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...hang the dj

...hang the dj is a music blog. Old school, shoegaze, psych, and darkwave are featured genres.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is my personal, independent website. It is not affiliated with Bell Media, nor does it represents the thoughts, opinions, desires, etc of Bell Media

For music submissions, press releases, or questions/concerns:

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Front 242 will be hitting the road in North America in September for a run of live shows.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Classic Alternative - Episode #253: Overhaul

Miki Berenyi is releasing a memoir.

Hugh Cornwell is releasing a new solo record.

The ex-Stranglers leader has announced details behind his 10th solo record Moments Of Madness. Cornwell produced and played all the instruments on the record, which has been described as having a "stripped down, offbeat, reverberating 60s vibe." The ten track record arrives on October 7th and will be released on standard black vinyl, limited edition mint pearl vinyl, and CD.

Along with the album announcement, Cornwell premiered the first song off the record titled "Red Rose." Stream below and head here to pre-order Moments Of Madness.

KMFDM hit the road in September for a U.S. tour.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Morrissey has announced a new live show.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Classic Alternative - Episode #252: Winding The Knot

Ride announced plans to reissue two seminal albums albums in November.

A feature length David Bowie film is coming soon.

L7 announced details behind 30th anniversary celebrations of Bricks Are Heavy.

Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel
announced a 40th anniversary tour.

Howard Jones announced dates for a summer tour.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The House Of Love announced details behind a massive boxset.

The House Of Love: Burn Down The World arrives on July 29th and collects the band's output on Fontana Records. The eight disc set includes three albums, associated singles, b-sides, rarities including rare fan club only releases, demos, and previously unreleased live recordings. In total the collection boasts 139 tracks, of which 13 are previously unreleased.

The House Of Love: Burn Down The World was produced in conjunction with Guy Chadwick. The collection is packaged in a deluxe slipcase box and includes a "lavish" booklet with liner notes featuring new interview material from Chadwick.

Pre-order The House Of Love: Burn Down The World here and view the tracklisting below.

The House Of Love - Burn Down The World tracklisting

Disc One - The House Of Love (Plus)

1 Hannah
2 Shine On
3 Beatles And The Stones
4 Shake And Crawl
5 Hedonist
6 I Don’t Know Why I Love You
7 Never
8 Someone’s Got To Love You
9 In A Room
10 Blind
11 32nd Floor
12 Se Dest

Bonus Tracks

13 Never (Chocolate Factory Demo)*
14 Beatles And The Stones (Chocolate Factory Demo)*
15 In A Room (Chocolate Factory Demo)*
16 Se Dest (Chocolate Factory Demo)*
17 Someone’s Got To Love You (Chocolate Factory Demo)*
18 Waiting In Water (Chocolate Factory Demo)*
19 Man To Child (Live)*
20 Nothing To Me (Live)*
*previously unreleased

Disc Two - Babe Rainbow (Plus)

01 You Don’t Understand
+2 Crush Me
03 Cruel
04 High In Your Face
05 Fade Away
06 Feel
07 The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes
08 Burn Down The World
09 Philly Phile
10 Yer Eyes

Bonus Tracks

11 Burn Down The World (Eel Pie Reference Mix)*
12 Cruel (Eel Pie Extended Reference Mix)*
13 Feel (Eel Pie Extended Reference Mix)*
14 Yer Eyes (Eel Pie Reference Mix)
15 Crush Me (Demo)*
*previously unreleased

Disc Three - Audience With The Mind (Plus)

01 Sweet Anatomy
02 Audience With The Mind
03 Haloes
04 Erosion
05 Call Me
06 Shining On
07 Portrait In Atlanta
08 Corridors
09 Hollow
10 All Night Long
11 Into The Tunnel
12 You’ve Got To Feel

Bonus Tracks

13 Train Song*
14 Into The Tunnel (Alternate)
*previously unreleased

Disc Four - A Spy In The House Of Love (PT 1)

01 Safe
02 Marble
03 D Song ’89
04 Scratched Inside
05 Phone
06 Cut The Fool Down
07 Ray
08 Love II
09 Baby Teen
10 Love III
11 Soft As Fire
12 Love IV
13 No Fire
14 Love V
15 Shake and Crawl (Demo Version 2)
16 No Fire (Demo)
17 Hannah (Demo)
18 Destroy The Heart (Live 1989)
19 Christine (Live 1989)
20 Man To Child (Live 1989)

Disc Five - A Spy In The House Of Love (PT 2)

01 No Fire (Promo Mix)
02 Safe (B-Side Version)
03 Secrets
04 I Can’t Stand It
05 Clothes
06 Rouge
07 Phone (B-Side Acoustic Mix)
08 Scratched Inside (B-Side Mix)
09 Marble (B-Side Mix)
10 Never (12″ Version)
11 The Spy
12 I Don’t Know Why I Love You (7″ Version)
13 Rosalyn
14 Allergy
15 Glorify Me
16 Beatles And The Stones (Single Mix)
17 Purple Killer Rose
18 Tea In The Sun
19 Pink Frost
20 Let’s Talk About You

Disc Six - A Spy In The House Of Love (PT 3)

01 It’s All Too Much
02 Strange Brew
03 Sweet Anatomy (Alternate Version)
04 Kiss The Fountain
05 Third Generation Liquid Song
06 The Last Edition Of Love
07 Love 10
08 Skin 2 Phase 2
09 Shine On (Acoustic)
10 Hope (Acoustic)
11 Hannah (Acoustic)
12 I Don’t Know Why I Love You (Acoustic)
13 Crush Me (Acoustic)
14 The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes (Acoustic)
15 Phillyphile (Acoustic)
16 Fade Away (Acoustic)
17 Baby Teen (Radio Edit) 18 I Don’t Know Why I Love You (7″ Drip Of Rockman Mix)
19 Who by Fire
20 Rock Your Baby
21 Fall In Love With Me

Disc Seven - Live in Leicester (1990)

01 Hannah
02 I Don’t Know Why I Love You
03 In A Room
04 Beatles And The Stones
05 Nothing To Me
06 Road
07 Plastic
08 Love In A Car
09 Se Dest
10 Never
11 Hope
12 Salome
13 Shine On
14 Christine
15 Man To Child
16 Destroy The Heart
17 I Can’t Stand It
All tracks previously unreleased

Disc Eight - Live In London And New York (1991-1992)

01 Phone (London)
02 Hannah (London)
03 Love 2 (London)
04 High In Your Face (New York)
05 You Don’t Understand (New York)
06 Burn Down The World (New York)
07 Christine (New York)
08 Feel (New York)
09 Hannah (New York)
10 Shine On (New York)
11 The Girl With The Loneliest Eyes (New York)
12 Cruel (New York)
13 I Don’t know Why I Love You (New York)
All tracks previously unreleased

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Classic Alternative - Episode #251: Against The Cadence

Clan Of Xymox are back with a new single.

Teenage Fanclub premiered a new single.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

John Lydon issued another statement about the upcoming Pistol series.

Lydon's frothing statement comes a day after the official Pistol trailer was unveiled and shared by the media. Read it below:

"We were originally led to believe “Pistol" was a Steve Jones story, not a Sex Pistols story. Going by the trailer it doesn't seem to be the case. John’s “likeness” is clearly being used to sell this series, a series he was not involved in, and was put together behind his back. Putting words in John's mouth and rewriting history. A middle class fantasy.

Disney have stolen the past and created a fairytale, which bears little resemblance to the truth.

It would be funny if it wasn't tragic."

Despite Lydon contesting the series, it will premiere May 31st on Hulu in the U.S., and Disney+ in other territories. A companion Sex Pistols collection, The Original Recordings, will be issued on May 28th. Lydon issued a previous statement condemning the compilation.

View the official trailer below.

Portishead will regroup for a War Child event in May.

The band confirmed on social media that they will perform "a few live songs" as part of a War Child benefit concert May 2nd at O2 Academy in Bristol.

The six hour event, which supports relief efforts in Ukraine, will also stream live. Fans interested in the live stream can enter a raffle - War Child will select some entries and provide physical tickets, however everyone that enters will receive a link to stream the show live.

Head here for details and to enter the raffle.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Bauhaus have announced more tour dates in North America.

The legendary Elizabeth Fraser is back with new music.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Classic Alternative - Episode #250: Same Old Scene

The highly anticipated Dinosaur Jr film is set for a US theatrical release.

The Sex Pistols series Pistol premieres in May.

Liam Gallagher has unveiled "C'Mon You Know."

Saturday, April 2, 2022

The House Of Love announced dates for a 30th anniversary North American tour.