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...hang the dj

...hang the dj is a music blog. Old school, shoegaze, psych, and darkwave are featured genres.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is my personal, independent website. It is not affiliated with Bell Media, nor does it represents the thoughts, opinions, desires, etc of Bell Media

For music submissions, press releases, or questions/concerns:

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January 29rd

Beck Odelay (reissue)
Bullet For My Valentine Scream, Aim, Fire
Mars Volta The Bedlam In Goliath

February 5th

Lenny Kravitz It Is Time For A Love Revolution

February 12th

City & Colour Bring Me Your Love
Simple Plan Untitled

February 19th

Kula Shaker Strange Folk

March 4th

Gutter Twins Saturnalia
Morrissey Greatest Hits

March 10th

Bauhaus Go Away White
Presidents Of The USA These Are The Good Times People

March 25th

Panic! At The Disco Untitled
Theory Of A Deadman Scars & Souvenirs

April 7th

Breeders Mountain Battles
The Police turned out to be the highest earners (concert wise) in 2007. The band played 54 dates in North America and brought in 131.9 million bucks. That was almost double the second place act, Kenny Chesney.
Finch decided to reunite back in November and now they're getting ready to kick off a North American tour. The tour kicks off January 13th in San Francisco and will wind up at St. Andrew's Hall on February 9th. Keep it on 89X for official ticket information.

Check out the official Finch myspace page to check out a demo titled, "Bury Me."


The Smashing Pumpkins will release a digital EP on January 2nd. American Gothic is a 4-song acoustic EP which will be available exclusively via iTunes in the U.S. The band will offer free downloads of the cover art on smashingpumpkins.com.
Fall Out Boy guitarist, Joe Trohman, had a Michael Jackson experience on this past Friday. Trohman was on stage rocking out with the rest of Fall Out Boy when fireworks at the show set his hair ablaze. Trohman was shocked, but was able to control the situation without incident.


The medical examiner has released the results of Casey Calvert's autopsy. They have ruled that Calvert death was the result of the acute combined effect of opiate, citalopram (an antidepressant), & clonazepam (anti-anxiety/seizure) intoxication. Essentially Calvert died from a deadly mixture of prescription medication.

Eron Bucciarelli from Hawthorne Heights released a statement insisting Calvert suffered from depression for years and had been to several doctors for treatment. He emphasized that Calvert was not an illegal drug user nor a substance abuser. As it turns out Calvert had allegedly been prescribed Vicodin for a recent root canal, and it's possible the prescribing doctor was not aware of the other medications Calvert had been taking.

Read MTV's take on the situation here.


Lenny Kravitz is scheduled to appear on NBC's show, Live From Times Square, on New Year's Eve. Lenny has also scheduled a short club tour to promote his forthcoming cd, It Is Time For A Love Revolution. The cd drops February 6th, and Lenny will drop by the Fillmore to play a show on January 27th. Keep it on 89X for official ticket information.
Coldplay is streaming their cover of the old Pretenders song, "2000 Miles."
Check out the video for "Goliath" by the Mars Volta. The band's new cd, the Bedlam in Goliath, drops January 29th.
Back in the day, life was simple. Chris Cornell was married to Susan Silver, and Silver managed Cornell's band, Soundgarden. Years later Soundgarden broke up, and eventually Cornell and Silver did too. Cornell moved on and eventually got remarried, had a couple of kids, and continued on with his musical career. Recently (in 2005) Cornell filed suit against Silver, alleging she ripped off Soundgarden, diverted the band's funds, and retained some of the band's possessions.

It sounds as if things have really taken a turn for the worse. Check out this article which was recently published by eonline. Yikes! The article discusses a recent break-in to the Cornell's residence. Apparently Cornell's wife was home with the kids when the intruder entered the home.
The fiasco ended with Cornell's wife jumping out the bathroom window with the children to escape. The Cornells believe Silver had something to do with this incident as well as a previous break-in at their house.


Blink has posted the Christmas song, "I Won't Be Home For Christmas" on their myspace page.


If you like Green Day, you'll be interested in a new six-song EP that has hit the net. The free EP is by the Foxboro Hot Tubs, however sources say it is Green Day behind the wheel.
Earlier this year the White Stripes canceled their North American tour due to Meg White's struggle with anxiety. Jack White was recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Times, who asked when the band would get back on the road again if ever. He said, "I don't know, it's up to Meg...The Beatles did it. I'm joking, but if we didn't ever tour again it wouldn't matter to me."
Details for the 2008 run of the Take Action Tour have been announced! This year the tour will feature The Bled, Every Time I Die, August Burns Red, and From First To Last. The tour skipped the Detroit area in 2007, but they won't make that mistake in 2008! In fact, the Take Action Tour is scheduled to kick off in Detroit at St. Andrew's Hall on February 14th. You can pre-order tickets from the official website, but you need to register first.
James will return with a new cd in the spring. Earlier this year the band decided to reunite and play some shows/festivals together. Things went so well they decided to record a full length cd together. Apparently progress is being made and they've decided to set an official release date for the new material they've recorded. The new cd, which is still untitled, is scheduled to drop April 7th.


Marilyn Manson will kick off a North American tour in January. Don't miss Marilyn Manson at the Fillmore February 4th. Keep it on 89X for official ticket information.


Click here to check out the video for the new Christmas single by the Killers. Wow, nice sweater Brandon.

"Don't Shoot Me Santa" is available digitally on iTunes now.
Stappy has sadly not gone away. In fact, the heathen has posted a video online to show the world he's still alive and to introduce his new band. Be sure to check out his "heat-miser" hair. Ah yes, enjoy...
Bauhaus will return with their first cd in 24 years! Go Away White will drop on March 10th. According to NME, the band recently recorded the new material in California. The cd will have a somewhat live and spontaneous feel to it as the band used their first takes for the release.
The Mars Volta will release a new cd, the Bedlam In Goliath, on January 29th. The band's tour to promote the cd will kick off in early January. Don't miss the Mars Volta January 23rd at St. Andrew's Hall. Keep it on 89X for official ticket information.


The Grammy nominations were announced today. Chester Bennington from Linkin Park was one of the celebrities on hand to read the nominations. After all was said and done, Kayne West led the pack with eight nominations, Amy Winehouse had six, and the Foo Fighters received four nods. Paramore, the Chemical Brothers, Feist, Jack White, and the Beastie Boys all were nominated for awards. The 50th annual Grammy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on February 10th.

Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails posted his take regarding the awards situation on his website:

"A suggestion: While the music industry is doing everything they possibly can to go out of business, can we all make sure to rid ourselves of the Grammys, too? Out of touch old men jacking each other off. ENOUGH! Have a nice day."

As you no doubt know, the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows, has been available as a free digital download since October. Well, if you haven't downloaded it yet, you only have a few days to get in on the action. The downloads will cease as of December 10th.

In Rainbows will see a physical release (vinyl & cd) on January 1st. The release will also be available as a download from XL Records starting December 31st--the downloads will NOT be free or name your own price, so if you're still into buying it for free/cheap, get in on the action before Monday.
A few bands have been announced for Warped '08. Gym Class Heroes, The Color Fred, Relient K, Reel Big Fish, and The Academy Is...are all committed to making the trek next summer. More bands will be announced over the next few months.
Click here to check out Raine Maida's video for "Yellow Brick Road." The single is from Raine's new solo cd, Hunter's Lullaby.


Here's a new Radiohead video! It's the band's video for "Jigsaw Falling Into Place." You can also check out "Bodysnatchers" here. The band's cd, In Rainbows, will see a physical release on January 2nd.
Thrice has posted their version of "Carol of the Bells" on their myspace page.
Check out a few live and acoustic songs from a recent Paramore show here.
The guys in P.O.D. recently posted their cover of Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis" (the P.O.D. version has been renamed "Christmas in Cali") on their myspace page.
Scott Weiland from Velvet Revolver was arrested recently.


After navigating some legal hurdles, Nine Inch Nails is proud to announce the launch of an official NIN remix website. Check it out here. It's pretty spiffy...you can remix songs, save them, make playlists and do all sorts of other cool things. Be warned--the site works best with Firefox/Mozilla and IE7, so if you're using IE6, you may want to consider using a different browser.

Nine Inch Nails recently released a remix CD/DVD, Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D.
A webisode from the Mars Volta can be viewed here. The band will release a new cd, the Bedlam in Goliath, January 29th.
Angels & Airwaves will be at the Fillmore on February 23rd. Tickets have not gone on sale yet, but they will soon! The internet presale starts this Thursday, December 6th at 10am and runs until 10pm on Thursday. Tickets will be available to the general public (non-internet presale tickets) starting Friday morning at 10am.

As always, keep it on 89X for more information.


The new Christmas single from the Killers is now available digitally. "Don't Shoot Me Santa" can be downloaded now from iTunes. All proceeds benefit The Global Fund to fight AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis in Africa.

The Killers just released their new b-sides/rarities collection titled Sawdust, so check it out now if you're a Killers fan.


Interpol will release a special limited-edition six song ep tomorrow. The Live EP will be available tomorrow, but ONLY at certain indie record stores. Record Time will be the exclusive retailer in the Detroit area that will stock the EP. Click here to check out the participating retailers in other cities.

Here's the track listing for the EP:

1. Pioneer To The Falls
2. Obstacle 1
3. No I In Threesome
4. The Heinrich Maneuver
5. Mammoth


No, a sex tape featuring Pete Wentz has not been leaked. It's not a sex tape, it's an actual scene from a film called Goodnight Moon. Watch all the uncomfortable action here.
Rivers Cuomo from Weezer is getting ready to release a collection of his demos. Alone--the Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo will drop December 18th. The release features 18 demos, including the original demo for "Buddy Holly", "Superfriend", and "Blast Off!"

In other Weezer news, the band has NOT revealed the name of their upcoming cd. A few music websites (not this one!) revealed a "official title" last week, but it was a hoax--the band insists they have NOT named their new cd yet. The untitled cd is expected to drop in the spring.
Chad Kroeger made a rare appearance last week--in a Canadian courtroom. Kroeger pled not guilty to impaired driving last Wednesday. It all stemmed from an incident in June that found Kroeger pulled over by the 5-0 after some "erratic" driving. Once the cops pulled him over they claimed to smell booze, so Kroeger submitted to a breathalyser and promptly blew a 0.14.

If convicted Kroeger faces a $600 fine and a one year driving ban. But he'll still be free to make music that drives you to drink.
Billie Joe Armstrong's fashion line, Adeline Street Clothing, is looking for male and female models. A casting call is being held this coming Saturday in California. If you're hot and you think you have what it takes, by all means, click here for details.
A television station has been erroneously reporting that Flea (RHCP bassist) lost his home in the recent fires in Malibu. Flea's home has not burnt down according to his manager. Axl Rose's home sustained a bit of damage though. Check out a video report here.
The guitarist for Hawthorne Heights has died. Casey Calvert died in his sleep on November 24th. According to the band, Calvert was in good spirits on Friday evening and was shocked to find out about his death Saturday afternoon when the band met for soundcheck. The cause of death is unknown. Casey Calvert was 26 years old.

The band has posted the following press statement on their official website:

Today is probably the worst day ever. It's with our deepest regrets that we have to write this. Casey Calvert passed away in his sleep last night. We found out this afternoon before sound-check. We've spent the entire day trying to come to grips with this and figure out as much as possible. At this time we're not sure what exactly happened. Just last night he was joking around with everyone before he went to bed. We can say with absolute certainty that he was not doing anything illegal. Please, out of respect to Casey and his family, don't contribute or succumb to any gossip you may hear. We don't want his memory to be tainted in the least. Casey was our best friend. He was quirky and awesome and there will truly be no others like him! His loss is unexplainable. As soon as we know more we will let you know.

Sincerely, Hawthorne Heights Eron, JT, Micah and Matt


Ministry will be at the Emerald Theater on May 7th. An internet presale is going on now, however you must register with Ministry's fan community to purchase presale tickets. Click here for all the details.


Thom Yorke and Ed O'Brien from Radiohead were interviewed by the BBC Monday. Click here to enjoy the hour long interview.

The band's new record, In Rainbows, will be released on cd January 2nd.
The Goo Goo Dolls will be a part of the halftime show at today's Thanksgiving Day game at Ford Field. The band is expected to play 2 songs as part of the festivities.
The show is now officially sold out. 89X is proud to present Jimmy Eat World, Coheed & Cambria, Plain White T's, Paramore, and Mute Math December 17th at the Fillmore. If you missed out on tickets, keep it on 89X in the coming weeks to win your way into the show. Your chance to win starts this Monday morning on the Morning X!
Linkin Park with special guest Coheed & Cambria will play Joe Louis Arena on February 16th. Tickets go on sale next Saturday (December 1st) at 10am.

89X will be giving away win it before you can buy it tickets to the show all weekend long, so be sure to tune in this weekend!


Finch is reuniting for a show in Pomona, California this Friday. It looks like the reunion may be a more permanent one...they've also signed on to play the Bamboozle festival in Rutherford, New Jersey next May. You can catch up with Finch here.
Interpol is reissuing their brilliant cd, Our Love To Admire, on Tuesday (November 20th). The newly souped up version will come with a DVD containing live performances and videos.
It's official. The new Weezer cd drops on April 22nd.

In more Weezer news...Rivers Cuomo will release a cd full of demos on December 11th.
Krist Noveselic now writes a weekly blog for the newspaper, Seattle Weekly. Check it out here. New postings magically (or not so magically) appear on Tuesdays.
The Lemonheads will release a brand new studio cd in April. No other information on the record is available at this time.

In more Lemonheads news...Rhino will reissue the band's 1992 cd, It's A Shame About Ray, in March. The souped up version will contain some demos, bsides, and will also come with a bonus DVD.

Don't miss the Lemonheads at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor on December 15th. Tickets are still available for this 89X show.
Ministry has decided to call it a day, but not before they do one last North American tour! The C U LaTour will kick off in April and it will stop at the Emerald Theater on May 7th. Keep it on 89X for official concert information.

In more Ministry news...the band will release their long-awaited covers cd next year. The cd, Cover Up, is a collection of cover songs the band has recorded throughout the years.


Recently Serj Tankian posted an in depth question and answer blog on his myspace page. Here's an excerpt from it:

What is the concept behind creating a video for each track on the album?

There's a two-fold idea behind it. One is to multiply the artistic factor of the record, and the second reason is in today's music industry, with file sharing and downloading we have to offer something a lot more than just 12 songs on a record. We need to offer multiple ways of connecting with our fans, with the people that listen to our music. I always like involving really artsy friends, whether we're going to do artwork for the record, website stuff or videos. So I gave 12 different video director friends songs, one for each, and a small budget, and said "He, go crazy. Do whatever art idea you've wanted to experiment with in the past. I don't want a treatment, I don't want to see it until it's done". It turned out to be some of the more amazing videos I've ever seen coupled with music.

Read the entire FAQ posting here.


Radiohead has set a release date for their new cd In Rainbows. The international release (everywhere but North America) will be December 31st. The North American release of the cd will be January 2nd.
The Foo Fighters will play Joe Louis Arena on February 24th. Tickets go on sale this Friday morning at 10 at all ticketmaster locations and ticketmaster.com


Angels & Airwaves will kick off their North American tour in January. Don't miss the band February 23rd at the Fillmore. Keep it on 89X for official ticket information.


Apparently, it's official! My Bloody Valentine is reuniting, and a new cd is in the works.


Morrissey's manager has confirmed that his client will sign a new record deal this month. The new deal calls for Morrissey to release a brand new cd in 2008, and he's also agreed to release a separate greatest hits package. Morrissey's manager has revealed that the Man, the Myth, the Legend will be back on the road for a new round of tour dates in March.
The Smashing Pumpkins were forced to postpone their tour after drummer Jimmy Chamberlin suffered a bout of chest pain. It turned out Chamberlin had some blockage in a coronary artery. Chamberlin is currently resting up, but will return to the road with the Smashing Pumpkins on Wednesday. The band has not announced any makeup dates for the 5 shows that were postponed.
Placebo has parted ways with drummer Steve Hewitt. According to Placebo it was an amicable split. The band's official press statement (posted below) indicates the band members grew apart musically and personally. Placebo has not named a replacement for Hewitt.

Official statement from the band's website:

Placebo have parted company with drummer of 11 years, Steve Hewitt, due to personal and musical differences.

Brian Molko commented "Being in a band is very much like being in a marriage, and in couples - in this case a triple - people can grow apart over the years. To say that you don't love your partner anymore is inaccurate, considering all that you've been through and achieved together. There simply comes a point when you realize that you want different things from your relationship and that you can no longer live under the same roof, so to speak."

The split is amicable and a sad time for both parties. Steve Hewitt replaced Robert Schultzberg behind the drum kit in 1996 whilst the band were promoting Placebo’s eponymous debut album and went on to record the following 4 studio albums ‘Without You I’m Nothing’, ‘Black Market Music’, ‘Sleeping With Ghosts’ and most recently ‘Meds’.

Placebo have just returned from the USA where they were part of the high profile ‘Projekt Revolution Tour’ alongside Linkin Park and My Chemical Romance. The band are now taking a well earned break.

Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal will begin work on Placebo’s 6th studio album next Spring and are in no rush to find an immediate replacement for Steve.


The Killers have recorded another X-mas song for this year's yuletide. The song, "Don't Shoot Me Santa" will be released as a single in November. The single will NOT appear on the band's forthcoming b-sides/rarities cd, Sawdust. Sawdust is scheduled to drop November 13th, and the X-mas single will be released near the end of November.
Chino Moreno's side project Team Sleep is gearing up for a run of North America in December. Relax, there's no Detroit date planned. However Team Sleep is planning to offer free EP downloads in the coming months through the band's official website.
Lenny Kravitz will return with a new disc in the winter. It Is Time For a Love Revolution will drop on February 5th. Click here to check out two new songs from Lenny.


Tickets are on sale now for the Night 89X Stole Christmas 10. The show is December 17th at the Fillmore. The lineup will be announced next Friday (November 2nd) on the Morning X, however you can purchase tickets now exclusively through 89xradio.com Yes, that means you can take the plunge early and hope for the best! As you know, 89X puts together quality shows, so you can't go wrong buying sight unseen...


Serj Tankian from System of a Down will release his debut solo cd, Elect the Dead, on Tuesday. Serj's video collection will premiere in the Detroit area tomorrow (Monday) at the Emagine in Novi. Serj made a video for each song on Elect the Dead, and the entire collection will be unveiled tomorrow. If you want to read more about Serj, click here. If you need tickets or info on the Emagine, click here.
The Ian Curtis biopic will premiere in Detroit this Friday at the Maple Art Theater (Maple Art Theater, not the Main Art Theater). Here's the theater info, if you want to check it out. Scroll down the page for the info...
This news is breaking now. It came from the official Ministry myspace page, so sadly it is true.

The 13th Planet family is saddened to confirm the devastating news of the sudden and unexpected death of Ministry's bassist, Paul Raven. Raven was working with French recording artists Treponem Pal on their new collaboration with Ted Parsons (ex-Prong/ex-Killing Joke/Jesu) and members of The Young Gods in a small village on the French/Swiss border. Initial reports indicate Raven's passing was the result of a heart attack.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Raven's family and friends around the world. His love of life, artistic creations and joyful laughter touched and moved all of us deeply. The loss of this extraordinary artist, unique individual and loyal friend will be felt by many. The impact of his talents will be remembered forever but his contribution to the lives of everyone who knew him is his greatest legacy.



CNN (yes, CNN) debuted a new REM song, "Until the Day Is Done" this week. While it sounds odd that CNN would be debuting music, here's the deal--the song is featured in the CNN documentary Planet In Peril, so REM allowed CNN's Anderson Cooper to debut the track on his show. If you missed it, you can click here to check out a live version of the song which was recorded earlier this year in Dublin.
Gigwise has put together a list of the 50 worst album covers in the world. It's definitely worth a look...
Believe it or not, Jack & Meg will be selling cameras starting tomorrow! True enough, the incredibly special, limited edition cameras will go on sale tomorrow starting at noon. Choose from the "Meg Diana Camera" or the "Jack Holga Camera" or, heck, buy them both...
Fred Mascherino announced last week that he's leaving Taking Back Sunday in order to focus on his new project the Color Fred. The debut disc from the band, Bend to Break, will drop on October 30th. You can check out a song from the cd here.

Meanwhile, Taking Back Sunday is readying their cd/dvd package Louder Now Pt II, which is set for a November 20th release.
My Chemical Romance will release a vinyl version of their 2006 cd, the Black Parade. There will be two versions--a limited edition double vinyl LP & a deluxe double vinyl version. The deluxe edition will come along with a special slipcase and book. Both versions will drop October 30th.

MCR is gearing up to release another single from the Black Parade. The single is expected to be "Mama."


The new Radiohead cd is going to be available sooner than expected. The band, currently without a record label, has decided to sell the cd through their official website. Click here to find out how to pre-order the band's new material. You can order the "discbox" or the "download" from the band's website. The download will be available starting October 10th, and the discbox will be shipped in December. The best part? The discbox, which contains 2 discs and 2 records, will sell for 40 pounds (about 85 dollars U.S.) and the download will cost whatever you feel like paying. No, I'm not kidding, it's a name your own price thing. Click here if you don't believe me.


The Killers will release a b-sides/rarities cd in November. Sawdust will drop on November 13th. The first single is called, "Tranquilize."

The band is also expected to release another Christmas single later this year.
Raine Maida from Our Lady Peace will release his debut solo cd, the Hunter's Lullabye, on November 13th. Check out Raine's myspace page to hear the first single, "Yellow Brick Road."

FYI: Raine previously released a digital-only ep last year titled, Love Hope Hero. If you haven't checked it out, visit iTunes.
Maynard James Keenan's new project, Puscifer, will release its long awaited debut cd next month. V Is For Vagina, drops on October 30th. The first single, "Cuntry Boner" is now available as a pre-order through the band's official website. Click here to check out a trailer for the band's forthcoming cd, and to find out more about the band.


Eddie Vedder has put together a video for his cover of the old Indio song, "Hard Sun." Click here to check it out.

"Hard Sun" will appear on the soundtrack to Into the Wild, which also doubles as Vedder's debut solo cd. The disc drops Tuesday, and the film opens Friday.

H.I.M.'s new cd, Venus Doom, will be released on Tuesday. The cd is currently streaming in its entirety on AOL.

Click here to check out H.I.M.'s video for "Kiss of Dawn."


Thursday with Circle Takes The Square will be at the Magic Stick on November 6th.

Avenged Sevenfold will rock the Fillmore on November 9th.

Ozzy & Rob Zombie will appear at Joe Louis Arena on December 18th.

Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.


Here's a news item about Joy Division that Yahoo published yesterday. I checked the rhino website for the vinyl release that is supposed to be out on Tuesday, but it appears it is not available yet. Stay tuned...

Thanks to Rob for the heads up!


Looks like you'll be waiting a bit longer for the follow up to We Don't Need To Whisper. The release of the new cd from Angels & Airwaves,
I-Empire, has been pushed back to November 6th.
Tickets for the October 19th Morrissey show at the Royal Oak Music Theater will go on sale tomorrow at 5pm. Grab tickets starting tomorrow at tickets.com.


Gerard Way reportedly married his girlfriend after a show in Denver, Colorado this past Monday night. This wouldn't be the first time a member of My Chemical Romance married on the road--Mikey Way recently married his girlfriend--backstage--after a MCR show in Las Vegas.
MXPX are starring on their very own limited edition set of Jones Soda bottles. There are 4 different versions of these special bottles--one for each band member, plus one group shot. Only 120 bottles of each version will be available, and they are not for sale! You can enter to win the classy and glassy bottles here.
Blue October will release Foiled For The Last Time on September 25th. This double disc set is the "premium" edition of their 2006 cd Foiled. The expanded version will contain all the songs from Foiled, along with a second disc chock full of live material and remixes.

Don't miss Blue October at the Royal Oak Music Theater on October 6th.


Watch the 'stashed Corgan answer seven questions.
Fall Out Boy, Plain White T's, Gym Class Heroes, & Cute Is What We Aim For will be at the Palace on November 20th. Tickets for this 89x show will go on sale this Saturday morning at 10 at all ticketmaster outlets.


Come on out tonight for the official 89x Time Warp party at Luna! DJ Tom and I will be spinning 80's & 90's alternative all night! If you dig Time Warp, you'll have an extraordinary time tonight! The folks at Luna are offering dollar drinks from 9-11pm, so get there early! 21 and over are welcome. Luna is on Main Street north of 12 mile in Royal Oak.

The 89x royalty have promised me they'll be there, including the mysterious Vince Cannova, the always intriguing Lisa Way, and our hyperspasmotic Cal Cagno. Perhaps other 89x-lings will be there too...so come mingle with us. We smell good.


Fall Out Boy will play the Palace on November 20th. The band is holding an internet presale through their official fan club/website right now. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information regarding the onsale date for the rest of the tickets.


Coheed & Cambria will be at the Fillmore Detroit on November 1st. An internet pre-sale is going on right now over here. You have to register first, but the registration is free. The rest of the tickets will go on sale at a later date. Keep it on 89x for further ticket information.

Coheed will release a new cd, Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV: Volume II No World For Tomorrow, on October 23rd. The first single, "the Running Free" is streaming on myspace, and it is available to purchase from digital websites such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster and others.


REM will release their first ever live cd/dvd package on October 16th. This release was shot in February of this year in Dublin. Twenty two tracks are featured, including one unreleased track, "I'm Gonna DJ."

Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth will release a new solo cd on September 18th. The cd is titled, Trees Outside of the Academy. Moore is hitting the road for a short solo tour. A Detroit date is not on the itinerary.

The Cure has postponed their fall North American tour. The band decided to spend the fall working on their new cd. The plan is to release a new Cure cd in April or May of 2008.

The Jesus & Mary Chain is working on a new studio cd. They've also line up a handful of live dates in October. No, they won't be coming here.

Dave Gahan will release his second solo cd, Hourglass, on October 23rd. Gahan is set to relaunch his website tomorrow.


Morrissey is planning one last run of the United States in the fall. Luckily, he's found it fit to return to the Detroit area. Don't miss Morrissey at the Royal Oak Music Theater on October 19th. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.
Hot Hot Heat will release a new cd, Happiness LTD, on September 11th. You can pre-order the cd now through the band's official website.

Don't miss Hot Hot Heat at St. Andrew's Hall on October 5th. Tickets are on sale now for this 89x show.
Dashboard Confessional will release a new cd titled, The Shade of Poison Trees, on October 2nd. You can check out two songs from the cd here.

Don't miss Dashboard at Clutch Cargos on November 2nd.


Bad Religion will be at Clutch Cargos on October 4th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am.

Ween will be at the Fillmore Detroit on October 27th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am.

Queens of the Stone Age will be at the Fillmore Detroit on October 23rd. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10am.


New Found Glory will be at the Fillmore Detroit on November 3rd. Tickets will go on sale next Wednesday at 10am.


Relient K and Switchfoot will be hitting the road together for a tour in the fall. The Detroit date will be November 13th at the EMU Convocation Center in Ypsilanti. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.
The Beastie Boys have announced a second show in Detroit. The 2nd show will be a special "gala" event at the Fillmore Detroit on September 25th. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am.

Here's the info on the show straight from the official press release:

The Beastie Boys, hot on the heels of their sold-out Fillmore Detroit show on Sept. 24, have announced a second Detroit date! This second show is the Beastie’s Gala Event, which will be primarily an instrumental / live band performance showcasing a side of the band that fans don’t usually get to see. Here’s what the Beastie Boys themselves have to say about the Gala Event shows:

“THE GALA EVENTS will be in smaller spots, more exclusive, more intimate. This will be more like quality time, our time, just you and the band sitting by a fire on a tropical beach late at night being serenaded with love songs. These shows are for people that are into our weird stuff, so if you want to get weird together, this is your call. These shows will be based around the instruments. Some songs will have vocals, others will be instrumental. BUT if you'd like to come to one of these shows, then DRESS TO IMPRESS, wear a suit, a tie, a dress, a gown or whatever you feel dressed up in... AND PLEASE leave your cargo shorts, Birkenstocks and t-shirts at home, this is not that kind of party.”


The Flaming Lips will release their long awaited DVD on Tuesday. The live DVD is called UFOs at the Zoo.

Don't miss the Flaming Lips when they roll through town...the show is October 1st at Clutch Cargos.
A new Coheed & Cambria song is available on iTunes. "The Running Free" will serve as the first single to the band's forthcoming disc, Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 2: No World For Tomorrow. The full length release will drop on October 23rd. Coheed just launched a website to promote the new cd. Check it out here.
A couple of Muse b-sides have been posted on purevolume. These are not new b-sides, but if you haven't heard them, they're new to you!
Beck will release a new single on Tuesday. "Timebomb" will be available digitally on August 21st. Apparently this is a one-off single, as there are no plans at this time to release a full-length cd anytime soon.
The Rob Zombie cd, Live, has been pushed back to October 23rd.
An Oasis DVD will be released in October. The two disc set will feature a concert from 2005, as well as interview footage, and a very special question and answer session with Noel Gallagher. The still untitled DVD set will be released on October 29th.
NIN's most recent release, Year Zero, will be issued on vinyl on August 28th.

In other Nine Inch Nails news, a remix cd is due out in the fall. Y34R Z3R0 R3MIX3D will be a big compilation of remixes that fans have submitted through garageband.com
A new Dashboard Confessional song has been posted on myspace. The song, "Thick As Thieves" will serve as the first single from the band's new cd. The full length disc, The Shade of Poison Trees will be released on October 2nd. The new material is said to be more acoustic-leaning than what we've heard on the past couple of Dashboard releases.
The Ataris will be at the Chubby Pickle in Windsor on October 2nd.

Finger 11 will be at the John Labatt Centre in London, Ontario on October 30th.

The Flaming Lips are at Clutch Cargos on October 1st.

Queens of the Stone Age will appear at the Fillmore on October 23rd.


The Beastie Boys will be at the Filmore on September 24th. Tickets go on sale this Friday morning at 10am.

Seether will play Harpos on October 13th. Tickets go on sale next Friday morning at 10am.

She Wants Revenge will appear at St. Andrew's Hall on October 18th. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10am.


Tony Wilson, co-founder of Factory Records and the legendary Hacienda night club in Manchester, England has died at the age of 57. He had been receiving chemotherapy for kidney cancer, however it was a heart attack that killed him. He died Friday, August 10th.

Here's a story that ran on sky news:

TV presenter Tony Wilson, one of the leading lights in the Manchester music scene, has died after suffering a heart attack while receiving cancer treatment aged 57.

Mr Wilson, who set up the Factory Records label and the Hacienda Club, was associated with groups like New Order and the Happy Mondays.

He was also a reporter and presenter on TV and radio in the Manchester area.

His life was depicted in the film 24 Hour Party People.He had been suffering from kidney cancer.

Mr Wilson was surrounded by family at his when he passed away.

A spokesman for Christie Hospital in Manchester said: "Tony Wilson died peacefully at 6.05pm this evening with his family by his bedside."

Tony was a very great supporter of the Christie and this is extremely sad news.

"We would like to extend our sympathy to Tony's family."

An outspoken campaigner for regional self-government in the North West, Wilson was passionate about his home city of Manchester.


Check out the video for "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park here.
The New Pornographers will be back with a new disc on August 21st. Challengers can now be heard in its entirety on myspace. The band is currently on the road, however Detroit is not on the itinerary!


The MTV Video Music Award nominees were announced today. Linkin Park is up for 3 awards (Best Group, Best Editor, and Best Director). Fall Out Boy received two nods, and the White Stripes, U2, and Peter Bjorn & John have one nomination apiece. To view the entire list of nominees, check out mtv.com.

The awards will be doled out September 9th at the Palms Casino Resort.
Click here to check out Helmet's new song, "Revenge Destroys Everything." The song will be featured in the upcoming film Tatua.

Helmet is currently on the road promoting the 2006 cd Monochrome. Don't miss Helmet at the Magic Stick on August 29th.
New Rock News for August 7th
Here's the video for "Pretty Handsome Awkward" by the Used.


New Rock News for Monday, August 6th


Don't miss Helmet at the Magic Stick on August 29th...
Iggy & the Stooges will be at Meadowbrook on Tuesday. If you'd like to enter to win a pair of tickets to the show, e-mail me before 11:30 am. I'll put you in the drawing...



Click here to check out the new single from the Foo Fighters. "The Pretender" is the first single from the band's new disc, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. The cd drops September 25th.


Dashboard Confessional will be at Clutch Cargos on November 2nd. Tickets go on sale this Thursday afternoon at 1pm.
Tonight's TV On the Radio show that was scheduled for St. Andrew's Hall has been canceled. Get refunds at point of purchase.


Davey and Jade from AFI have a new side project called Blaqk Audio. You've already heard the band's debut single, "Stiff Kittens" on 89x. The full length debut cd, CexCells, will drop on August 14th. This Friday, Hot Topic stores across the nation will hold Blaqk Audio listening parties. The first 15 people at each listening part will receive a special Blaqk Audio pin. The listening parties begin Friday at 5pm.
A special 30th Anniversary edition of the classic Sex Pistols cd, Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols, will be released on October 29th.
Coheed & Cambria have set an October 23rd release date for their new cd, Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 2: No World For Tomorrow. This is the follow up to their 2005 cd, Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume 1: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness.

The first single from Volume 2 will be "Running Free."
The Hives are completing work on their 4th cd. The band debuted a few of their new songs at a show in London last week. The Hives will continue to roadtest their new stuff while on the road opening up for Maroon 5. Both bands will be at the Palace on September 29th.
The new Jimmy Eat World disc, Chase This Light, will drop on October 16th.


Radiohead's cd, Ok Computer, is officially 10 years old this year! Stereogum has put together a "tribute cd" to commemorate this important milestone. Click here to check out covers from Cold War Kids, Chris Walla, Doveman, and others.

FYI: Radiohead is said to be in New York City mixing the new cd, so progress is allegedly being made. Check back for updates.
Last week I posted an "Open Letter From Billy Corgan" that was published in the Seattle 'zine, the Stranger. Pretty much everyone figured out that Billy Corgan himself hadn't penned the letter, however it was a pretty entertaining read anyway.

Billy Corgan eventually got wind of the letter and decided to post his own tongue in cheek response on the official Smashing Pumpkins website:

In the July 12 issue of Seattle's weekly publication The Stranger, an article headlined "An Open Letter From Billy Corgan" to fans--purportedly written by Corgan himself--appeared.

Truth to tell, the letter was not written by Corgan, a Smashing Pumpkins band member or anyone affiliated with the group. Upon finding the letter posted on the publication's website, several reputable national news outlets picked up the story and printed abbreviated quotes from it, thinking the letter was legitimate.

Although this "open letter" is apocryphal, there are some references and statements in it that do in fact make a few interesting points that should be pondered:

The letter states in Billy's words that there would be no My Chemical Romance or Panic! at the Disco without the Pumpkins. While this isn't so, it is a little-known fact the Pumpkins' music is responsible for the swing dance craze of 1997.

The letter also states that the song "United States" on the new album Zeitgeist was refracted and stretched to 9 minutes. In truth, this song in its original form was well over an hour and included a reciting of the Declaration of Independence narrated by all original cast members of the film "Reality Bites" starring Winona Ryder.

Another mistruth in this letter is the statement that the Pumpkins were once the most important band in the world. If the facts are what we are all seeking, everyone knows that Citizen Dick has always been and will forever be the most important band in the world.

Despite all the hearsay and innuendo, the Zeitgeist CD is the top-selling rock album in the country, moving almost 150,000 CDs the first week. It entered the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart at #2 and made Top 5 entries in Canada (#1), New Zealand (#1), the U.K. (#4), Italy (#5) and Switzerland (#5), with more Top Ten debuts in Germany (#7), Holland (#7) and Australia (#8).

Meanwhile, 8 out of 10 purchasers of the new album Zeitgeist have confirmed that they have experienced increased muscle mass after only two listenings.

All facts and figures in this document provided by the Zeitgeist and Klotz LLP.


A trailer for the new Angels & Airwaves cd, I-Empire, has been posted on the band's official website.
Bjork will be making a rare concert appearance at the Fox Theater September 11th. Tickets for the show will go on sale this Friday morning at 10. Tickets will be available at the Fox Theater Box Office, livenation.com, ticketmaster.com and at all Ticketmaster outlets.


Bert McCracken from the Used posted an update on the band's website regarding his recent surgery. McCracken says the surgery on his vocal cords went well, and the band is going to get back on the road in August.

The Used has announced a new round of tour dates for the fall. The Detroit date is scheduled for September 15th at the Fillmore Detroit. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.
The Snow Patrol show August 6th at Freedom Hill has been canceled. If you had tickets to the show, get your refund at the point of purchase.

In unrelated Snow Patrol news, keyboardist Tom Simpson was arrested last weekend after the band's Live Earth performance in London. There was a warrant out for Simpson's arrest after he missed a recent court hearing related to previous drug possession charges in Scotland. After the band's performance Saturday, the cops swooped in and took Simpson to the pokey.
An "open letter from Billy Corgan" appeared in a Seattle newspaper earlier this week. Corgan isn't taking credit for it, so it appears to be a rather entertaining parody...

My Dear Friends,

Today is the greatest day you've ever known.

Seven years, seven months, and ten days ago, the clock struck midnight, 2000, and the world began turning faster. Back then, I disbanded the Smashing Pumpkins because the new millennium demanded it. A new age needed a new start—cleanliness and unity, not the confused, confusing wreck I let the band become.

We were once the most important band in the world, and everyone—me, you, Courtney Love—knew it. The Smashing Pumpkins drew the line between Black Sabbath, the Bee Gees, and the Cure, and that line caught a generation like a leash around a wayward puppy. We founded Alternative Nation, and the kids and advertisers flocked around. But because the band had become bloated, overbearing, headstrong, because it grew beyond my control, it had to die. I killed it before it killed me.

And now, after all those years of self-imposed obscurity, of forced poetry, of side projects mired in mediocrity and too many guitarists, I bring us, together, here, to the corner of Future Avenue and Now Street. This is our moment! This is our day! This is Zeitgeist! (That's "Spirit of the Age" in German. Trust me: I've read Hegel.)

This band has always been the headlight on the barreling locomotive of modern youth; with a title like Zeitgeist, nobody can argue. I brought back original Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlain—recovered and reverent of yours truly, he's the epitome of a new leaf turned over—plus another chick bassist and some new guitar guy. Zeitgeist (Say it! It feels good!) arrives this week, in four different forms: The Best Buy version is different from the Target version is different from the iTunes version, which is different from everyone else's version. Most zeits would've settled for a single geist, but ours demands more marketing strategies, so I offer it four.

As for the music, the critics won't get it. They never have. My old fans—the ones whose lives were changed by Gish and Siamese Dream—won't get it. They will complain that the sound is too dense, too severe, too, yes, overbearing. But the New Generation is the one I'm speaking to, the one that needs to know that My Chemical Romance and Panic! At theDisco couldn't exist without me. Whether they want to know doesn't matter. This Zeitgeist is not consensual—it's here, whether you understand it or not.

Several weeks ago, I released "Tarantula" to prime the public for the coming onslaught. The song is the sound of one ego exploding (mine), the sound of an entire album in just one song. You'll like it because it has the same skyrocketing guitar riff as "Cherub Rock," and you liked "Cherub Rock" back in 1993. You still like it, because it is one of the best songs ever recorded. But now, instead of one guitar playing one riff, there are more—way more—guitars. And more riffs. It's awesome, in the original sense of the word. It might scare you.

Fear is the effect I'm going for. Fear and exhaustion. But "Tarantula" is not the scariest or most exhausting song on the album. That honor goes to "United States"—a triumphant teenage anthem that sounds like the closing solo of "War Pigs," refracted and stretched into nine minutes. Remember, I was subtle once: "Drown," from the Singles soundtrack, was haunting in its minimal, dissonant beauty. But the Zeitgeist has no time for subtlety, friends, and neither do you. Hence song titles like "United States" and "For God and Country" and "Pomp and Circumstance." Even more than you need more guitars, you need more meaning. And I bring it to you:

Dulcet tones whisper fast
Refuse your yearns, renounce the past
Rouse me soon, the end draws nigh
Whose side are you on
Your blood you cannot buy.

Every revolution needs a counterpoint, and that would be "Bring the Light," the one song with a discernable, singable hook, the one song that's remotely accessible. It's got a melody that burns with the same adolescent struggle as those Siamese Dream days. Naturally, it stands out: Hooks and singability are not really the zeitgeist. At least not this Zeitgeist.

Here is what you must understand: Nothing has changed since 1999, except my budget. And Pro Tools. I am still the same alt-rock messiah I was. You are still my teenage flock.

Trust me.

Your zero,

Billy Corgan
Avenged Sevenfold will premiere their new live dvd, All Excess, THIS Monday night in selected U.S. cities. Believe it or not, they have selected Detroit, well, actually Novi, as one of the lucky cities! The Emagine in Novi will premiere All Excess Monday night at 8pm. If you need more info on the dvd, click here or just go ahead and click here to check out the Emagine's website and grab tickets.


Here's the link to see pictures from the recent Relient K "tour bus on fire" drama.
Here's some video of Courtney Love. Apparently this was shot after Monday's show in London. Brace yourself.


Bob Mould will be in town Thursday to play a show at Henry Ford Museum.

Catch up with Bob Mould here, and check out his official blog here.

Bob Mould will release a live DVD, Circle of Friends, on October 9th. October 9th is 89x's own Vince Cannova's birthday. Coincidence?
Check out Placebo's version of the old Kate Bush song, "Running Up That Hill" in the band's myspace player. Placebo's version is also on their latest cd, Meds.

Placebo will release an 8-song ep on July 31st. The ep, Extended Play 07, will contain 5 classic Placebo songs, plus there will be 3 previously unreleased live tracks.

Don't miss Placebo on the Projekt Revolution tour. They'll join Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, H.I.M., Mindless Self Indulgence and more, August 22nd at DTE.
The new disc from the Smashing Pumpkins, Zeitgeist, will drop in stores on Tuesday. The disc is currently streaming here.

Don't miss the Smashing Pumpkins at the Fox Theater on October 7th. Tickets will go on sale this Saturday morning (July 14th) at 10.
Buffalo Tom has a new cd coming out on Tuesday. The disc is called Three Easy Pieces. You can check out some of their new material on myspace. The band has lined up some tour dates, however a Detroit date has not been scheduled as of yet.


Here's the Smashing Pumpkins video for "Tarantula."
Here's the video to "Forever" by Papa Roach.


Fall Out Boy will be on NBC's Today Show this Friday morning. They'll play Rockefeller Plaza as part of the show's summer concert series. The band's set is scheduled to air around 8:30 Friday morning.
Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam composed all of the music on the Into the Wild soundtrack. Vedder has a small role in the film as well. The soundtrack drops September 18th and the film opens September 21st.
The Smashing Pumpkins have lined up a North American tour. The tour kicks off at the end of September, and the band will be at the Fox Theater in Detroit on October 7th. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.
Relient K's tour/equipment trailer burst into flames over the weekend. The band is fine, none of the members sustained any injuries, however the tour bus wasn't so lucky. The vehicle was totaled. Jon Schneck from Relient K posted some pictures of the wreckage on his official blog. Click here to check it out.


Cartel (remember, the band that recorded their new cd in a plastic bubble) will release their cd, Cartel, on August 21st. The first single, "Lose It" is currently available from iTunes and other digital retailers.

Don't miss Cartel September 21st at Clutch Cargos. The internet pre-sale begins July 6th. Keep it on 89x for additional ticket information.
Stars will return with a new cd on September 25th. The band's 4th studio record is titled In Our Bedroom After the War. The first single from the cd, "the Night Starts Here" is streaming here, and you can even download it for free here.
The new cd from H.I.M., Venus Doom, will drop on September 8th. Click here to listen to the first single from the cd, "Passion's Killing Floor." The new single will also be featured on the Transformers soundtrack which drops this Tuesday.

Don't miss H.I.M. on the road! The band will join Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Placebo, and Mindless Self Indulgence August 22nd at DTE for Projekt Revolution.
Brand New and Thrice will hit the road in the fall for a big tour. The tour will kick off right here in Detroit, and the best part is that they'll be doing not one, but TWO shows here! Don't miss Brand New and Thrice October 18 & 19th at the Fillmore Detroit (formerly the State Theater). An internet pre-sale is currently going on here. Keep it on 89x for more official ticket information.
Click here to check out a new song from the Smashing Pumpkins. The song, "Doomsday Clock" will be on the band's forthcoming cd, Zeitgeist, which will drop July 10th.
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's for Playstation 2 will be released next month. You'll be able to rock out to Anthrax, Dead Kennedys, X, the Police, Asia, Ratt, the Scorpions, and many others! Check out the track listing here. Guitar Hero Encore will be released on July 24th.


Social Distortion will release a greatest hits cd on Tuesday. The cd contains 10 of the band's hits, plus one brand new song, "Far Behind." Social D has been busy writing other new material, however a new, full length studio cd won't be released until early next year.

Don't miss Social Distortion at the 89x Birthday Bash August 2nd at Freedom Hill!
This Thursday night at midnight (Thursday night/Friday morning) a special screening of Punks vs Cancer will take place at the Main Art Theater in Royal Oak. The film was made by Royal Oak's own Colin Duerr. Punks vs Cancer is about a group of Detroit bands who got together to play a special show for cancer research. Each band taking part has been directly affected by cancer--each band has a member that lost a mother to cancer.

All proceeds from Thursday's special screening will be donated to Cancer research. The screening begins at midnight, and Detroit's own Amino Acids will play live in the lobby of the theater.

Please attend this worthy event! If you need more info, click here.
Editors will return with a new cd in July. The band's second cd, An End Has A Start, will be released on July 17th. The first single is called, "Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors."

Editors will embark on a North American tour in September, however a Detroit date has not been scheduled.
Two members of AFI (Davey Havok & Jade Puget) have formed a side project titled Blaqk Audio. They recently set up a myspace page and they've even posted two songs. Check it out here.


The Beastie Boys will release their new cd, the Mix Up, on Tuesday. The full cd is streaming here, so check it out!


Iggy & the Stooges will rock Meadowbrook on August 7th. Tickets will go on sale this Saturday morning at 10.
Alice In Chains and Velvet Revolver will kick off a North American tour in August. The tour will roll through DTE on August 27th. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.

Evans Blue will be at the Machine Shop in Flint for a show on July 12th. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.


Ed O'Brien from Radiohead posted a very short update on the band's progress in the studio. Don't blink or you'll miss it:

"Yes I know its been a while ..... but we've been working on this album for a while ...... BUT WE ARE NEARLY THERE ....."

Whatever that means.


Check out this video for "Selfish Jean" by Travis. Travis just released a new cd, the Boy With No Name. Don't miss Travis at Clutch Cargos on July 18th.
A recent Fall Out Boy show in Chicago ended with Pete Wentz popping a heckler. The crowd was a bit upset to begin with because the band was tardy--they took the stage two hours late. And perhaps some of those in attendance weren't necessarily FOB fans to begin with since more than a few folks in the crowd chanted "sellout." Regardless, after three songs the band decided to call it a night, but not before Pete Wentz ALLEGEDLY ran out into the crowd to ALLEGEDLY punch one of the louder hecklers. Blood spurted, and the band left.
Tickets to see the Marilyn Manson/Slayer co-headline tour go on sale this Saturday at 10am. The show is August 11th at DTE.


Here's a working link to view the Control trailer. The older one was taken down due to legal issues, but the Joy Division folks have settled the issue, so the trailer can be viewed guilt-free.


Taking Back Sunday has signed on to play four concerts for Boost Mobile Rock Corps. Boost Mobile Rock Corps is a volunteer movement which uses music to motivate teens and young adults to get involved in community service.

For the third year in a row, BMRC will challenge music fans to get out and donate their time. Volunteers that donate 4 hours to a sanctioned project will enjoy attending a Taking Back Sunday show for free. This year the Rock Corp will be invading Portland, Houston, Philadelphia, and Chicago. If you'll be in one of those cities in June or July, check out the Boost Mobile Rock Corps website to get involved, and you might just enjoy a free Taking Back Sunday concert.
The Foo Fighters will re-issue their 1997 cd, The Colour & the Shape, on July 10th. The new version will contain all of the original songs along with 6 extra tracks. The extra tracks include a few cover songs: "Down In The Park" (Gary Numan), "Requiem" (Killing Joke), and Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty).

The Foo Fighters are currently working on a new cd.


Unwritten Law will be at St. Andrew's Hall on July 11th. Tickets go on sale this Saturday morning at 10.

Guster with special guest Ben Kweller will be at the Fillmore (formerly known as the State Theater in Detroit) on July 20th. Tickets go on sale Friday morning at 10.

Chris Cornell will be at the Fillmore (aka the State Theater in Detroit) July 22nd. Tickets go on sale this Friday morning at 10.

Finger Eleven will be at St. Andrew's Hall on August 18th. Tickets go on sale this Friday morning at 10.

Tickets for all of these shows will be available at livenation.com, Ticketmaster outlets, and ticketmaster.com
Blue October and Yellowcard will be teaming up for a fall tour. The tour will stop by the Royal Oak Music Theater on October 6th. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.

In more Yellowcard news, the band is gearing up to release a new cd, Paperwalls, on July 17th. You can check out the band's myspace page to listen to a new track called "Five Becomes Four."
A new digital ep, Foreign Exchange Volume 1, is available now exclusively from iTunes. The idea behind the Foreign Exchange series is to have an American band cover a song from an artist that is popular overseas, and in return the "foreign" band will cover a well known song from the American artist. Volume 1 features 2 songs from +44 and 2 songs from the German band Wir Sind Helden. The ep contains "When Your Heart Stops Beating" (the original +44 recording as well as Wir Sind Helden's version) and two versions of "Guten Tag."


Here are the details for the 89x 16th Birthday Bash:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Cold War Kids
Social Distortion
Muse (headlining)

August 2nd, 2007 at Freedom Hill

Tickets go on sale this Saturday at 10am at all Ticketmaster outlets and Ticketmaster.com


Godsmack is going to release a box set to commemorate the band's 10th anniversary. The box set is expected to include all of the band's material--all their studio cd's, as well as their ep and dvd. No title or release date has been set as of yet, but the release is expected by the end of the year.
Chris Cornell will release his second solo cd tomorrow. Carry On is currently streaming on myspace, but will be available on cd tomorrow.

Cornell will embark on a full North American tour in July. The Detroit date is July 22nd at the State Theater. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.
The 89x Birthday Bash will be announced TOMORROW. Tune to 89x and Vince Cannova tomorrow at 5pm to find out all the details!


Blur will enter a recording studio this summer to record a reunion cd. Bassist Alex James says they'll give it their best shot, but if things go sour they'll split for good this time.

Click here to read an indepth article on Blur published today in the Independent.
Control has been picked up for North American distribution!

Here's the info straight from a bulletin the Joy Division myspace page sent out this morning:

The Weinstein Co. scored a triple play at the tail end of the Festival de Cannes, nabbing North American rights for Anton Corbijn's Joy Division biopic "Control," North American home video rights to Tom Shankland's detective thriller "Waz" and Australian rights to the animated "Persepolis."

"Control," the feature directorial debut of music video vet Corbijn, unspooled in the festival's Directors' Fortnight sidebar and earned three awards there: the CICAE Art & Essai prize for best film, the Regards Jeunes Prize for best first or second feature film and the Europa Cinemas Label prize for best European film. The black-and-white portrait of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis, who committed suicide at age 23, stars Sam Riley and Samantha Morton.

First Independent Pictures and Wagner/Cuban Cos. were in serious negotiations to jointly acquire the film until late Thursday, but the Weinstein Co. stepped in and closed the deal Friday.
If you love 80's music and you love trivia, click here to enjoy an 80's music quiz. If you dig that, check out the archives for more quizzes.


The new Jimmy Eat World cd has a title--the disc will be called Chase This Light. The cd is expected to drop in September, however no official release date has been set.
A special on the Almost will air on Fuse June 8th. The program will be a "making the video" for the band's latest single, "Say This Sooner." The 30 minute show debuts June 8th at 8pm and will re-air throughout the month.

Don't miss the Almost on the Van's Warped Tour at Comerica Park on July 27th.
Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance is reportedly engaged...
Straylight Run will return with a new cd, the Needle, the Space on June 19th. The Best Buy version of the disc will contain two bonus tracks: "I Don't Have the Time" and "I Know it Hasn't Been Easy."

You can check out a couple of tracks from the forthcoming cd on the band's myspace page.

Don't miss Straylight Run at St. Andrew's Hall on June 15th, and on the Van's Warped Tour at Comerica Park on July 27th.
The new Marilyn Manson cd, Eat Me Drink Me, is streaming on myspace. The full cd drops on Tuesday.


Here's the video for the new Garbage single, "Tell Me Where It Hurts." The single will be on the new Garbage cd/dvd set, Absolute Garbage. The collection features 2 audio cds and 1 dvd. The first cd is a greatest hits cd, the second disc is full of remixes, and the dvd contains the band's music videos and some live concert footage. Look for Absolute Garbage to drop on July 17th.
New 89x shows to tell you about:

Travis will play Clutch Cargos on July 18th

Interpol with special guest Calla will be at the State Theater July 28th

Erasure will make a rare concert appearance at Music Hall in Detroit July 31st

Ryan Adams will play the Gem Theater June 20th

Tickets for all of these shows will go on sale this Friday at 10am. Tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster outlets, livenation.com, and ticketmaster.com


Yesterday I got a "friend" request on myspace from a band called Polaroid Kiss. Polaroid Kiss is from Salt Lake City and their music is pretty sweet! Click here to check out the band's latest single, "White Lies & White Lines."
The Used, the Bled and Say Anything will hook up in the fall for the Get A Life tour. The tour, which will visit college campuses, kicks off September 1st for a 6 week run. Get A Life will feature a job fair, extreme sports, and a whole lotta music. The tour is still in the planning stages, so there are no official dates yet. Keep tuned to 89x to find out more about this tour.
The Violent Femmes will bring their tour to the Royal Oak Music Theater on July 12th. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 5pm. Tickets will be available via tickets.com.


You can check out the trailer to the Ian Curtis biopic, Control, here.


Click here to see a new U.K. ad promoting Doc Marten boots. Four dead rock stars--Kurt Cobain, Joe Strummer, Joey Ramone, and Sid Vicious--are seen sporting Docs in a "heaven" scene. The advertising agency thought this would be a charming way to show how Docs are made to last.
The sophomore release from Editors will be released in July. The cd, An End Has A Start, drops July 17th. The U.K. version comes out June 25th, so you can opt to buy the import if you can't wait until July. Vocalist Tom Smith recently told NME, "there is a lot of death on the record. That sounds pretty morbid but it's the truth."
You can download a new single from The The's official website. "Mrs. Mac" is available for your enjoyment here.
Nothing warms the cockles of my heart like a good Scott Stapp "trouble with the law" story, which is why I'm currently wiping away a tear from my eye as I post this:

Stappy was arrested yesterday after an altercation with his wife. He was charged with aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony. Today the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor after Stappy's defense lawyer got in the game.

Read the heartwarming story here.
Morrissey was in town last Monday playing a show at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. During Time Warp, Sharon called in to report that the Morrissey show was outstanding. She said that Moz played about 10 songs from the Smiths (this should be considered a delicious treat considering he normal only plays 2 or 3 songs from the band's catalog).

Max e-mailed with some more comments regarding the show:

Besides being an awesome show with Smiths songs and all he made a couple funny comments. First he said that after announcing the North American tour, Ann Arbor was the first show to sell out, he said " we were afraid you might eat us alive", after the huge response he added, "but the night is still young". Later he said while walking around our little town he was looking for our statue of Iggy Pop, he joked about expecting to see one, and we should build one. " Besides Iggy being a huge influence on a lot of people he also is a really great guy" He referred to him as Jimiggy too.


Click here to check out some stills from the upcoming Ian Curtis biopic, Control.



+44 recorded a cover "I Am One" for an upcoming Smashing Pumpkins tribute cd. Check out the cover here.

+44 will be in town along with Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is and Cobra Starship next Sunday for the Honda Civic Tour at DTE. +44 will be doing a special instore appearance the afternoon of the show at FYE in Auburn Hills. Here's the info on the event:

Day: May 27th

Time: 2pm

Place: FYE (inside Great Lakes Crossing Mall in Auburn Hills)

Why: +44 will be there signing autographs and acting nuts

Cost: FREE like the air we breathe
The new Interpol single, "the Heinrich Maneuver" is streaming here. The band's third cd, Our Love to Admire, drops July 10th.

Interpol will play the State Theater on July 28th. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.
Tim Armstrong's solo cd, A Poet's Life, will drop on Tuesday. The hunt is over for the tracks...the full cd is streaming here.
Linkin Park recently stopped by the AOL studios to perform live. Check out the AOL Sessions performance featuring LP here.
The new single from the Smashing Pumpkins is streaming here. "Tarantula" is the first single from the band's new full length cd, Zeitgeist. The disc drops July 10th.
The new single from Korn, "Evolution," is streaming here. The still untitled studio cd from Korn is expected to drop July 31st.
The new cd from the Used is streaming here. Lies For the Liar drops this Tuesday.


Queens of the Stone Age will return with a new cd, Eva Vulgaris, on June 12th. The band premiered the video for the first single, "Sick Sick Sick" on yahoo today. Check out the clip here.
Buffalo Tom will return with a new cd in July. Three Easy Pieces drops July 10th. You can check out two new songs (including the cd's title track) on the band's official myspace page. Buffalo Tom has also lined up a short U.S. tour which is not expected to feature a Detroit date.


Tickets for Projekt Revolution go on sale this Saturday morning at 10am at livenation, palacenet, and all ticketmaster locations.

The show is August 22nd at DTE and features Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Placebo, HIM, Julien-K, Mindless Self Indulgence and more.



+44 has posted three previously unreleased demos here. Don't miss +44, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship and the Academy Is May 27th at DTE.
Interpol will release a new cd, Our Love To Admire, on July 10th. The first single, "the Heinrich Maneuver" can currently be heard on 89x. FYI--the title of the single reportedly refers to music theorist Heinrich Schenker.

Interpol is expected to make a Detroit appearance sometime in July. Keep it on 89x for official concert information.
Marilyn Manson will return with a new cd, Eat Me, Drink Me, on June 5th. You can check out the video for the first single, "Heart Shaped Glasses, " here. Manson will hit the road for a co-headline tour with Slayer. The tour kicks in July and will roll through DTE on August 11th. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.

If you are a Manson fan, check out this revealing interview Manson recently did with the Observer. Manson discussed his marriage, subsequent breakup, the Virginia Tech shootings, depression and much more.
Erasure's new cd, Light At the End of the World will drop May 22nd. The band will hit the road for a short tour to promote the record in July. Don't miss Erasure July 31st at Music Hall in Detroit. Keep it on 89x for official ticket information.


Travis' new cd, the Boy With No Name, will be released tomorrow. You can check out a stream of the full cd on the band's myspace page.
Amy Lee from Evanescence released a statement today to clear up any and all "Evanescence is breaking up" rumors. Lee states that the band is NOT breaking up, and no tour dates will be canceled.

Here's the statement: Evanescence is alive and well. John and Rocky were in Evanescence for four years and we shared some great times together playing live, but they were ready to move on and so we have parted ways. Evanescence is something I have loved and nurtured since I was fourteen, and I will continue to protect and fight for it as I always have. Terry [Balsamo], Tim [McCord] and I are very excited to play live with some amazing new musicians and we will rock harder than ever. Stay tuned for more news on that front. And don't worry about the tour, guys. Nothing will be canceled and we will see you soon!
Linkin Park unleashed the dates and lineup for Projekt Revolution today. Linkin Park will be joined by My Chemical Romance, H.I.M., Taking Back Sunday, Placebo, Julien-K, Saosin, Mindless Self Indulgence, the Bled and many others. The tour kicks July 27th in Sacramento and will make a stop at DTE on August 22nd. Keep it on 89x for OFFICIAL ticket information.


As mentioned earlier on this blog, John LeCompt has been fired from Evanescence. Here's a recent post he made regarding the situation:

Hey everyone,

I've been getting your messages all morning and figured I would give a little personal insight to this situation. Around 3:30 pm yesterday I recieved a call on my cell from Amy.

This call wasn't from a friend who appreciated me but from an enemy who was prepared to hurt me and my family. Without any warning or negotiotiations for my future, I was fired for no good reason. We have not always seen eye to eye on everything, but who does?

Our common goal was always the same. To make Evanescence the best rock band it could ever be. I have always given blood, sweat and tears to make that happen but apparently that is not enough

I have now become just another of the people fallen by the wayside on the revolving door of her life. It's funny how many of us there are now. I guess it's good for lyrical content, though. Maybe I will be among the blessed to have a song written about me, too.

Maybe the song will be "Call Me When You're Broke". Whatever, as of next week my band Machina will be doing major label showcases in New York. There is a big buzz for it and we hope it will go well. I'm not going to sit here and be negative because that is not who I am.

What I will say it that I know that many of you think she is some genuis or saviour of some kind. I just want you to know that my family and I will forever remember her as being about as deep as the shallow end of a child's wading pool and her lyrics about as deep as the 2 dimensional surface that they were written on.

Singing beautifully for the duration of a record or two can move the spirit of the people listening, but the way you treat those around you who you are supposed to care about speaks volumes more than that and I would hope that some of you are listening.

Well, that's it. I hope that sheds some light on the current situation for you. Thank you all for the good years and being the most incredible fans and friends. Maybe I will see you again. I am going to play with my little boy now,

Our beloved hero Chad Kroeger from Nickelback was reportedly involved in another brawl outside a nightclub. According to Canoe, fists flew outside a bar after Kroeger was heckled by a hater. Here's a snippet from the article which can be read it its entirety here:

Police confirmed there had been a fight outside the club early Friday morning but wouldn't reveal any more details.

One witness told the (Vancouver) radio station the heckler was relentlessly harassing the musician, including shouting "Nickelback sucks."
It looks like Evanescence is a much smaller band these days. According to dailynews.com, guitarist John LeCompt and drummer Rocky Gray are out of the band. LeCompt says that Amy Lee called him up yesterday and fired him. LeCompt also claims Gray up and quit--there's no word on whether it was a reaction to LeCompt's departure or not. Read the report here.

In happier Evanescence news, click here to check out the making of the band's video for "Sweet Sacrifice."
The Used put together a video for their song, "Paralyzed." Check out the video here. The band's new cd, Lies For the Liars, drops on May 22nd.


The new Dinosaur Jr. cd, Beyond, is streaming here.
Rooney will return (finally!) will a new cd in July. Two new songs, "Don't Come Around Again," and "When Did Your Heart Go Missing," are streaming on myspace. Calling the World will drop on July 17th.
If you bought your State Theater Incubus tickets from a scalper, online auction (ebay, stubhub, etc), or a ticket broker/scalper, it's probably occurred to you that you won't be entitled to a refund directly from ticketmaster since you did not purchase the tickets from ticketmaster. The broker/scalper/whomever WILL be receiving their refund from ticketmaster, plus as you are painfully aware, they also have the money YOU paid them for the resale of the tickets. To rectify the situation, you should try to contact them and reason with them so you are not left entirely out in the cold.