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...hang the dj

...hang the dj is a music blog. Old school, shoegaze, psych, and darkwave are featured genres.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is my personal, independent website. It is not affiliated with Bell Media, nor does it represents the thoughts, opinions, desires, etc of Bell Media

For music submissions, press releases, or questions/concerns:

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Starcadian is a one-man electro/synth based act from Brooklyn who writes music for film. Taking a look at the album's cover art (posted above), one might think Sunset Blood is a soundtrack to a film. True, it IS a soundtrack, but there is no actual film to go along with the music. According to Starcadian, Sunset Blood is a concept record: the music was composed to have a feel of an 80s fantasy movie. As part of the concept, imagine there was an original movie soundtrack written/recorded in the 80s, and the songs on Sunset Blood are kind of like what the original songs might sound like if they were reinterpreted by modern artists some 25 years later. [Earlier this year Starcadian appeared as part of SXSW's music video competition, and during a promo interview he explained his album concept in more detail which you can check out here.]

Concept or no concept, this is a pretty cool record. Some of the songs on the album bring to mind Daft Punk (electo with robotic vocals), others are reminiscent of Chromeo (funky, but without Chromeo's trademark sexuality). The highlight of the record might just be the final four songs, which are rich, powerful theatrical soundtrack instrumentals - if you close your eyes while listening, you'll feel as if you're inside a movie theater. Regardless if this album is a commercial success or not, Starcadian has an brilliant career ahead of him in soundtracking. This is a fantastic album.

Sunset Blood is available to purchase as a digital download from Bandcamp. The album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play shortly according to Starcadian's Facebook Page. Additionally, some of his older material is streaming on Soundcloud (some of the tracks on Soundcloud are available as free downloads).

Stream Sunset Blood in full on Bandcamp and check out some song highlights below;


"Pompey Pirate"

"Binary Stars (The Star Traveler's Theme)"

Music video for "He^rts"

Published on October 31st, 2013 @ 7:56 PM

Utah Saints mixed a bunch of Halloween themed songs together into a five minute mix. Stream the Halloween Mini Mix below and grab a free download here (link also includes listing of all the songs used).

Utah Saints "Something Good"

Published on October 31st, 2013 @ 12:26 PM
Gary Numan opened for Nine Inch Nails at last night's show in Sunrise, Florida. During NIN's set, Numan joined the band and performed "Reptile" together, then they performed Numan's track "We Take Mystery To Bed" together. Check out video of "Reptile" below:

Warning: contains flashing strobe, those with photosensitive epilepsy are warned NOT to watch the video

Numan opens for Nine Inch Nails again tonight in Orlando, Florida, then heads to Europe to kick off his headline tour in support of his newly released album Splinter: Songs From A Broken Mind.

Published on October 31st, 2013 @ 12:18 PM

As reported here last week, David J released an updated cinematic reinterpretation of the Bauhaus classic "Bela Lugosi's Dead." The new version was recorded by candlelight in a single take, and includes "bride of Dracula" backing vocals, an eerie autoharp, and an excerpt from Lord Byron's vampire poem "the Giaour." Stream "Bela Lugosi's Dead" below and purchase it as a 'name your own price' download on Bandcamp.

Published on October 31st, 2013 @ 11:14 AM

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thomas Dolby brings his Invisible Lighthouse Live tour to the Detroit area on Sunday, November 3rd. The show was originally scheduled at the Royal Oak Music Theater, but was just moved to the Magic Bag in Ferndale. See the tweet below for more info:

Read more about the Invisible Lighthouse Live tour here and an interview with Dolby here. The trailer for the recent U.K. version of the tour is available to view here.

Because it's awesome, check out Dolby's performance of "She Blinded Me With Science" featuring legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin:

Published on October 30th, 2013 @ 8:46 PM

A rare non-music related post...

On October 29th, Twitter introduced a new photo preview feature: photos now display automatically on one's timeline, preventing the need to click the photos to view them. It seems to junk up the timeline (makes it look more like Facebook), and what's worse is advertisers (aka promoted tweets/accounts) have figured out that if they add a photo to their promoted tweet, it forces the user to view their ad. If you like the new feature, great. But for those who are annoyed by it, there are a few ways to get around the new photo preview. Here's how to turn off or get around Twitter's photo preview:

1. Forget about the desktop version of Twitter and go mobile. The mobile Twitter app allows users to turn the photo preview off. Read Mashable's article for instructions.

2. Forget about the desktop version of Twitter and use another social media dashboard service to view your tweets. I've tested Hootsuite, which works great. Tweetdeck is another popular dashboard service, but it is owned by Twitter, so it's possible the photo preview might be unavoidable there.

3. Create lists. So far the only way I've found to use the desktop version of Twitter AND avoid the photo preview is to make a twitter list, add accounts to follow into the list, and essentially use the list as your timeline. Lists don't include the photo preview, plus as an added bonus it's a great way to avoid promoted tweets/accounts because Twitter doesn't insert promoted tweets to lists.  UPDATE: Photo previews are now showing up in lists.

4. Chrome users can download an extension which blocks the photo preview.

With any luck Twitter will offer desktop users an option to shut off the preview, but in the meantime the above options may provide some relief. Good luck!

Published on October 30th, 2013 @ 10:07 AM

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rhino Records is releasing an eight disc Pogues boxset on December 2nd. Pogues 30 includes seven of the band's studio albums along with a previously released live disc featuring Joe Strummer on vocals. The Second Disc reports that the studio albums in the boxset do not include the bonus tracks released on the remasters Rhino released in 2006, however the live disc will likely be incentive enough for fans to pony up the cash for the new boxset. So far the collection doesn't have a North American release date, but it will be available on import after the U.K. release in December. Read more about Pogues 30 here.

Pogues 30

Disc 1: Red Roses for Me (originally released in 1984)
Disc 2: Rum Sodomy & the Lash (includes new remix, LP originally released in 1985)
Disc 3: If I Should Fall from Grace with God (originally released in 1988)
Disc 4: Peace and Love (includes new remix, originally released in 1989)
Disc 5: Hell’s Ditch (originally released in 1990)
Disc 6: Waiting for Herb (originally released in 1993)
Disc 7: Pogue Mahone (originally released in 1995)
Disc 8: Live At The Forum, London – 12/12/1991 (22 tracks total; includes 19 previously unreleased live tracks)

Published on October 29th, 2013 @ 9:57 PM
If you enjoy beats and jazz, here's an interesting record from ProleteR, a self described "French boy" who has been making music since 2011. The music is a mostly instrumental fusion of electronic and hip hop beats along with layered over beloved jazz classics like "It Don't Mean A Thing" (Duke Ellington) and "Take Five" (Dave Brubeck).  In April, ProleteR released a nine song EP (probably technically more of an album than an EP) titled Feeding the Lions EP. All nine songs are streaming in full on Soundcloud and can be purchased as a name your own price download on Bandcamp. Definitely worth a listen if you like jazz with phat beats, samples, and grooves. Check out the track "It Don't Mean A Thing" and "Memories" from Feeding the Lions EP below.

Published on October 29th, 2013 @ 9:22 PM

Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders was honored with the Q Classic Songwriter Award at the Q Awards on October 23rd. During one of her post-award interviews Hynde revealed that she's just finished work on a new album with Peter, Bjorn, & John's Björn Yttling. Hynde also said Neil Young and tennis star John McEnroe (McEnroe plays guitar) guest on the new album. No release date has been announced, but Hynde said the album is finished and should be out soon. Check out the interview with Hynde below (the comments about Neil Young & John McEnroe are at the very end of the video):

Published on October 29th, 2013 @ 8:37 PM

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hard to even type the words, but the legendary and visionary artist Lou Reed has died today at the age of 71. The cause of death has not been reported, however Reed had undergone a liver transplant earlier this year and several reports seem to indicate he died from complications of the transplant. Reed's final goodbye was posted on his Facebook/Twitter account this morning at 6:53 AM, which was a photo titled "The Door."  Reed is survived by his wife Laurie Anderson.

Velvet Underground, led by Reed, was one of the most influential bands in history. As Greg Kot, writer for the Chicago Tribune stated today, the Velvet Underground directly influenced more music in the last 40 years than any rock band. And it'd be hard to argue with that statement.

It was once said that only 30 thousand copies of Velvet Underground's debut album Velvet Underground & Nico, were sold in the first few years after its release, but all 30 thousand people in possession of the album went on to form bands. Though the record certainly wasn't a commercial success, it was an album ahead of its time, and 40 years later, the album is widely considered one of the most important, influential, and greatest albums ever. The subsequent VU records are also held in high esteem in the world of music, as are many of Reed's solo albums, particularly his rock opera Berlin (Lulu, not so much).

The world has indeed lost a true legend.  R.I.P. Lou Reed. :(

Rolling Stone was the first to break the news with their report on Reed's death which you can read here.

Many artists have spent the day paying tribute to Reed. Spin compiled tweets & Facebook postings from John Cale, David Bowie, Kim Gordon, and others here. Meanwhile, Morrissey posted comments about the passing of Reed on his official site. Even the Vatican (or at least Cardinal Ravasi) feels the great loss of Reed:

Neil Young, My Morning Jacket, Elvis Costello & others paid tribute to Reed at the Bridge School Benefit on October 28th. Check out their performance of "Oh Sweet Nuthin"

Obviously there's tons of coverage on Reed's death, and more tributes are pouring in every hour.  So far, some of the best coverage is in The Chicago Tribune - read their write up/obit here, and check out their list of the 10 essential Reed recordings here.

Website The Daily Dot dug up Lou Reed's recent (verified) Spotify playlists, so if you're interested in what he had been rocking out to lately, click here.

Published on October 27th, 2013 @ 10:09 PM. Updated October 28th, 2013 to add Bridge School Benefit video

Friday, October 25, 2013

Hot off the release of their new album Weapon, Skinny Puppy return to the road for a North American tour. Don't miss Skinny Puppy at the Majestic Theater for an all ages show on February 19th. Tickets go on sale Friday, November 1st at 10am through Ticketweb (ticket link not active/available until next week).

If you never got around to checking out the new Skinny Puppy album Weapon, enjoy a full stream below:

Fans may also want to check out a Skinny Puppy interview & concert from 1985.

Published on October 25th, 2013 @ 8:01 PM

Halloween is going to be even more scary this year: David J, bassist and one of the founding members of Bauhaus, re-recorded a new version of the classic "Bela Lugosi's Dead." According to David J's website, the new cinematic interpretation of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" was recorded by candlelight in a single take, and includes "bride of Dracula" backing vocals, an eerie autoharp, and an excerpt from Lord Byron's vampire poem "the Giaour."  David J's reinterpretation of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" will be released on October 31st.

Meanwhile Cherry Red Records is reissuing David J's first solo album, 1983's Etiquette of Violence, on November 25th, which has been out of print since 1990. For more on the reissue, visit Cherry Red.

Published on October 25th, 2013 @ 5:51 AM

The new and groovy album from Cut Copy, Free Your Mind, is streaming in full ahead of its November 5th release. Fans of baggy U.K. dance (aka Madchester), Primal Scream, and Friendly Fires, will likely enjoy this release.  Check out the song "Take Me Higher" below and stream the full album over at the official Cut Copy website.

Cut/Copy kick off a run of North American dates on October 27th. Tour itinerary is posted below:

Oct 27 - Asheville, NC @ Mountain Oasis
Oct 30 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot
Oct 31 – Reno, NV @ The Knitting Factory
Nov 01 – Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
Nov 02 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
Nov 03 – Los Angeles @ HARD Day of the Dead festival
Nov 06 – Tempe, AZ @ Marquee Theatre
Nov 07 – El Paso, TX @ Tricky Falls
Nov 08 – Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Fest
Nov 09 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
Nov 10 – Tulsa, OK @ Cains Ballroom
Nov 11 – St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
Nov 13 – Madison, WI @ Majestic Theatre
Nov 14 – Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theatre
Nov 15 – Toronto, ON @ Danforth Music Hall
Nov 16 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues

Published on October 25, 2013 @ 5:28 AM

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Metropolis Records posted an hourlong October '13 mixtape of artists on their roster including Front Line Assembly, Electric 6, Kloq, and Hanzel Und Gretyl. If industrial and dark beats are up your alley, stream the mixtape below and grab a free download here.

Also as FYI, Metropolis Records reissued two KMFDM albums this week (Opium, and WWIII).  KMFDM just kicked off a new leg of North American touring, which brings them to the Magic Stick in Detroit on October 26th.  A full list of dates for the tour is posted here.

01. Die Krupps - Risikofaktor [from The Machinists Of Joy] 0:00 - 0:03:30
02. Aesthetic Perfection - Dead Ringer [from The Dark Half digital single] 0:03:30-0:07:45
03. Suicide Commando - Attention Whore [from the Attention Whore digital single] 0:7:45-0:12:30
04. Ludovico Technique - Dead Inside (Aesthetic Perfection Remix) [from We Came To Wreck Everything] 0:12:25-0:17
05. Dawn Of Ashes - Poisoning The Steps OF Babel [from Anathema] 0:17- 0:22
06. Psyclon Nine - Use Once And Destroy from [Order of the Shadow : Act I] 0:21:30- 0:26
07. Hanzel Und Gretyl - Born To Be Heiled (Kyzerwolf Remix) [from Hanzel Und Gretyl Fur Immer]0:25:30-0:31
08. Funker Vogt - Gott noch nicht [from Companion In Crime] 0:30:30-0:34:30
09. Front Line Assembly - Leveled [from Echogenetic]0:34:30-0:40
10. Covenant - Thy Kingdom Come [from Leaving Babylon] 0:40-0:44
11. Kloq - High [from Begin Again] 0:44-0:48:45
12. Mindless Self indulgence - Witness [From How I Learned To Stop Giving A Shit And Love…] 0:48:45-0:52
13. Moving units - Attack Everything [from Neurotic Exotic] 0:52-0:59
14. Electric Six - Show Me What Your Lights Mean [from Mustang] 0:56-0:59
15. NOIR - Timephase 0:59-1:03
16. DUBCON - Outerspace [from UFO pom di gullyside] 1:03-1:08
17. Dead Voices On Air - From Afar All Stars Spark and Glee [from Bundle 1995-2013] 1:08-1:12

Published on October 24th, 2013 @ 3:52 PM
And it'll be back in print next year...

Published on October 24th, 2013 @ 3:25 PM
The Ocean Blue shared a brand new song "Bleary Eyed," which they'll perform live for the first time at their show this weekend in California. "Bleary Eyed" will be featured on the new Korda Records compilation Korda Komp 2 which is due out in November. Stream "Bleary Eyed" below:

The Ocean Blue are on the road through December and they've added a November 30th date in Minneapolis which will serve as the official record release showcase for Korda Komp 2.  The gig will also include performances from the Starfolk, the Owls, and Jim Ruiz Four, and DJ Jake Rudh. For more on the showcase, visit the official Korda Records website.

Ocean Blue tour itinerary 

10/26 - Los Angeles @ The Satellite
10/27 - San Francisco @ Bottom of the Hill
11/29 - Chicago @ Lincoln Hall
11/30 - Minneapolis @ The Cedar Cultural Center (Korda Showcase)
12/20 - Washington D.C. @ Jammin Java
12/21 - New York @ Bowery Ballroom

Published on October 24th, 2013 @ 9:02 AM

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Black Submarine is the new band featuring Nick McCabe and Simon Jones formerly of the Verve. Turns out Black Submarine is the new name for their previous project Black Ships, which released an ep titled Kurofune back in 2011. The full length debut album from Black Submarine is titled New Shores, and is scheduled for a February 3rd release in the U.K./Europe. The first offering from the album is a song titled "Black Submarine" (yes, the song is named after the band, continuing in the tradition of Talk Talk, Big Country, etc).  Stream "Black Submarine" by Black Submarine below and download the track for free here. Catch up with Black Submarine on their official site, Facebook and Twitter.  Via NME.

Meanwhile, Richard Ashcroft from the Verve is expected to return with his new solo album shortly.  In a July interview with the BBC, Ashcroft indicated a new song from the album would be released in the autumn.  Stay tuned for updates.

Previous ep Kurofune

Published on October 23rd, 2013 @ 5:51 PM

Jane's Addiction will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 30th. The band will receive the 2,509th star on the Walk of Fame and the full band will be on hand for the ceremony which is scheduled to begin at 2:30 PM ET. Fans around the world will be able to watch the ceremony as it streams live via the official Walk of Fame website. Later that day, Jane's Addiction play a concert on Jimmy Kimmel's outdoor soundstage and part of the performance will be broadcast on the November 4th episode of Kimmel's late night show.

Published on October 23rd, 2013 @ 1:01 PM
A Mark Lanegan anthology will be released early next year. Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989 - 2011 compiles 20 greatest hits spanning Lanegan's career plus includes another disc with 12 previously unreleased tracks. The collection will be released on cd and vinyl through Light in the Attic Records on January 14th. The tracklisting for the collection is posted below via Uncut. The cover art for the release has not been unveiled as of yet.

The news of Lanegan's anthology comes on the heels of a super busy release year for Lanegan: he appears on three previously unfinished tracks on the Mad Season Above reissue, which was released in April; he hooked up with Moby to release the single, "the Lonely Night" for Record Store Day (the track also appears on Moby's new album Innocents); he co-wrote "Fairweather Friends" on the new Queens of the Stone Age album, Like Clockwork; he teamed up with Duke Garwood to release a full album under the moniker Black Pudding in May; and after all that, he still found time to record and release a covers album titled Imitations back in September.  Whew!

Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989 - 2011

Disc 1

One Hundred Days
Come To Me
Pill Hill Serenade
One Way Street
Kimiko's Dream House
Resurrection Song
Shiloh Town
Creeping Coastline Of Lights
Lexington Slow Down
Last One In The World
Wild Flowers
The River Rise

Disc 2

Dream Lullabye
Leaving New River Blues
To Valencia Courthouse
A Song While Waiting
Blues For D (Vocal Version)
No Contestar
Big White Cloud
Following The Rain
Grey Goes Black
Halcyon Daze
Blues Run The Game (Live)

Published on October 23rd, 2013 @ 12:28 PM

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Producer Scoop DeVille remixed R.E.M.'s classic track "Losing My Religion," for DeVille's upcoming mixtape Scoopaloops Vol 1. The remix features Michael Stipe's familiar vocals along with groove and percussion supplied by Blink 182's Travis Barker. Barker himself appeared on Los Angeles station KROQ yesterday to world premiere the track, which is available to stream below (or grab a free download here.) Scoopaloops Vol 1 will be released on November 12th.

Published on October 22nd, 2013 @ 8:35 PM
Not surprisingly, Morrissey's dishy tell-all, Autobiography, has turned out to be one of the fastest selling memoirs in the U.K. since official sales records have been tracked according to True To You:

"Morrissey's much-anticipated Autobiography (Penguin Classics) has become one of the fastest-selling memoirs since official sales records began.

Autobiography's sale is the biggest first-week sale from a musician's memoir since official sales records began in 1998, beating previous record holder Keith Richards' Life (Weidenfeld). The latter sold 28,213 copies in its opening week back in October 2010."

Autobiography went on sale in the U.K. and Europe on October 17th. So far a North American release hasn't been announced, however, copies can be obtained from various retailers on the 'net, including this one or through Amazon subsellers, or even through Ebay

Meanwhile, Morrissey's concert film Morrissey: 25 Live was released today on DVD and Blu-Ray. Two screenings of Morrissey: 25 Live will take place in the Detroit area on February 26th at the Berman Center for the Performing Arts in West Bloomfield.  Purchase tickets for the 2pm screening and the 7:30 screening.

Published on October 22nd, 2013 @ 6:32 PM
British magazine Q held its annual awards ceremony, the Q Awards, in London yesterday. Happy Mondays won the Classic Album award for their 1988 album Bummed, Pet Shop Boys won Outstanding Contribution to Music, Chrissie Hynde was named Classic Songwriter, and Suede walked away with the Icon award. The list of winners is posted below along with some interview footage shot after last night's gala.

Classic Album: Happy Mondays Bummed
Classic Songwriter: Chrissie Hynde
Outstanding Contribution To Music: Pet Shop Boys
Icon: Suede
Best Track: Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know"
Best Album: Biffy Clyro Opposites
Best Video: Manic Street Preachers "Show Me The Wonder"
Best Live Act: Foals
Best Act in The World Today: Vampire Weekend
Best New Act: Jake Bugg
Spirit of Independence: Belle & Sebastian
Best Solo: Ellie Goulding
Poet Laureate: John Cooper Clarke
Idol: Robbie Williams
Best Event: Glastonbury

Published on October 22nd, 2013 @ 6:04 AM
Mark Eitzel couldn't sleep the other night, so he decided to write his own open letter to Miley Cyrus. As you might imagine, it's pretty fantastic. Some choice excerpts are posted below, but go read the full thing here.

"I’m sure you never heard of me and that is understandable. My music tends toward the melodramatic and sad. Its a lot of heavy crap. If I could I would rail like King Lear

People like me pass off a lack of success as the price for making ART. We live our lives rolling in the mud of ‘self expression’ instead of getting on with shining the brightest light into the world. This is how we fail and it hurts. Unfortunately what I saw in your spot was more like the flash in the sky in that painting by Turner: The Field of Waterloo. You didn’t turn the world on with a smile - so to speak - you just hung above the dead and dying like some eerie apocalyptic firework.

Disturbing and familiar this really fucks with people of my generation. I can’t put my finger on it but it has something to do with valuing belief. You opened your mouth and nothing came out but dust. Scary. You let us see that having nothing to say is soul destroying as heroin."

For more on Mark Eitzel, check out his website.

Published on October 22nd, 2013 @ 5:34 AM
Chris Cornell, joined by the Avett Brothers, performed Pearl Jam's "Footsteps" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. If you missed it last night, check out the performance below along with an exclusive interview of Cornell discussing Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, and more.  Tonight Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold is scheduled to perform "Corduroy" as Pearl Jam week continues on Fallon.

Published on October 22nd, 2013 @ 5:07 AM

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chris Cornell is currently on the road in North America performing solo Songbook shows. Like previous solo shows, he's playing a mix of tracks spanning his career - songs from Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, his solo albums, and also plenty of covers. A few new things Cornell has thrown into the mix have been his brand new song "Misery Chain," that he wrote for the forthcoming 12 Years a Slave soundtrack (film based on the book of the same name) as well as the live debut of Soundgarden's King Animal track "Bones of Birds."

Another highlight of the tour has been Cornell's interesting cover of "One" - which features the melody of U2's classic Achtung Baby track combined with lyrics from Metallica's song "One." Cornell explained to the crowd at his October 16th show in Napa, that he wanted to cover U2's song "One" and googled the lyrics, but ended up finding a different set of lyrics (for Metallica's "One") and decided to run with it.

Check out some highlights from Cornell's recent shows below, including his October 18th performance of "Hunger Strike" with folk rocker, Bhi Bhiman.

Tonight tune in to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to see Chris Cornell perform a cover of Pearl Jam's "Footsteps" along with the Avett Brothers. Cornell's performance is part of Fallon's weeklong celebration of Pearl Jam, who just released the new album Lightning Bolt. Pearl Jam themselves appear on the program on October 24 & 25 to perform live.

"Misery Chain" (new song from 12 Years a Slave)

"One" (U2/Metallica mashup)

"Bones & Birds" (live debut - 10/16/13)

"Hunger Strike" (with Bhi Bhiman)

Published on October 21st, 2013 @ 6:01 AM

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Check out a fantastic new garagey-rock band from the U.K. called Mourning Birds. The trio's impressive debut single, "Oh Yeh," (which was recently included in NME's Buzz Playlist) will be released digitally on November 25th, and let's hope there's a LOT more where that came from. Check out the turbo-charged "Oh Yeh" below and grab a free download of another bad ass jam titled "The Last Thing (I Need)" below. Catch up with Mourning Birds on Facebook.

Published on October 19th, 2013 @ 6:37 PM
Hot off the release of their long awaited fourth album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, Franz Ferdinand have announced details for a remix mini-album to promote the single, "Evil Eye." The Evil Eye remix mini-album will be released digitally on October 28th, which is, uncoincidentally, right in time for Halloween.  Stream the Alan Braxe remix of "Evil Eye" below along with the spooktacular video for "Evil Eye."

Published on October 19th, 2013 @ 6:12 PM
Cold Cave aka Wesley Eisold has spent 2013 enjoying the freedom of being independent artist - he's been releasing Cold Cave singles as he likes on his own terms. So far this year, Cold Cave released three 7 inch singles ("Oceans With No End," "God Made The World," and "Black Boots") and now Cold Cave has returned with a brand new single titled "Nausea, the Earth & Me." The single comes backed with two b-side tracks, "Don't Blow Up The Moon," and "Beaten 1979" and is available to download now through iTunes. According to the official Cold Cave website, this will be the final single of 2013 and there are no plans at this time for a physical release. Stream "Nausea, the Earth & Me" below and purchase now from iTunes.

Published on October 19th, 2013 @ 5:58 PM
Last night musical friends of Jon Brookes gathered in London and paid tribute to the late Charlatans U.K. drummer, who died August 13th from brain cancer. Members of the Charlatans, New Order, Beady Eye, the Vaccines, Manic Street Preachers, Chemical Brothers, and more performed a tribute concert, A Night For Jon Brookes, at Royal Albert Hall in London. Highlights included Beady Eye's reunion with ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead, as well as a huge group performance of "Love Will Tear Us Apart." The event was professionally filmed for possible release in the future, but for now, watch some fan filmed footage from the show below. 

Also: details are sketchy at the moment, but apparently New Order's Gillian Gilbert ended up needing medical attention after the show. Gilbert updated fans by tweeting "all is sort of ok" and reported that she has to return to the hospital next week.

Published on October 19th, 2013 @ 9:09 AM

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Seattle ice cream company Full Tilt developed a limited edition Mudhoney ice cream flavor to honor the band's 25th anniversary. The cinnamon honey ice cream with fudge swirl -- packaged in pints decorated with the artwork from Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge -- are available to purchase at Stockbox in Seattle, and more grocery stores and restaurants in the Northwest will eventually carry the flavor. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like the Mudhoney ice cream will be available nationwide, but you can read more about it here.

Published on October 16th, 2013 @ 8:01 PM
The debut album from Black Hearted Brother (featuring Neil Halstead of Slowdive and Mojave 3) comes out on October 22nd. Stars Are Our Home is streaming in full ahead of its release over at the New York Times this week. FYI, the edited version of the song "This Is How It Feels" is still available as a free download from Rolling Stone.

If nothing else, shoegaze fans should check out the album's amazing first single, "(I Don't Mean To) Wonder" below:

For more on Black Hearted Brother, visit the band's official site.

Published on October 16th, 2013 @ 7:26 PM

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees for 2014 were announced this evening via Rolling Stone (the official announcement is due at midnight, but Rolling Stone is an official sponsor/partner, thus they broke the news early). Nirvana, the Replacements, Hall & Oates, Peter Gabriel, Kiss, Chic, N.W.A, LL Cool J are among those nominated. The inductees for the Class of 2014 will be revealed in December. For more on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, visit the official RRHOF website.

Published on October 15th, 2013 @ 11:37 PM
Morrissey's highly anticipated autobiography will finally be published by Penguin Classics in the U.K. and Europe on October 17th. So far the book doesn't have a North American release, but it's available to purchase as an import. Fans in North America interested in obtaining a copy can order Autobiography through The Book Depository (with free delivery worldwide, according to the site). A subseller on Amazon is also selling the book here

Published on October 15th, 2013 @ 9:49 PM

Monday, October 14, 2013

On March 17th, Peter Murphy was arrested after an alleged hit-and-run incident in Glendale, California, and was later also charged with "causing injuries while driving under the influence and drug or alcohol" as well as felony hit and run, and possessing methamphetamine.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Murphy cut a deal with prosecutors and will avoid jail time.  According to terms of the deal, in exchange for the guilty plea, Murphy was sentenced to three years of probation, plus he'll be required to do ten days of community service, attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings, and submit to three random drug tests.  Prosecutors dropped the misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of drugs in exchange for the guilty plea, plus the meth charge will be dropped and removed from his criminal record after he successfully completes the 45 days of Narcotics Anonymous meetings.  Read the full report in the Los Angeles Times.

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Jane Horrocks, the actress probably best known in North America for her portrayal of Bubble on the hit comedy Absolutely Fabulous, has recorded a cover of Joy Division's "Isolation." Horrocks enlisted help from Rat Scabies of the Damned and Scott Firth of Public Image Limited for the recording, which debuted on British radio last week. Her take on "Isolation" is the first taste of Horrocks' musical series of covers - she recently revealed that she's also recorded Morrissey's "Life Is A Pigsty" and she is entertaining the idea of covering Cabaret Voltaire! Horrocks decided to release the Joy Division cover first because she's a huge fan:

"I've been a Joy Division fan since my early teens. I wanted to cover their song "Isolation" because of Ian Curtis's incredibly potent lyrics, which I felt might have a different resonance when sung by a woman. My good friend (the brilliant music producer) "Kipper" helped me to realise this new version of the song with the distinctive drums of Mr Rat Scabies (late of The Damned) and the heavy bass of Scott Firth (now of PIL). Cameron Crag mixed the track for us and helped present the lyrics in a very different way, accenting their vulnerability and simple poetic beauty."

Stream "Isolation" by Jane Horrocks below and purchase digitally from iTunes and Amazon. So far there isn't a plan to release the cover physically.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

If you missed The Cure's performance at the Austin City Limits Festival last night, watch a replay of the full two-hour set below.

UPDATE: The full concert archive has been removed, but a selection of video from the webcast is posted below:

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Friday, October 11, 2013

We're still eagerly waiting for Shaun Ryder on UFOs to premiere on the History Channel in the U.K., but at least the September 2009 episode of the British reality show Ghosthunting With... featuring Happy Mondays has re-appeared on You Tube. Enjoy.

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Gary Numan returns with the new album Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) on October 15th in North America. Stream the album ahead of its release right now, over at Noisey and pre-order the album from iTunes, Amazon, or Numan's official store

Gary Numan recently went record shopping at Amoeba Records in Hollywood. Check out what he selected in the "What's In My Bag" episode below:

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

David Bowie premiered a breathtaking minimalist version of his classic 1977 song "Sound & Vision." The song was re-worked from the original stems, leaving only Bowie's voice backed by pianist Roy Young, and backing vocals by Mary Hopkin. The new version was remixed by Sonjay Prabhakar for an upcoming advertising campaign for Sony. Stream "Sound & Vision" 2013 below and purchase now as a digital download from iTunes and Amazon.

Meanwhile, James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem remixed David Bowie's song "Love Is Lost," and the 10 minute remix will be one of the extra tracks on the 3 disc re-issue of Bowie's album The Next Day (the reissue is titled The Next Day Extra) on November 4th. Today BBC Radio 6 interviewed Murphy and premiered the "Love Is Lost" remix.  Check out the interview and remix here (fyi, the interview lasts 4 minutes, then the song follows).  Via Gigwise.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The documentary on the Stone Roses' reunion, The Stone Roses: Made of Stone, premiered in the U.K. back in May, and now the film is set to debut in theaters in North America. The film, which includes footage from the band's 2012 reunion shows as well as previously unseen archival footage, will be shown in select theaters nationwide in November. The full list of dates and participating theaters is posted here. In the Detroit area, Emagine Theaters in Canton, Novi, Rochester Hills, Royal Oak, and Woodhaven are scheduled to show The Stone Roses: Made of Stone on November 6th, and again for an encore showing on November 13th (links to buy tickets should be available soon through the film's website.)

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone will be released on DVD (Region B/2) and Blu-Ray in the U.K. on October 21st.

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ChameleonsVox (the latest incarnation of the Mark Burgess fronted band previously know as Chameleons) return with a new ep, M + D = 1(8), in November. The limited edition ep will be released through Blue Apple Music and includes three new songs, "Heaven, "Sycophants" and "Feel The Need," plus a cover of the Beatles' "Across the Universe." According to the official Chameleons Vox website, the ep will be available to pre-order once the official release date has been confirmed.

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Gary Numan premiered the video for his new song "Love Hurt Bleed" today. Check it out below:

"Love Hurt Bleed" is on the new album Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) which will be released on October 15th in North America and a day earlier internationally. Pre-order the album from iTunes, Amazon, or Numan's official store.  FYI, a deluxe version of the album is also available which includes 6 extra songs (4 demos and 2 remixes).

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The Cure, Depeche Mode, Atoms For Peace, Savages, and Franz Ferdinand are among the acts participating in the Austin City Limits live webcast this weekend. The webcast kicks off October 11th and runs through October 13th. The schedule (converted to Eastern Time) is posted below. Please note that the webstream includes two channels and times are subject to change.  The webcast will be available on the ACL You Tube channel.

October 11th

2:30 - Widowspeak
2:30 - Thao & the Get Down Stay Down
3:00 - Courtyard Hounds
3:30 - Wild Nothing
4:00 - Jimmy Eat World
4:30 - Smith Westerns
5:00 - Savages
6:00 - Local Natives
6:00 - Okkervil River
6:30 - The Black Angels
7:00 - Vampire Weekend
7:30 - Arctic Monkeys
8:30 - Queens of the Stone Age
8:30 - Kaskade
9:30 - Depeche Mode
9:30 - Muse

October 12th

2:30 - Deap Vally
2:30 - Mona
3:00 - Walk the Moon
3:15 - Dan Croll
4:00 - Junip
4:00 - Delta Rae
5:00 - Parquet Courts
5:00 - Portugal.The Man
6:00 - The Joy Formidable
6:00 - Silversun Pickups
7:00 - Wilco
8:00 - Kendrick Lamar
8:15 - Passion Pit
9:00 - The Cure
9:30 - Kings of Leon

October 13th

2:30 - The Mowglis
2:30 - MS MR
3:30 - Noah and the Whale
4:00 - Paper Diamond
5:00 - Franz Ferdinard
5:00 - Grouplove
6:00 - Toro Y Moi
6:00 - Dawes
7:00 - Eric Church
7:00 - Divine Fits
8:00 - The National
8:00 - Phoenix
9:30 - Atoms For Peace
9:30 - Lionel Richie

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The Cure have returned to North America for a handful of live shows. Last night the band played Monterrey, Mexico and their 43 song set included some rarities and songs they haven't played in YEARS, like "Sinking," "Give Me It," "Birdmad Girl," and the 1985 b-side "Stop Dead," which reportedly has never been played live before! Check out the setlist along with some video from the show below.

FYI: The Cure are playing the Austin City Limits Festival on October 12th, and the band's set will be webcast live from 9pm - 11pm ET.

The Cure - Monterrey, Mexico October 8th

Shake Dog Shake
Fascination Street
A Night Like This
The End of the World
In Between Days
Just Like Heaven
From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
Pictures of You
Birdmad Girl
The Walk
Stop Dead
(Live debut)
Sleep When I'm Dead
Mint Car
Friday I'm in Love
Doing the Unstuck
The Hungry Ghost
Wrong Number
One Hundred Years
Give Me It
The Top


Other Voices
Charlotte Sometimes
Play for Today
A Forest

Dressing Up
The Lovecats
The Caterpillar
Close to Me
Hot Hot Hot!!!
Let's Go to Bed
Why Can't I Be You?
Boys Don't Cry
10:15 Saturday Night
Killing an Arab

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Phil Chevron, guitarist of the Pogues, passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. Chevron announced in May that his cancer had returned (he had received treatment in 2007 for cancer of the head and neck) and that his tumor was inoperable. Chevron wasn't sure how long he had, but knew the cancer was terminal. Chevron was 56 years old.

In August, Chevron's friends got together and organized a musical tribute to honor him while he was still alive. Shane McGowan and Luka Bloom were among the musicians who performed and paid tribute to Chevron. Stream the audio of the three hour Phil Chevron Testimonial concert here, and watch some video from the event below.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Franz Ferdinand recently performed a trio of songs from their new album Right Thoughts Right Words Right Action for a Deezer Session. Check out the session below:

01. Love Illumination
02. Bullet
03. Fresh Strawberries

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Monday, October 7, 2013

The Pixies announced dates for a North American tour today.  Opening acts will be Fidlar (1/15 - 1/29), Cults (1/31 - 2/11), and Best Coast (2/13 - 3/1). Tickets go on sale Friday, October 11th at 10 am local time, and fan pre-sales begin today at 10am (fans on the Pixies mailing list were emailed a pre-sale password).  The dates are listed below the band's new video for "Andro Queen"

1/15 - Toronto @ Massey Hall
1/16 - Montreal @ Metropolis
1/18 - Boston @ Orpheum
1/19 - Port Chester, NY @ Capitol Theater
1/21 - Newark, NJ @ New Jersey Performing Arts Center
1/22 - New Haven, CT @ Shubert Theater
1/24 - Philadelphia @ Electric Factory
1/25 - Pittsburgh @ Carnegie Music Hall
1/26 - Washington DC @ Strathmore
1/29 - Richmond, VA @ National Theatre
1/31 - Durham, NC @ Durham PAC
2/01 - Asheville, NC @ Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
2/02 - Nashville, TN @ Ryman Auditorium
2/04 - Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
2/06 - St. Louis, MO @ Peabody Opera House
2/07 - Columbus, OH @ LC Pavilion
2/08 - Detroit, MI @ Fillmore Detroit
2/09 - Chicago, IL @ Riviera Theater
2/11 - Kansas City, MO @ Midland Theater
2/13 - Denver, CO @ Fillmore
2/14 - Aspen, CO @ Belly Up Tavern
2/15 - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Great Salt Air
2/17 - Vancouver @ Orpheum Theatre
2/18 - Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre
2/19 - Portland, OR @ Schnitzer
2/21 - Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
2/22 - San Jose, CA @ Civic Theater
2/23 - Las Vegas, NV @ The Joint
2/24 - Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theatre
2/25 - Albuquerque, NM @ Kiva Auditorium
2/27 - Houston, TX @ Bayou Music Center
2/28 - Dallas, TX @ South Side Ballroom
3/01 - Austin, TX @ Music Hall

Morrissey's long awaited autobiography will be released in the U.K. and Europe on October 17th. The book is available to pre-order here. Autobiography doesn't have a North American release date announced, but will likely be available to purchase on import shortly after its release there [such was the case with Peter Hook's memoir as well as recent biographies on the Stone Roses and the Smiths. In those cases the books went on to be published in North America, but were available to purchase as imports several months before the books were picked up by a domestic publisher.  So far Morrissey hasn't divulged plans about releasing the book Stateside]. 

Read the official press release for Autobiography on True To You.  Via the awesome Roberto Ferdenzi.

Meanwhile, Morrissey: 25 Live, Morrissey's first official concert film in years will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 22nd.  Pre-order here.  The film enjoyed a limited run in theaters worldwide over the last couple of months.  The Detroit area screenings take place February 26th at the Berman Center for the Performing Arts in West Bloomfield.  Purchase tickets for the 2pm screening and the 7:30 screening.

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Franz Ferdinand posted their performance of "Treason Animals" from their October 4th show in Houston on You Tube. The black and white video was shot by one of the FF crew members behind the stage.

Franz Ferdinand continue on their incredibly short North American tour this week. Fans in the Chicago area have a chance to see the band play a private session hours before their sold out show at The Vic on October 10th. Enter to win tickets to the WXRT session here.

"Evil Eye"

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Blood Cultures released a single titled "Indian Summer" last week on Bandcamp.  Not much info is available about Blood Cultures other than the artist hails from New Jersey and the single is available to purchase on Bandcamp.  Enjoy the indie-pop/synth-pop gem below:

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