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...hang the dj

...hang the dj is a music blog. Old school, shoegaze, psych, and darkwave are featured genres.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is my personal, independent website. It is not affiliated with Bell Media, nor does it represents the thoughts, opinions, desires, etc of Bell Media

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bells Into Machines, the new project featuring Wax Trax! luminaries Paul Barker and Chris Connelly, posted a new demo on Soundcloud today. Check out the all-out assault of "Video of Slaughter" below:

UPDATE (9/1 @ 7:56 am): They apparently pulled the demo, as evidenced by the link below. In the meantime, enjoy a demo of another song "Wretched Little Deity"

"Wretched Little Deity"

Bells Into Machines are expected to release a full length album soon - the album has been recorded, though no release date has been announced. Catch up with Bells Into Machines on their website and Facebook page.

Posted on August 31st, 2013 @ 6:03 PM

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Nine Inch Nails shared a short documentary giving fans a glimpse into their summer festival dates. The video is part of Vevo's Tour Exposed series, which previously showcased Depeche Mode's Delta Machine tour. Check it out below:

Meanwhile, the tracks from the deluxe version of Hesitation Marks have appeared online. The main highlight of the deluxe version of the album is the bonus interview segment titled "Trent Reznor in Conversation With...," which as it turns out is a 40 minute interview/conversation with Trent Reznor. It's technically NOT an interview or conversation, because it's just Trent talking (there is no interviewer). Regardless, it's a fascinating listen for fans of NIN -- Trent provides a lot of insight into the songwriting process, ending the hiatus, the new album, and other interesting tidbits.  He even shared a unfinished track that does not appear on the album.

Pre-order here and stream the standard version of Hesitation Marks ahead of its release on iTunes.

Published August 29th, 2013 @ 9:24 PM
The Mission U.K. are poised to return with a new album, the Brightest Light, on September 17th. Earlier in the month the band premiered a song titled "Drag," and last week they released the album's first single, "Sometimes the Brightest Light Comes From The Darkest Place" which is available digitally on iTunes and Amazon.  The new tracks showcase a pretty intense driving rock sound that they're really excited about. From the Mission's official site:

"This is a classic rock album in the best sense of the word. It’s rooted in the present whilst unashamedly embracing the past. The Mission is not, and have never been, afraid to wear their influences on their collective sleeve. That being said, this is a unique work and sounds only like The Mission. But not The Mission you may have once known. This is a band that has never sounded so good, so fresh, so true."

Wayne Hussey discussed the Brightest Light in a new almost hour long interview and described the album as an "honest record," and that it was intended to sound raw and live. He concedes that sometimes it's difficult for bands to deviate from a blueprint or classic sound and how it takes some time for fans to get used to a different sound. He said he went through the same thing as a fan personally and used Radiohead's Kid A as an example. He explained that he loved OK Computer, and then when Kid A came out he was thrown at first: "hang on, I'm not sure about this, this is strange, but you know what, now I prefer Kid A to OK Computer."

According to Hussey, even more new music is on the way. The band plans on releasing a new ep in 2014 where each member will write and take lead vocals on their song, plus they'll record a cover of "All Along The Watchtower" for the release.

Hussey shared some other interesting tidbits: he's interested in scoring a film, he'd love to collaborate with Massive Attack, and he doesn't know the words to any Bauhaus songs (he was relieved that when he joined Peter Murphy on stage recently they covered TRex & David Bowie, not Bauhaus). Stream the full interview with Wayne Hussey below.

Wayne Hussey joins Peter Murphy on stage


Dates for the Mission U.K's North American tour are posted below.

9/03 - Washington DC @ 9:30 Club
9/04 - Philadelphia @ Trocadero
9/05 - NYC @ Irving Plaza
9/06 - Toronto @ Lee's Palace
9/07 - Chicago @ House Of Blues
9/10 - Los Angeles @ Club Nokia
9/11 - Las Vegas @ LVCS
9/13 - San Francisco @ Regency Ballroom
9/14 - Portland @ Aladdin Theater
9/15 - Seattle @ Showbox Theater

Published August 29th, 2013 @ 6:02 AM
OMD are set to release a new single from their album English Electric. The limited edition single for "Night Café" will be released on September 16th and comes backed with nine additional tracks: the exclusive b-side "Kill Me," four b-sides from previous English Electric singles, plus four "Night Café" remixes. The full tracklisting for the maxi-single is posted below.

Ahead of the single's release, OMD premiered the official video for "Night Café." The animated video might not paint the exact picture you had of the song...check it out below:

Night Café maxi-single tracklist

01. Night Café
02. Kill Me
03. The Great White Silence
04. Time Burns
05. No Man's Land
06. Frontline
07. Night Café (Vile Electrodes 'B-Side the C-Side' Remix)
08. Night Café (Metroland's Nighthawks Remix)
09. Night Café (Taoyoyo Remix)
10. Night Café (Sin Cos Tan Rmx)

Published August 29th, 2013 @ 6:02 AM
Throwing Muses return with a new album and art book titled Purgatory/Paradise on November 11th. The 32 track album comes as an enhanced cd packaged with the art book, and the record will also be released as an interactive e-book and music app (details TBA). Read a bit more about the release over at Pitchfork and get a taste of the album with the new track "Sleepwalking 1" below. Another track from Purgatory/Paradise titled "Sunray Venus" is streaming on the official Throwing Muses website.

Published August 29th, 2013 @ 6:01 AM

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A few weeks ago a story about Joy Division and New Order master tapes being rescued from the trash circulated on the 'net. The source of the story was a Facebook Page update by Julia Adamson, who was Martin Hannett's personal assistant years ago.  Adamson claimed the rescued tapes were original masters and outtakes from Hannett and they had been thrown away and were unwanted.  After she allegedly rescued the rarities she attempted to reach out to members of New Order and record companies to see if they wanted the tapes, but at the time she claimed no one involved, including Peter Hook, wanted the tapes.

To be honest, something about the story didn't seem legit, or at the very least, we didn't seem to be getting the full story - after all, if the tapes in question were indeed original masters (one recording was alleged to be the original masters of Unknown Pleasures), why WOULDN'T New Order or any key players want to regain control of these historic tapes?

Today more light was shed on the situation courtesy of Pitchfork, who got in touch with Peter Hook and asked him about it. According to Pitchfork's update, Hooky claims he wasn't contacted about the tapes prior to Adamson making her Facebook post:

"I must admit that we’re absolutely delighted that these tapes have been rescued. There is no way on earth that I, renowned collector of all things Joy Division and New Order, would have not been interested."

Hooky reveals he's in negotiations with Adamson to regain control of the masters and it sounds like it's just a matter of naming the right price. Hooky also explained that under English law the band has to give their ok anyway before Adamson can give or sell them to anyone else:

"The band owned the copyright and the music, and under English law it’s illegal to give away people’s music without their consent. So, if Julia did want to give them away, she needs our permission."

Hook hopes eventually to be able to commercially release some of the contents from the tapes as some kind of Joy Division outtakes/alternate mixes collection. The situation may be muddled a bit due to the ongoing Hook/New Order legal battle, but at least it's nice to know the tapes are legit and they will soon enough be in the custody of someone who helped create them.

Read the full update over at Pitchfork.

Meanwhile, Peter Hook is preparing to come to North America for his Movement/Power Corruption & Lies tour. Ahead of the tour Hook was interviewed by the Dumbing of America and talked about those first two New Order albums. The interview is a great read especially for fans of New Order's early material. Read the interview here.

Don't miss Peter Hook on tour in North America this September. Dates are posted below. Chicago fans should also note that today a Riot Fest after show featuring Peter Hook will take place September 15th at the Double Door. Hook has confirmed the after show will be a New Order Movement/PCL set (Hook's set at Riot Fest will be a Joy Division set).

September 10th - Boston @ Paradise Rock Club
September 11th - Ferndale @ Magic Bag
September 13th - NYC @ Webster Hall
September 14th - Philadelphia @ The Trocadero
September 15th - Chicago @ Riot Fest (Joy Division set)
September 15th - Chicago @ Double Door (New Order set)
September 17th - Austin @ The Belmont
September 18th - Montreal @ Club Soda
September 19th - Toronto @ The Hoxton
September 21st - Los Angeles @ Henry Fonda Theater
September 23rd - Vancouver @ Venue
September 25th - Seattle @ Decibel Festival
September 26th - Portland @ Wonder Ballroom
September 27th - San Francisco @ Mezzanine
September 28th - Denver @ Gothic Theater
September 30th - Mexico City @ Auditorio Lunario

Published August 28th, 2013 @ 9:00 PM

Nine Inch Nails announced today that they're releasing two separately mastered versions of Hesitation Marks next week: a standard version and audiophile version. According to the band, they struggled with this mastering dilemma: keep the mastering loud and sacrifice bass, or keep the bass and have an overall lower sound? NIN reasoned that since most fans seem to prefer louder albums, they'd release the louder mixed version as the standard and allow fans with high end equipment and "an understanding of the mastering process" to download the audiophile version, which will be available exclusively as a free download option to those who purchase Hesitation Marks from the NIN store. For what it's worth, Nine Inch Nails claims that for the majority of people, "the standard version will be preferable and differences will be difficult to detect." Additionally:

"The standard mastered version is in no way inferior to the Audiophile Version - we wouldn’t release something inferior as the default. And vinyl purists rest assured, the vinyl edition was mastered to sound the very best for that format. The Audiophile Version is merely an alternate take on the mastering, which some people will appreciate. It’s meant to give a slightly different experience, not denigrate the standard version. Listen to each and come to your own conclusions."

Read more about the mastering of Hesitation Marks straight from engineer Alan Moulder.  Pre-order here and stream the standard version of Hesitation Marks ahead of its release on iTunes.  Or if you live outside the U.S. go here.

Published August 28th, 2013 @ 8:10 PM
The full schedule for the iTunes Festival has been announced. Like previous years, iTunes takes over the Roundhouse in London in September and provides a month's worth (yes, 30 days) of concerts that stream live worldwide. The live webcast is available through iTunes, the iTunes Festival app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch; and Apple TV. The concerts usually start around 8pm London time (3pm ET), which may be a bit inconvenient for North American fans. In the past, many of the shows were archived and made available for on-demand viewing, and it's also highly likely many of the shows will end up on You Tube in one form or another. Take a look at the iTunes Festival schedule below and for more on the iTunes Festival, visit the official site, or download the app.

9/01 - Lady Gaga
9/02 - Sigur Rós wsg Polica
9/03 - The Lumineers wsg Phox
9/04 - Paramore wsg Fenech-Soler
9/05 - Rizzle Kicks
9/06 - Queens of the Stone Age wsg Palma Violets
9/07 - Phoenix wsg Little Green Cars
9/08 - Bastille wsg The 1975
9/09 - Arctic Monkeys wsg Drenge
9/10 - Jake Bugg wsg Valerie June
9/11 - Kings of Leon wsg Jimmy Eat World
9/12 - Elton John wsg Tom Odell
9/13 - Avicii
9/14 - Chic ft Nile Rodgers wsg Janelle Monáe
9/15 - Vampire Weekend wsg The Olms
9/16 - Jack Johnson wsg Bahamas
9/17 - Ludovico Einaudi
9/18 - 30 Seconds To Mars wsg The Family Rain
9/19 - Kendrick Lamar
9/20 - Primal Scream
9/21 - Haim
9/22 - Ellie Goulding
9/23 - Jessie J wsg Lawson
9/24 - Robin Thicke
9/25 - Pixies wsg NO CEREMONY///
9/26 - Tinie Tempah
9/27 - Dizzee Rascal
9/28 - John Legend
9/29 - Justin Timberlake
9/30 - Katy Perry wsg Iggy Azalea & Icona Pop

Published August 28th, 2013 @ 5:31 PM
One Beat Records put together a musical tribute to the late Jon Brookes, drummer and founding member of the Charlatans U.K., who died on August 13th. The almost three hour compilation features some of Brookes' favorite songs and is available to stream and download below:

01. "The Liquidator" Harry J All Stars
02. "Hey Bulldog" The Beatles
03. "Mountains" Prince
04. "You Really Got Me" Kinks
05. "Jack of Diamonds" The Daily Flash
06. "Melanie" The Prisoners
07. "Rock And Roll" The Velvet Underground
08. "I Wanna Be Your Dog" The Stooges
09. "Hanging On The Telephone" Blondie
10. "Dive" Dumb
11. "It's About Time" Beach Boys
12. "Peace Frog" The Doors
13. "Pump it Up" (Mischief Brew re-edit) Elvis Costello
14. "Northern Lights" Super Furry Animals
15. "Woke Up This Morning" Alabama 3
16. "Sock It To 'Em" J.B. Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers
17. "911 Is A Joke" Public Enemy
18. "Know How" Young MC
19. "Watch The Tapes" LCD Soundsystem
20. "Out Of Control" Chemical Brothers
21. "Begging You" Stone Roses
22. "Burning Wheel" Primal Scream
23. "Indian Rope Man" Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll
24. "Temptation" New Order
25. "Tokyo Storm Warning" Elvis Costello
26. "From The Floorboards Up" Paul Weller
27. "Send A Little Love Token" The Duke Spirit
28. "Baby, I Love You" The Ramones
29. "I'm A Man" (Mischief Brewre-edit) Spencer Davis Group
30. "Columbia" Oasis
31. "Mother's Children" Santana
32. "Give It Up Or Turn It Loose" James Brown
33. "Oh Well" (Live) Fleetwood Mac
34. "Feel Every Beat" (ext.) Electronic
35. "Leave Them All Behind" Ride
36. "Weekender" Flowered Up
37. "Stratus" Billy Cobham
38. "Give It Up" Talk Talk
39. "Forever" (Full version) The Charlatans

Published August 28th, 2013 @ 5:08 PM

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nine Inch Nails return with Hesitation Marks on September 4th. The album is streaming ahead of its release all this week over on iTunes. The stream is only available in the U.S., but NIN told fans in a now deleted tweet (here's a RT version) "sorry it's U.S. only, but everyone else you know what to do. be resourceful" so the full LP will unquestionably show up (unofficially, of course) everywhere else. Oh look, it already has.

Pre-order Hesitation Marks from iTunes, Amazon, or the NIN store.

Fans might want to check out yesterday's post on Nine Inch Nails to view the new Hesitation Marks trailer (displaying the album artwork) plus linkage to Spin's cover story/interview with Trent Reznor.

Published August 27th, 2013 @ 5:57 AM

Monday, August 26, 2013

Nine Inch Nails premiered a new trailer for the upcoming album Hesitation Marks, which comes out September 4th. The trailer displays the album's artwork and includes part of a new song titled, "The Eater of Dreams." Check it out below.

Meanwhile Spin premiered their cover story/interview on Trent Reznor today. The feature includes a discussion of Reznor's past and how he came to resurrect Nine Inch Nails after shutting things down in 2009 (he also reveals the poppy new song, "Everything" was actually written before he decided to create a full new NIN album - the song was one of two new tracks that he recorded for a greatest hits collection for Interscope). In the interview Reznor briefly commented on his return to a major label (Columbia):

"I know that what we're doing flies in the face of the Kickstarter Amanda-Palmer-Start-a-Revolution thing, which is fine for her, but I'm not super-comfortable with the idea of Ziggy Stardust shaking his cup for scraps. I'm not saying offering things for free or pay-what-you-can is wrong. I'm saying my personal feeling is that my album's not a dime. It's not a buck. I made it as well as I could, and it costs 10 bucks, or go fuck yourself."

And though he initially embraced social media (especially Twitter) he's decided it's not for him:

"Oversharing feels vulgar to me now. I know we've been fooled into thinking it's okay to show dick pics and that the Kardashians' behavior is normal, but it's not. I've tuned out in the last couple years. Everybody's got a fucking opinion. It takes courage to put something out creatively into the world, and then to see it get trampled on by cunts? It's destructive."

Read the full cover story/feature over at Spin.
The Replacements played their first show in 22 years at Riot Fest in Toronto last night. Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson, backed by guitarist Dave Mineham and drummer Josh Freese ripped through an impressive 23 song set.  Read a review with photos from the show here.  Video from the historic concert is posted below and audio of the full concert is available to download here. The Replacements play Riot Fest Chicago on September 15th and Riot Fest Denver on September 21st.  Tickets for both dates are still available.


Takin’ a Ride
I’m in Trouble
Favorite Thing
Hangin’ Downtown
Color Me Impressed
Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
Kiss Me on the Bus
Achin’ to Be
I Will Dare
Love You Till Friday
Merry Go Round
Wake Up
Borstal Breakout
Little Mascara
Left of the Dial
Alex Chilton
Swingin Party
Can’t Hardly Wait
Bastards of Young


Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Published August 26th, 2013 @ 6:03 AM

Props to everyone who suffered through the VMAs last night. I passed on the opportunity, but apparently this was the big news I missed: a member of boy band One Direction showed up in a Joy Division shirt...

Published August 26th, 2013 @ 5:53 AM

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A tribute to the Pogues' Phil Chevron took place at the Olympic Theater in Ireland on Saturday. Chevron was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and recently he revealed the cancer is terminal. Friends, fans, and loved ones gathered together on August 24th to pay tribute and say goodbye to Chevron while there's still time.  Shane McGowan, Gavin Friday, and Luka Bloom were among the musicians who performed at the event. Video from the Philip Chevron Testimonial is posted below, several pictures are posted here, and the full concert (audio only) is available to stream here.

Published August 25th, 2013 @ 7:51 PM

Friday, August 23, 2013

Another new Nine Inch Nails song from Hesitation Marks has surfaced. "Find My Way" made its live debut at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and has been performed at subsequent shows, but the studio version is now available after its world premiere on the BBC. Stream a radio rip of the track below:

Meanwhile, a few music sites are abuzz today with a story about Nine Inch Nails, and how the band allegedly wants to appeal to Justin Timberlake's fanbase. This apparently isn't a reaction to the decidedly fluffy new NIN song "Everything"; instead the source of these Timberlake allegations is the promoter/organizer of Australia's Soundwave Festival, AJ Maddah. Maddah announced the lineup for Soundwave 2014 today, which doesn't include Nine Inch Nails. Some fans were pretty upset and voiced their complaints to Maddah, who then took to Twitter to allege he tried to get NIN to play but claimed "Trent wants to be mainstream and reach Justin Timberlake's audience." What's more, Maddah also tweeted ''Trent Reznor told his agent that he wants a more sophisticated fanbase." This all sounds pretty bad, until one actually looks at the Soundwave Festival 2014 lineup, and then it seems to makes sense that perhaps Soundwave isn't the best fit for NIN.

No one really knows if Trent (or his agent) actually made any comments about wanting a sophisticated fanbase, but it sure isn't the first time Maddah has been involved in misunderstandings. Earlier this year Travis Barker called out Maddah for fabricating a story, and in another 2013 incident, Maddah stoked the fire after Garbage cancelled their appearance at Soundwave due to flooding. Perhaps it's best to address Maddah's comments about Trent Reznor with a healthy dose of skepticism until proven otherwise.

Published on August 23rd, 2013 @ 7:31 PM

Depeche Mode kicked off their North American leg of the Delta Machine tour last night in Detroit at DTE. The setlist was almost identical to the shows in Europe, and much to the delight of fans, Depeche Mode included the Black Celebration favorite "But Not Tonight," which has never been performed in Detroit before. Fans seemed pretty elated overall and the only criticisms seemed to be personal disappointment that a particular favorite song didn't get played (come on, there's no way to play 'em all).  The overwhelming response seemed to be Depeche Mode's performance and sound was top notch, and fans left pretty satisfied. The Detroit News' review of the show ended with the following comment, which seems to sum things up nicely:

"Depeche Mode finds itself in the same boat as the Cure, ’80s acts that honor the past but continue to feel vital today. The band’s new tour furthers that notion, and shows they’re not ready to hit the oldies circuit anytime soon."

Read other reviews from the show:  Billboard and the Oakland Press (both reviews written by Gary Graff).  The MLive review posted here also includes a collection of fan pictures. The setlist from last night's show is posted below. The Delta Machine tour resumes tomorrow in Chicago.

01. Welcome To My World
02. Angel
03. Walking In My Shoes
04. Precious
05. Black Celebration
06. Policy of Truth
07. Should Be Higher
08. Barrel of a Gun
09. Higher Love
10. But Not Tonight
11. Heaven
12. Soothe My Soul
13. A Pain That I'm Used To
14. A Question of Time
15. Enjoy the Silence
16. Personal Jesus


01. Home
02. Halo
03. Just Can't Get Enough
14. I Feel You
15. Never Let Me Down Again

Published on August 23rd, 2013 @ 5:20 PM

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Depeche Mode kick off the North American leg of their tour in Detroit tonight. To celebrate the tour kickoff, Depeche Mode premiered the official video for "Should Be Higher," which is a live video shot on the Euro leg of the Delta Machine Tour. Check it out below:

Ahead of the tour kickoff, Depeche Mode's Andy Fletcher was interviewed by the Detroit Free Press and shared some memories about the early days and support from fans in Detroit. He recounted a 1989 visit to the city when the band went clubbing with Detroit techno pioneer Derrick May and was surprised to find how beloved Depeche Mode was:

"It was quite strange,” Fletcher recalls. "We were just mobbed by beautiful black people, young girls and boys. It was kind of weird — we always thought we were the whitest of the white. But I think the way we made music was in a similar vein to the way they made music."

Read the full piece on Depeche Mode in the Detroit Free Press.

North American tour dates

8/22 - Detroit @ DTE
8/24 - Chicago @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheater
8/27 - St. Paul @ Minnesota State Fair
9/01 - Toronto @ Molson Canadian Amphitheater
9/03 - Montreal @ Bell Centre
9/06 - Brooklyn @ Barclays
9/08 - Wantagh @ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
9/10 - Washington DC @ Jiffy Lube Live
9/12 - Atlanta @ Aaron's Amphitheater
9/14 - Tampa @ Live Nation Amphitheater
9/15 - Ft. Lauderdale @ BB&T Center
9/18 - Houston @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion
9/20 - Dallas @ Gexa Energy
9/22 - San Diego @ Sleep Train Amphitheater
9/24 - Santa Barbara @ Santa Barbara Bowl
9/26 - Mountain View @ Shoreline
9/28 - Los Angeles @ Staples
9/29 - Los Angeles @ Staples
10/8 - Phoenix @ Desert Sky

Published on August 22nd, 2013 @ 5:42 AM
London's The KVB, known for great shoegazish psychedelica, recently emerged from a new recording session with the king of modern-psychedelica, Anton Newcombe.  Next month a single from the session titled "Run Away," will be released through Ample Play Records.  Stream "Run Away" ahead of its September 30th release here.

The KVB will be hooking up with Anton Newcombe again at the end of the year when they provide warm up support for the Australian leg of Brian Jonestown Massacre's tour. Sadly no North American dates are planned at this time.

Those who are unfamiliar with the KVB should check out the band's latest full player, Immaterial Visions, which was released in the spring.  Stream a few songs from the record below and purchase Immaterial Visions digitally from iTunes, Amazon, and (name your own price) on Bandcamp.

Catch up with The KVB on Facebook and Tumblr.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Depeche Mode kick off their North American tour at DTE tomorrow night. Prepare yourself for the awesomeness by streaming a 31 track Depeche Mode mix below.  The mix is also available to download.  Via Goth Britannia.


01 INTRO: Bienvenue dans mon monde
02 HIGHER LOVE – Live Devotional Tour '94
05 IN CHAINS – Alan Wilder Mix
07 IN YOUR ROOM – Extended Zephyr Mix
08 IT’S NO GOOD – Dominatrix Mix
12 WHEN THE BODY SPEAKS – Bare Version
13 MY JOY – 7” Mix
14 AFGHAN SURGERY – Renegade Soundwave Mix
16 FREELOVE – Flood Mix
18 DANGEROUS – 7” Mix
19 PRECIOUS – A wee bit of Aggro Mix
20 DREAM ON – Dave Clarke Mix
23 POLICY OF TRUTH – Capitol Mix
24 LIE TO ME – Dominatrix Mix
27 WORLD IN MY EYES – Live Devotional Tour ‘94
31 ROUTE 66 – Beatmasters Mix

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Metropolis Records is re-issuing two albums from industrial legends KMFDM on October 22nd. The reissues give fans a taste of two KMFDM eras: Opium, originally released in 1984 and currently out of print, features some of the band's earliest recordings compiled from cassette tapes.  The album  includes experimental songs pre-dating the electro/dance/industrial sound that would go on to become the band's hallmark.  WWIII, released in 2003, is an all-out-electro/aggro musical assault and commentary inspired by the war in Iraq, and was the second album to include KMFDM's "new" line-up which they introduced in 2002.

The upcoming reissues give fans yet another thing to love about 2013.  Earlier this year KMFDM released their powerful and solid new album Kunst, and this fall KMFDM launch another tour of North America. Dates for the tour are posted below and fans interested in obtaining the reissues and/or Kunst can do so through Metropolis Records.  Buy Kunst here (also available on iTunes and Amazon), pre-order Opium here, pre-order WWIII here.

KMFDM tour itinerary

Oct-20 Vancouver BC Venue
Oct-21 Boise ID Knitting Factory
Oct-22 Park City UT Park City Live
Oct-23 Denver CO The Summit Music Hall
Oct-24 Omaha NE The Waiting Room
Oct-25 Chicago IL Bottom Lounge
Oct-26 Detroit MI The Magic Stick
Oct-27 Cleveland OH Peabody's Concert Club
Oct-28 Toronto ON Phoenix Concert Theatre
Oct-29 Rochester NY Water Street Music Hall
Oct-30 Boston MA Paradise Rock Club
Oct-31 Hartford CT The Webster
Nov-01 Lancaster PA Chameleon Club
Nov-02 Baltimore MD Rams Head Live
Nov-03 Patchogue NY The Emporium
Nov-05 Atlanta GA Terminal West
Nov-06 Ybor City FL The Orpheum
Nov-07 New Orleans LA House of Blues
Nov-08 Houston TX Scout Bar
Nov-09 Austin TX Elysium
Nov-11 Albuquerque NM Sunshine Theater
Nov-12 Tucson AZ The Rialto Theatre
Nov-13 Pomona CA The Glass House
Nov-14 San Francisco CA The Independent
Nov-15 Portland OR Star Theater
Nov-16 Seattle WA Showbox at the Market

Published on August 20th, 2013 @ 5:56 AM

Monday, August 19, 2013

Nine Inch Nails debuted another new track from Hesitation Marks today. "Everything" is definitely a departure from the classic NIN style, and fans seem to either love it or hate it. Stream "Everything" below:

Hesitation Marks is out on September 4th. Pre-order from iTunes, Amazon, or the NIN store.

Published on August 19th, 2013 @ 8:24 PM

James have been busy working on a new album, which is expected to be released in 2014. According to leader Tim Booth, the album was inspired by personal loss - last year three people close to him, including his 90 year old mother, died. He revealed to The Daily Record that though there are themes of loss and death that run through the album, there's still an uplifting element:

"Lyrically, there are a lot of themes of death because a lot of people died last year that I knew and was close to. That makes it sound depressing but some of it is uplifting – about letting go of things and not waiting for anything any more, about living life to the fullest."

James took some time out of working on the new album to play a couple of live shows, including a performance at the Belladrum 2013 festival in Scotland on August 3rd. During the show the band played two new songs, "Curse Curse" and "Moving On," both of which are expected to appear on the new album. Before performing "Curse Curse" Booth told the crowd "Curse Curse" would be released as a single, though he didn't offer any specific details on the release.

Check out pro-shot video of six songs from the Belladrum 2013 set including "Curse Curse" below (forward in ~ 12:15 for the track).  Though the band first debuted "Curse Curse" in June, the August 3rd video below is the first pro-shot footage of the new song.  [FYI, the other brand new song, "Moving On," was not included in the portion of the set that the BBC aired.  Fan filmed footage of "Moving On" captured live in Manchester earlier this year is also posted below.]

Setlist for set that aired on BBC

01. Johnny Yen
02. Waltzing Along
03. Curse Curse
04. Sit Down
05. Sometimes
06. Laid

"Moving On" (Manchester Arena, April 2013)

More video of James performing live - here's "Getting Away With It" shot at the Halden Pop Festival in Germany on August 8.

Published on August 19th, 2013 @ 6:11 AM

Moev are back with a brand new album titled One Minute World. The band broke up in 1994 after the death of Dean Russell, but they regrouped with new vocalist to release a digital single in 2007 and a full length album, Ventilation, in 2010.  One Minute World is available as a digital download from iTunes, Amazon, or the Moev store.  Check out the official video for the singles "Who Are We?" and "Locked In A Box" and the full tracklisting for One Minute World below.  For more on Moev, visit them on the web.

"Locked In A Box"

01. Who Are We?
02. Locked in a Box
03. Naomi
04. Impassable Sea
05. Running on Empty
06. Wired Wrong
07. One Minute World
08. Sitting Pretty
09. In the Dark
10. Until You See the Sun
11. Subhuman Communication
12. Transgression
13. Cheecho
14. Locked in a Box (single version)

Published on August 19th, 2013 @ 6:11 AM

Friday, August 16, 2013

Joy Division songs have been reinterpreted by the Heritage Orchestra and Scanner for a theater production taking place in the U.K. this autumn. Live_Transmission: Joy Division Reworked features electro-orchestral versions of classics along with video backdrops created by visual artist Matt Watkins. According to the production's website, it won't be the standard run-of-the-mill cover set:

This sonic and visual spectacle turns the tables on the conventional concert experience.Rather than classical interpretations or cover versions, Live_Transmission is a fearless dismantling of Joy Division‘s visual and musical motifs, creating a hugely powerful immersive event that pays homage to the signature spirit that defined the group as one of the world’s most progressive ‘art’ bands.

Check out a few pictures and read more about Live_Transmission: Joy Division Reworked here. Dates for the tour are posted below two promo videos for the production below:

Live_Transmission: Joy Division Reworked U.K. tour

September 21 - London @ Royal Festival Hall
September 23 - Nottingham @ Royal Concert Hall
September 24 - Northampton @ Royal & Derngate
September 25 - Bristol @ Colston Hall
September 26 - Cambridge @ Cambridge Corn Exchange
September 27 - Basingstoke @ The Anvil
September 28 - Birmingham @ Symphony Hall
September 29 - Salford @ The Lowry
September 30 - Liverpool @ Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

October 1 - Edinburgh @ Usher Hall
October 2 - Gateshead @ The Sage

Published on August 16th, 2013 @ 1:57 PM
Al Jourgensen premiered the official video for the new Ministry digital single "Permawar" today. The video was shot on Uncle Al's compound in El Paso, Texas. Check it out below courtesy of Loudwire.

Ministry's album From Beer To Eternity is the band's final album (according to Al) and features late guitarist Mike Scaccia. From Beer To Eternity arrives September 10th. Pre-order here.

Published on August 16th, 2013 @ 11:36 AM

Thursday, August 15, 2013

UPDATE: According to Wax Trax! Chicago, Regressive Films decided to pull the trailer down. Apparently they wanted to sort out a few matters, so the trailer has been temporarily removed. A release date for the film has not been announced.

Regressive Films posted the trailer for the highly anticipated upcoming Wax Trax! film.  Wax Trax! The Documentary chronicles the glory days and the eventual bankruptcy of the legendary record label and record store.  The film was directed by Julia Nash, the daughter of Wax Trax! co-founder Jim Nash (Julia also runs the Wax Trax! Chicago website and Twitter).  Check out the trailer below via Side Line.

The above trailer was unveiled back in April at the Chicago International Music & Movies Festival, and after the premiere Julia Nash hosted a lively panel discussion that included Chris Connelly and others associated with the label and store.  The panel archive is available to view here.

Posted on August 15th, 2013 @ 6:14 AM
Music consultant Brian Thompson got tired of seeing his cd collection gathering dust in his house, and besides, he didn't want his physical collection to "define him."  He made the decision to donate the 4 thousand disc collection, but wasn't sure exactly where the discs should go.  Thompson discussed his dilemma with friend Chris Brandt, who is the executive director of music therapy non-profit organization Music Heals. Brandt helped get the word out and soon Thompson was contacted by the Vancouver General Hospital's burn unit who agreed to take the collection for their music therapy department. The generous donation will allow patients to select their preferred music choices for therapy sessions which aid in the recovery process and Thompson couldn't be happier:

"It is my hope that this donation of music can help bring some much needed comfort and escape during the difficult and painful moments in someone's life."

Thompson wrote a blog about his decision to donate the music which is posted here and Music Heals posted an article on the donation here.

Find out more about how music therapy and Music Heals below:

Published on August 15th, 2013 @ 6:14 AM
Brilliant Tumblr: This Charming Charlie combines Peanuts comics with Smiths lyrics. Via NPR.

Read Esquire's interview with Lauren LoPrete, creator of This Charming Charlie here.

Published on August 15th, 2013 @ 6:13 AM

A new Cabaret Voltaire collection, #8385 (Collected Works 1984-1985), will be released through Mute U.K. on November 4th. The boxset collection includes six CDs, four LPs, and two DVDs and comes with an extensive booklet, essay by Phil Barnes and new sleeve notes by Richard H. Kirk. Mute also announced another collection #7885 (Electro Punk to Techno Pop 1978 – 1985) will be released in 2014.

Check out the tracklist for #8385 (Collected Works 1984-1985) below along with a sampler from the collection:

CD 1: The Crackdown
CD 2: Micro-Phonies
CD 3: Drinking Gasoline
CD 4: The Covenant, The Sword, & the Arm of the Lord
CD 5: compilation of 12" tracks
CD 6: Earthshaker (unreleased tracks)

DVD 1: Cabaret Voltaire Live (two concerts from 1984)
DVD 2: Gasoline In Your Eye (video showcase previously available on VHS)

LP 1: The Crackdown
LP 2: Micro-Phonies
LP 3: Drinking Gasoline
LP 4: The Covenant, The Sword, & the Arm of the Lord

Published on August 15th, 2013 @ 6:13 AM

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The 20th anniversary reissue of the Breeders' classic album Last Splash will be released as a vinyl boxset on September 2nd (the set was due in the spring, but was delayed, though the cd version was released). The set includes three LPs (Last Splash, The Stockholm Syndrome, and an LP of demos and rarities) and four 10" EPs (Safari, Cannonball, Divine Hammer and Head to Toe). The set comes with an extensive booklet and is packaged in a box with artwork designed by Vaughan Oliver who was the designer of the original Last Splash artwork. According to 4AD the vinyl boxset will only be pressed once, and fans are urged to pre-order the collection. Pre-order here.

The Breeders wrap up the North American leg of the Last Splash anniversary tour this fall. Tour itinerary is posted below:

08/23 - Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre
08/24 - Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Fest
08/26 - Santa Cruz, CA @ Rio Theatre
08/27 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
08/28 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
08/30 - Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
08/31 - Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
09/01 - Seattle, WA @ Bumbershoot Festival
09/07 - Raleigh, NC @ Hopscotch Festival
09/27 - Urbana, IL @ Canopy Club
09/28 - Champaign, IL @ Midpoint Music Festival
10/09 - Miami, FL @ Grand Central
10/11 - Zapopan, Mexico @ Teatro Estudio Cavaret
10/13 - Mexico City, Mexico @ Corona Capital Festival

Meanwhile, Kim Deal released a new 7" single today.  Read more about that here.

Published on August 14th, 2013 @ 2:00 PM
Kim Deal has returned with the third single in her solo series.  "Are You Mine" b/w "Wish I Was" is now available as a limited edition single - 1000 copies pressed on black 7" vinyl with white label can be purchased here, and a digital version is available to download on iTunes and Amazon.   Like Deal's two other singles, a non-limited edition version of the 7" single with artwork will be released in the future (date TBA).  Deal's previously released singles, "Walking With A Killer" b/w "Dirty Hessians," and "Hot Shot" b/w "Likkle Me" are available to purchase with artwork from her website.

Deal also filmed a video for the her new single. Check out the official video for "Wish I Was" below or on vimeo.

Kim Deal - Are You Mine? [Official Video] from Kim Deal Music [Official] on Vimeo.

"Walking With a Killer"

"Dirty Hessians"

Published on August 14th, 2013 @ 8:31 AM

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jon Brookes, founding member and drummer for the Charlatans U.K. died early this morning. The band announced the news on their website this morning:

"It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Jon Brookes, the drummer with The Charlatans, died this morning aged 44.

Following a seizure on tour in Philadelphia in 2010, Jon had been receiving treatment for a brain tumour and had undergone several operations, although he had been working on new material with the band over the summer.. He passed away peacefully in hospital early this morning with his family at his bedside.

Jon was a founding member of The Charlatans, who formed in the West Midlands in 1989. He was much loved by those who knew him and regarded as one of the finest drummers of his generation and will be dearly missed by all who knew him."

R.I.P. Jon Brookes. 

Published on August 13th, 2013 @ 9:06 PM

Peter Buck revealed in an interview with BBC News that R.E.M. will likely compile all of their limited edition fan club singles for a charity boxset. R.E.M. released a single (two tracks, many times they were Christmas songs/covers) each year from 1988 - 2011 through their fanclub and original copies of the rare recordings fetch big bucks on collector & memorabilia sites. While the idea of having a fan club compilation might sounds like a great thing for fans, it may be some time before the set sees light of day - Buck didn't offer a timetable and merely told the BBC it'll happen "one day":

"There were like 24 of them, which makes about 50 songs," said Buck. "We'll put them in a big box set for charity one day."

In the interview Buck also discussed his solo career and mentioned that he just finished recording a new solo album last week. According to the BBC report, Buck plans to release the new album in a similar fashion to last year's limited edition vinyl-only release. Read the BBC interview with Peter Buck here.

"Where's Captain Kirk" (1992 fanclub release, covers Spizzenergi)

"Academy Fight Club" (1989 fanclub release, covers Mission of Burma)

Published on August 13th, 2013 @ 6:08 AM

Depeche Mode and Vevo paired up to offer fans a rare glimpse into the Delta Machine tour. Vevo Tour Exposed was shot behind the scenes at Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany and introduces fans to some of the hard working people who help make the magic happen. Martin Gore also discusses the differences between the European and American audiences near the end of the video. Check it out below:

Depeche Mode kick off their North American tour August 22nd at DTE. On Sunday, August 18th, Time Warp will be giving away tickets to the tour kickoff at DTE & one winner will be selected to meet & greet with Depeche Mode. Time Warp airs on 89X in Detroit on Sunday mornings from 8am until noon ET and streams worldwide on the 'net.

Delta Machine North American tour

8/22 - Clarkston @ DTE
8/24 - Chicago @ First Midwest Bank Amphitheater
8/27 - St. Paul @ Minnesota State Fair
9/01 - Toronto @ Molson Canadian Amphitheater
9/03 - Montreal @ Bell Centre
9/06 - Brooklyn @ Barclays
9/08 - Wantagh @ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
9/10 - Washington DC @ Jiffy Lube Live
9/12 - Atlanta @ Aaron's Amphitheater
9/14 - Tampa @ Live Nation Amphitheater
9/15 - Ft. Lauderdale @ BB&T Center
9/18 - Houston @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion
9/20 - Dallas @ Gexa Energy
9/22 - San Diego @ Sleep Train Amphitheater
9/24 - Santa Barbara @ Santa Barbara Bowl
9/26 - Mountain View @ Shoreline
9/28 - Los Angeles @ Staples
9/29 - Los Angeles @ Staples
10/8 - Phoenix @ Desert Sky

Published on August 13th, 2013 @ 6:08 AM
Fans in the U.S. can now download Nine Inch Nails' new song "Copy of a" for free from Amazon. The track appears on the new album Hesitation Marks, which arrives September 3rd. As previously reported, each format of the album (standard cd, deluxe cd, vinyl, and digital album download) will have different cover art utilizing mixed media created by artist Russell Mills. Pre-order from iTunes, Amazon, or the NIN store.

Don't miss Nine Inch Nails on tour - the tour itinerary is posted below

08/15 - Hasselt, Belgium @ Pukkelpop Festival
08/16 - Biddinghuizen, Holland @ Lowlands Festival
08/18 - Hockenheim, Germany @ Rock'n'Heim Festival
08/21 - Belfast, Ireland @ Belsonic Festival
08/23 - West Yorkshire, U.K. @ Leeds Festival
08/24 - Paris, France @ Rock en Seine Festival
08/25 - Reading, U.K. @ Reading Festival
08/28 - Milan, Italy @ Mediolanum Forum
08/29 - Zurich, Switzerland @ Zurich Open Air
09/01 - Philadelphia, PA @ Made In America Festival
09/28 - St. Paul, MN - Xcel Energy Center
09/30 - Kansas City, MO - Sprint Center
10/01 - St. Louis, MO - Chaifetz Arena
10/03 - Montreal, Quebec - Centre Bell
10/04 - Toronto, Ontario - Air Canada Centre
10/05 - Cleveland, OH - Wolstein Center
10/07 - Auburn Hill, MI - The Palace of Auburn Hills
10/08 - Pittsburgh, PA - Petersen Events Center
10/11 - Boston, MA - TD Garden
10/14 - Brooklyn, NY - Barclays Center
10/15 - Newark, NJ - Prudential Center
10/18 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center
10/19 - University Park, PA - Bryce Jordan Center
10/21 - Raleigh, NC - PNC Arena
10/22 - Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena
10/24 - Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena
10/26 - Asheville, NC - Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit
10/30 - Sunrise, FL - BB&T Center (Gary Numan opens)
10/31 - Orlando, FL - Amway Center (Gary Numan opens)
11/01-03 New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience
11/05 - San Antonio, TX - AT&T Center
11/08 - Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center
11/09 - Phoenix, AZ - US Airways Center
11/11 - El Paso, TX - Don Haskins Center
11/13 - Broomfield, CO - 1st Bank Center
11/15 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint
11/16 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint
11/18 - Portland, OR - Rose Garden Arena
11/19 - Spokane, WA - Spokane Arena
11/21 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Rogers Arena
11/22 - Seattle, WA - KeyArena
11/24 - Edmonton, Alberta - Rexall Place
11/25 - Calgary, Alberta - Scotiabank Saddledome

Published on August 13th, 2013 @ 6:08 AM

Monday, August 12, 2013

Peter Hook filmed a short video showing fans how to play "Ceremony" on bass. Learn from the legend below:

Hooky and his band the Light kick off a tour of North America September 10th in Boston. Hook will perform New Order's first two albums Movement & Power, Corruption & Lies in full during all the dates except for September 15th in Chicago, where he's promised to play a set of Joy Division classics. The North American tour itinerary is posted below:

September 10th - Boston @ Paradise Rock Club
September 11th - Ferndale @ Magic Bag
September 13th - NYC @ Webster Hall
September 14th - Philadelphia @ The Trocadero
September 15th - Chicago @ Riot Fest (Joy Division set)
September 17th - Austin @ The Belmont
September 18th - Montreal @ Club Soda
September 19th - Toronto @ The Hoxton
September 21st - Los Angeles @ Henry Fonda Theater
September 23rd - Vancouver @ Venue
September 25th - Seattle @ Decibel Festival
September 26th - Portland @ Wonder Ballroom
September 27th - San Francisco @ Mezzanine
September 28th - Denver @ Gothic Theater
September 30th - Mexico City @ Auditorio Lunario

Published on August 12th, 2013 @ 8:06 PM
The studio version of "Copy of a" by Nine Inch Nails has appeared online. The track will be released as a digital single tomorrow (if Amazon's listing is to be believed it will be a FREE download, and fans in the U.K. can already download a free version here).  "Copy of A" will also be featured on the full length new NIN album, Hesitation Marks. Stream "Copy of a" below:

UPDATE: NIN confirmed "Copy of a" will be available as a free download tomorrow in the U.S.

Hesitation Marks arrives September 3rd. As previously reported, each format of the album (standard cd, deluxe cd, vinyl, and digital album download) will have different cover art utilizing mixed media created by artist Russell Mills. Pre-order from iTunes, Amazon, or the NIN store. Tracklisting is posted below NIN's full performance from Lollapalooza '13.

Disc 1

01. The Eater of Dreams
02. Copy of a
03. Came Back Haunted
04. Find My Way
05. All Time Low
06. Disappointed
07. Everything
08. Satellite
09. Various Methods of Escape
10. Running
11. I Would For You
12. In Two
13. While I'm Still Here
14. Black Noise

Disc 2 (deluxe version bonus disc)

01. Find My Way (Oneohtrix Point Never remix)
02. All Time Low (Todd Rundgren remix)
03. While I'm Still Here (Breyer P-Orridge 'Howler' remix)
04. Trent Reznor In Conversation With...

Published on August 12th, 2013 @ 6:05 AM