with his brother in their ‘dispute’. Wayne however, has remained in touch Jay as his ‘version’ of GLJ has supported The Mission over the years, even on the most recent pre-covid tour. So he and I both reached out to our respective Aston and asked them to sing on this.

As for the future? Who knows.. I don’t think this will lead to an Aston brothers reunion, but stranger things have happened. Hopefully, it as least opens the door to some sort of reconciliation, even if it doesn’t include GLJ."

Read Ciravolo's full blog post here.

Mark Gardener and 2Square (aka Telepopmusik's Stephan Haeri) premiered the video for their fantastic new collaborative single "Chained."

Michael Stipe and Big Red Machine (Aaron Desner of The National) filmed a performance for Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show: At Home Edition which aired earlier this week.

Stipe and Desner performed the new single "No Time For Love Like Now" which was written last year prior to the pandemic, though perfectly captures 2020.

Other than a slight wardrobe change (button up/crewneck combo) the Tonight Show performance appears to have been filmed in the same studio around the same time as the official video which premiered a few weeks ago.

Watch the elegant performance from Stipe and Desner below.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Hum are back with a brand new studio album.