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...hang the dj

...hang the dj is a music blog. Old school, shoegaze, psych, and darkwave are featured genres.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is my personal, independent website. It is not affiliated with Bell Media, nor does it represents the thoughts, opinions, desires, etc of Bell Media

For music submissions, press releases, or questions/concerns:

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Today is the greatest! Smashing Pumpkins launched their record club a few minutes ago. Billy Corgan has said previously that he'll be giving away tons of material through the record club. It's free to join (you do need to sign up with an email address), and once you do, you'll get an automatic download of the demo version of "Drown" from 1992, plus you'll be able to view a short video of Corgan talking about the song.

If you decide you don't want to join, visit the official site anyway. If you hover your mouse over the left speaker on the page, you'll be able to download "Suicide Kiss Geek" by the band.

Remember the Stereo Mcs? They're probably best known for their 1993 hit "Connected" though they've delivered other solid music since then. The band just released a new cd Emperor's Nightmare, which is currently available as an import or digital download in the U.S. You can check out three songs from the album below. Visit the band's official website to catch up with them, and if you sign up for the email list you can download a free 39 song mixtape they created about a week ago.

"Far Out Feeling"




Apparently Scott Weiland wasn't the only one releasing a covers cd this week. Puddle of Mudd took a go at covering songs from the Rolling Stones, The Free, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, and more. Well, the one good thing I can say is they at least left classic alternative bands alone. If you're up for it, you can listen to "Gimme Shelter" from the Pudds here, and here's a link to buy the cd.
Garbage has been busy working on new material. A full new song will be available in the fall, but for now check out a short clip of Butch Vig in the studio. Sounds like My Bloody Valentine, no?

Willie Nelson covered "the Scientist" by Coldplay recently for Chipotle's natural organic food awareness foundation. Read more about the project here and check out the video for the song below.


Sinead O'Connor is looking for sexual hookups on the internet. No, I am not making this up. Click here to read a summary of some of her recent posts about what she's looking for, or visit her official website.

Back in May, Scott Weiland played a concert full of covers in New York City after a book signing for his autobiography, Not Dead And Not For Sale. The set included classics from David Bowie, Stone Roses, Depeche Mode, the Lemonheads, and the Doors. Remember that? He had so much fun with the covers he decided to record some of them for a digital covers release, which is now available on his official website.

Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but I'm hoping he did a little practicing before he entered the studio to record the covers, because if not, he's damn lucky this list already came out.

Incidentally, this is the original song:

Watch the official video for "Irresistible Force" by Jane's Addiction below. The band's new cd, the Great Escape Artist, drops October 4th.

If you like the song, why not visit this website to listen to the entries for the official "Irresistible Force" remix contest. If you haven't submitted your remix, it's too late to enter, but you can vote for your favorite entries through September 8th. The grand prize winner snags one thousand dollars.

Coldplay announced today that they're going to be playing a Live on Letterman session at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City on September 20th. Watch the webcast live at 5pm ET/8pm PT, or view it on-demand after the show is over. Coldplay's new cd, Mylo Xyloto will be released on October 24th.

By the way, the Foo Fighters, Beady Eye, and Incubus have played Live on Letterman earlier this year, and the you can watch the sessions on demand here.

Check out "If I Had A Gun" by Noel Gallagher below. Gallagher premiered the new song this morning on KROQ in Los Angeles, then announced a handful of dates for a North American mini-tour. The tour will be stopping by Toronto, NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The dates are all listed here with ticket info, and it shouldn't be a big surprise that he's only playing a few cities. Back at his press conference in July he said he'd be hitting a handful of cities at the end of 2011 with a full tour to kick off in 2012.

Liam Gallagher told BBC Radio 1 yesterday that his legal battle against brother Noel isn't over yet:

"It's not over yet. There are a few things which need to be sorted out.

"I didn't want this to happen. It's not nice suing your family but like I said, he was telling porkies for the sake of his mates and journalists to get a wise crack on me.

"I ain't having that. I ain't a fraud and this band ain't a fraud.

"If he listens to his lawyers and does the right thing then it'll be well and truly over. I never wanted it to happen but it has to happen."

Read the entire story on the BBC Radio 1 website here. Meanwhile, Liam's band Beady Eye announced a few more U.K. dates for the fall. Wonder if they'll sell out in minutes like Noel's solo shows...


No, I didn't watch, but Bon Iver's Justin Vernon did, and he posted some choice comments about the awards and MTV here.

James Blake and Bon Iver's "Fall Creek Boys Choir" single is available now on iTunes. Check it out below.

Skinny Puppy will return with a new cd titled, Undeveloped on October 5th. You can listen to samples from all of the tracks and pre-order the cd here. Interestingly enough, besides working on Skinny Puppy music, Ogre has kept pretty busy acting as of late. He was in 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, (watch trailer and buy here), and most recently he's been appearing as Pavi Largo in the rock opera Repo! The Genetic Opera, which sadly enough isn't coming to Detroit anytime soon.
The Foo Fighters have put together a steamy video titled Hot Buns to promote their North American tour. The video features a shower scene with nakedness (hot buns, no schlongs), so if you get offended by naked Foo Fighter buns, maybe skip this video altogether. But definitely don't miss the Foo Fighters at the Palace on September 19th.

Back in July, Corey Taylor revealed at a book signing for Seven Deadly Sins that Slipknot would likely go on a North American tour in 2012 (watch his comments in the video posted below). Last week via a tweet, Taylor confirmed the tour as well as a new Stone Sour record, and now Slipknot's drummer, M. Shawn Crahan aka Clown, revealed a few more details about Slipknot's plans. Clown's posting on Facebook:

I wanted to tell everyone straight from my mouth because you may have heard it already anyway, but Slipknot will be touring by next June in America only, but that does not mean things will not change, and as they do, I will, along with others, tell you, our family, first.

No album yet because it is too soon and there are no songs yet because the band needs to come together to write this next one. I cannot wait to feel the ideas like choking on color. Everything happens for a reason, so be ready.

Check out Corey Taylor's comments about Slipknot in the video below (comments start around 6:30 in)

Watch video of Dallas Green performing an acoustic version of "Fragile Bird" at Scene 1425 in Montreal below.

Rock Ton acoustique avec City and Colour (hors série) from Scène 1425 on Vimeo.


Morrissey will be touring the U.S. in November and December. Dates will be announced this Thursday, September 1st. Hopefully he'll have the good sense to visit here.

Pulp "Disco 2000"

Beady Eye "The Roller"

Jimmy Eat World "Sweetness"

Watch tons of other live performances from Reading/Leeds here including highlights from Rise Against, Deftones, Foster the People, My Chemical Romance, the Kills, and more.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers officially drop I'm With You tomorrow, and if you haven't heard the album yet you can still head over to iTunes to hear a full stream of the cd. What are the critics saying? Check out links to some reviews below (by the way, Rolling Stone hasn't reviewed it yet, and the review by Consequence of Sound made my head hurt, what with all the baseball statistical rating scales).

What Culture!
Chicago Tribune
The Globe and Mail

Tuesday the Chili Peppers will broadcast their live HD performance Live: I'm With You in theaters worldwide, so that means there's probably a theater participating near you. If Tuesday conflicts with your schedule, not to worry, they'll be busting out the encore performance on Thursday. Take a look at the list of participating theaters here and check out the trailer for Live: I'm With You below.


Alan Wilder from Depeche Mode and Recoil is holding an auction next weekend (September 3rd) in Manchester, England. Wilder is auctioning off historical equipment, cds, vinyl, and other memorabilia. Find out more about the auction by viewing Collected, a documentary by filmmaker Martin Vladar. Wilder shows off his goods (heads out of the gutter, people!), tells some interesting stories about the items, plus there's a ton of Depeche Mode and Recoil footage sprinkled throughout. Watch all four segments of the film below. For even more information on next weekend's event, visit the official Recoil/Alan Wilder website (there's a pdf listing all the items up for bidding). Oh, and I'd love the emulator he's selling if anyone has a spare stash of money lying around. :)

Check out video of the Strokes featuring Jarvis Cocker (from Pulp) covering "Just What I Needed" (cover of the classic by the Cars) at this weekend's Reading Festival. Watching Cocker sing right to Julian Casablancas makes this video even that more fabulous. Casablancas seems a little awkward with it at first, but eventually seems to have fun with it. Oh, and there are a few f-bombs at the beginning, so be aware if you're watching at work.

It's the last Saturday of the month, so that means another episode of MTV's 120 Minutes with host Matt Pinfield will air later on tonight. Arcade Fire, Beady Eye, and the Kills are just a few of the acts featured in tonight's episode which will air at 1am ET/10pm PT on MTV 2, or watch it on the net here.
The National Hockey League is returning to Winnepeg this season and the city is gearing up for quite a celebration. On October 6th, the NHL and city of Winnepeg are throwing a four day extravaganza leading up to the opening game October 9th. A FaceOff event rumored to be headlined by a major Canadian concert act is going to be taking place during the festivities. Everyone in town is wondering who the act will be, and many seem to think it may be Nickelback. The Winnepeg Free Press (or at least two music critics associated with the paper) are horrified by the prospect of Nickelback and have written a piece begging whoever may be organizing this shindig to NOT book Nickelback. I've posted my favorite two lines from the piece below, but it's totally worth your time to read the entire thing.

Whenever we travel to other countries and are asked about Canadian bands, we are frequently forced to apologize for the existence of Nickelback, our international embarrassment.

We don't need Winnipeg's reputation sullied by people with questionable taste in music.
Awolnation are holding a remix contest for "Sail" on their official website. So if you think you've got skillz, read the official rules, grab the song stems, and get ready to prove to the world (or at least Awolnation) that you rock. The band are announcing the five winners (one grand prize winner and 4 runners up) on September 19th. The grand prize winner scores a thousand dollars plus other nifty things and the runners up get cool stuff too.

And don't forget 89x just announced a free show with Awolnation on October 2nd at the Magic Stick. And don't miss them on Jimmy Kimmel Live on September 7th..


Korn revealed a few days ago that they're almost finished with their new dubsteppy flavored cd which is expected out before the end of the year. Korn fansite Kornspace is reporting the release date will be November 15th and the full length cd will be titled the Path to Totality. None of this info has been confirmed by the band.

Earlier this week Korn posted a remix of "Get Up" which you can listen to below. Download the remix for free here.

Korn Feat Skrillex - Get Up (Autoerotique Mix) by kornofficial
89x presents a free all ages show with AwolNation on October 2nd at the Magic Stick. No tickets are necessary, but space is limited, so get there early. Check out Awolnation's official video for "Sail" below.

Listen to the fifth installment of Radiohead's remixes below. The remixes will be released on October 11th.

Wow, there's some ugly internet drama going on between Billy Corgan and guitar pedal engineer who was allegedly hired by Corgan to make a guitar pedal. The story involves alleged harrassment, alleged threats, and a whole lot of deleted tweets and status updates. It's pretty convoluted, so click here to read what's been going on.
Blink 182 have premiered the video for "Up All Night" which you can watch below:


Deadmau5 has revealed on his official Facebook page that he's working on a novel. Click here to check it out on Facebook or just read the full posting below:

Greetings fellow associates. We're about to embark on a bit of a journey. Quick grab my ear!

"deadmau5 - United We Fail" will be massive hardcover graphic novel about the adventures, and or misadventures of a deadmau5 and all that surrounds him. We've already been in a few preliminary meetings with "the powers that be" who are more than eager to get the ball rolling on this special project. And so it begins. I'm expecting this project will take a while to develop, which is why we would like to take you along for the ride... from character development and design, to story plots, and all the business bits in between!

As my trusty associates, i will very much be relying on your feedback and ideas. And i will release information, drawings, and concept as they come across the boardroom table. Since i've exposed this sensitive information to all of my associates, we have no choice but to follow it through to completion. Please visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/United-We-Fail/115767318523245 for the official project page for updates and discussion about this project.

Don't miss Deadmau5 live at the Fillmore Detroit October 20th and 21st.
Back in the spring Emily's Army (featuring Billie Joe Armstrong's son Joey on drums) released their debut cd, Don't Be A Dick. Check out a short video interview with the band below. They explain where they got their name, and also what it was like to work with the elder Armstrong (Billie Joe produced the cd).

Don't forget, tickets to see the Smashing Pumpkins October 15th at the Fillmore Detroit go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am. About a week ago Billy Corgan posted a video update on the other goings on with the band, if you missed it be sure to check out the update below.

Korn's song "Get Up" featuring Skrillex has been remixed by Autoerotique. You can listen to the remix below and download it for free right here.

Korn Feat Skrillex - Get Up (Autoerotique Mix) by kornofficial

It also sounds like things are moving along swimmingly with Korn's forthcoming cd. Earlier today, Jonathan Davis sent out this tweet: Finishing up the new album and CAN’T WAIT for you all to hear it!! - JD The cd is expected to be released before the end of the year.
A ZZ Top tribute cd, A Tribute From Friends, will be released on October 11th. The highlight of highlights: Coheed & Cambria is covering "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers" for the compilation. That's right, Coheed & MF'ing Cambria! I'm getting warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. I'm soooo distracted with this amazing news that I'm not even commenting on the rest of the tracklist (Nickelback? Daughtry? Hoo boy). Coheed & Cambria recently revealed on their website that they've recorded some other compilation songs over the past couple of months, so it appears even more good things may be on the way. Read all about the ZZ Top tribute album here, and if you dig Claudio Sanchez and his comics, click here to read about his new zombie comic Key of Z.


This weekend at the Leeds/Reading Festival concert goers will be able to watch a Nirvana concert from 1992. So at some point during the festival, attendees will be watching (well, unless they skedaddle over to another music stage) a taped performance from Reading '92, which is actually kind of bizarre if you think about it--a live music festival showing an old school taped performance. Slate found the concept interesting and decided to examine the topic of grunge nostalgia. The result is a lengthy, but thought provoking read. Check out "The Ghost of Teen Spirit: Why We Should Let Kurt Cobain Rest In Peace" here.
Rise Against will be playing the Telekom Extreme Playground/WWA Wake Park World Series this Sunday in Hamburg, Germany, and they'll be streaming their performance live on the net. Access the stream here this Sunday, August 28th at 2:48 Eastern/11:48 am Pacific. Don't miss Rise Against opening up for the Foo Fighters at the Palace on September 19th.
Myspace is relaunching later this year, and this time around it's going to be positioned solely as a music hub. Back in June, Specific Media acquired Myspace from News Corp and announced Justin Timberlake was named creative guru (because nothing screams creative, edgy, and winning like Justin Timberlake). Will there be bad dancing to go along with the relaunch? I guess we'll have to wait to find out, but in the meantime why not read about some of the plans that have been announced for the revamped Myspace here.
Liam Gallagher has dropped his lawsuit against brother Noel according to this article in the Sun. Noel made an apology of sorts during his webchat on Monday, and it appears that was enough for Liam to drop the whole (silly) thing. Now if they would only let more bygones be bygones and reunite Oasis...

You can check out Noel's comments from the webchat below (they start at around 20 minutes in).

Noel Gallagher just released the first single from his self-titled project, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds this week. Check out the video for "the Death of You & Me" below. The full cd drops October 17th in the U.K. and November 8th in North America. Meanwhile, Beady Eye released Different Gear, Still Speeding in March. Check out "the Beat Goes On" below. Maybe if you play them at the same time it'll sound like Oasis.


Evanescence just shot their video for the new single, "What You Want" which is set to be released "soon" according to leader Amy Lee. In the meantime, you can purchase "What You Want" on iTunes now with the full self-titled cd following on October 11th.

Evanescence played live earlier this week at the Canadian version of the Rock On The Range festival and was interviewed by ExploreMusic. Lee talked a lot about the new band lineup, writing the cd, Danny Elfman, and more. Check out the video interview below:

Don't miss Evanescence live at the Royal Oak Music Theater on October 24th. Tickets are on sale now.

Back in July, City & Colour (Dallas Green) played an intimate acoustic show at Littlefield in Brooklyn. You can check out the professionally shot show here in its entirety. City & Colour released the cd, Little Hell, this past April and will be in town November 25th at the Fillmore playing live.
Check out OK Go's video for "the Muppet Show Theme" below. Good times. Muppets: the Green Album was released today and features songs from Weezer, My Morning Jacket, Alkaline Trio, Amy Lee, and more.

You can check out yesterday's webchat with Noel Gallagher below:


Your buddies at Amazon are giving away tons of free music downloads. Clicky clicky to check out all the free stuff.
This is a pretty interesting article on the revival of vinyl from the Economist.
The Sonic Youth collection Hits Are For Squares will be re-released tomorrow. The cd originally had a limited edition run some years ago, but tomorrow you'll be able to grab it pretty much anywhere. Hits Are For Squares is essentially a handful of Sonic Youth songs selected by celebrities (musicians & actors) such as Eddie Vedder, Mike D, Radiohead, Beck, Flea, the Flaming Lips, and more.
Jack's Mannequin will be posting another new song, "Hostage", on their website tomorrow. The band's new cd, People & Things, is set to drop on October 4th. You can watch the official video for Amy, I, below. Don't miss Jack's Mannequin along with Guster at the Fillmore on August 30th.

OK Go shot a video with the Muppets for the upcoming Muppet movie. The official video debuts tomorrow, but right now you can check out the "making of" the video below. Muppets: the Green Album featuring OK Go, Weezer, Amy Lee, My Morning Jacket, and more will be released tomorrow. The film opens November 23rd.

A couple of Morrissey fansites are battling it out in an effort to become the number one Morrissey news site. This website is relaunching and if you click over, you can read all the drama about their quest to become top dog.
As you undoubtedly know, Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance are on the road together for the Honda Civic Tour. Spin caught up with the bands and you can check out their "tour exclusive" with Tom Delonge and Mikey Way right here. Don't miss both bands live at DTE on September 11th.
At 9pm tonight, Noel Gallagher will be posting the webchat he held with fans earlier today on his official YouTube channel.
If you missed the "official" Red Hot Chili Peppers global listening party earlier today, not to worry--you can still listen to I'm With You in its entirety. Check out the band's official website or head on over to iTunes and you can enjoy a full stream of I'm With You. The album is set to be released next Monday, August 29th.


Kings of Leon documentary Talihina Sky: the Story of Kings of Leon premiered earlier this at the Tribeca Film Festival, and tonight the film makes its television debut on Showtime. Don't miss the premiere tonight at 10pm ET, or click here to visit Showtime's official site to view the entire listing of air dates/times.
U2's Bono reportedly suffered chest pains earlier this week while in Monaco. Bono went to the hospital and after tests and cardiac work up was released in less than 24 hours. Days later Bono was spotted whooping it up in a club, so it sounds like he's on the mend. Read more about Bono's medical drama here.
Billy Corgan just posted a Smashing Pumpkins update where he discusses the official Smashing Pumpkins Record Club, the upcoming reissues and more. Watch the update below. Don't forget, tickets to see the Smashing Pumpkins October 15 at the Fillmore go on sale this Friday at 10am.


The "new" version of MTV's 120 Minutes debuted on July 30th. You can watch the first episode below. 120 Minutes airs on the last Saturday of each month and is hosted by Matt Pinfield.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers will be holding a global listening party for their new cd, I'm With You, on Monday at 3pm ET. You can visit the band's official website for more info on the listening party. Also don't forget that the Chili Peppers will be playing a gig on the night of the album's release which will be broadcast worldwide in movie theaters. Visit this site to find a participating theater. The special theatrical event will be rebroadcast again in theaters on September 1st.
Back in July, Noel Gallagher held a press conference to discuss his new project, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. During the conference (and in subsequent interviews) Noel discussed the Oasis split and events that took place surrounding the split. Now it looks like Liam Gallagher is suing Noel over the comments that were made. Is this an attempt to keep Liam's new band, Beady Eye, in the press or does Liam truly feel he's been defamed? I guess we'll have to see how this all plays out...


Al Jourgensen has decided to resurrect Ministry! Ministry will release a new cd, Relapse, this fall, plus there will be a short tour to follow. Dates haven't been announced yet, but we will keep you posted. You can read about Jourgensen's decision to reunite the band plus his recent health scare right here.
Noel Gallagher will be doing a fan chat on Monday. You can submit questions now via Noel's Twitter or Facebook. The global chat will take place Monday at 2pm ET and will be re-broadcast on Noel's site Monday at 9pm ET. Click here for more details.
It looks like the rumors are true--Lou Reed and Metallica will be teaming up for a musical collaboration. Check out the project's newly launched website here.
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks are set to release a cd titled Mirror Traffic next Tuesday. The cd was produced by Beck, and you can check out a stream of the full cd right here. You can also click right here to read an interview with Malkmus and Beck. Don't miss Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks live at the Magic Stick on September 20th.
Corey Taylor released his book Seven Deadly Sins last month, and as promised, he'll be releasing an audiobook version in the coming months. Taylor will be voicing the audiobook himself, but he recently discussed his top three voice choices for the project in the video interview below.


Don't miss Incubus live from Red Rocks tonight at 9:30 pm ET. Watch all the action right here.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers debuted the video for "the Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" today. You can check out the video here. Tonight the Peppers will be on MTV and MTV.com at 7:53 pm ET answering questions from fans, so be sure to tune in.
Almost two weeks ago, pictures of Frances Bean Cobain taken by designer Hedi Slimane were posted. Now a batch of new (and very different looking) photos have surfaced. Check out the new glamorous photos here.
The Raconteurs will be playing the MI Fest in Brooklyn, Michigan on September 17th and now Jack White has made some additional announcements about what to expect at the festival. He's bringing the Rolling Record Store (Third Man Records store) along, plus five more Third Man Records artists will be playing MI Fest: JEFF the Brotherhood, Black Milk, PUJOL, the Black Belles, and the Thornbills. Read more about the new acts playing here.


Shinedown has started work on a new studio cd. The band will be holding a chat with fans next Monday (August 22nd) at 5:30 pm ET to discuss the new cd plus they'll answer a variety of fan questions. Catch up with Shinedown here.
The Vaccines have canceled a bunch of shows due to lead singer Justin Young's problem with his vocal cords. Young will be able to muster through tonight's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel since the band is only playing two songs, however the rest of the tour is canceled. Read the band's official statement on the matter here, and tune into Jimmy Kimmel tonight to check out the Vaccines.
Here's a re-cap of a few shows that were announced over the past couple of days:

Evanescence coming to Royal Oak Music Theater on October 24th. Tickets go on sale this Friday at noon.

Dirty Heads w/Gym Class Heroes coming to Royal Oak Music Theater on October 30th. Tickets go on sale this Friday at noon.

Bush w/Chevelle and Filter coming to Fillmore Detroit on October 6th. Pre-sale will kick off tomorrow morning at 10am. The general on sale is this Friday at 10am.

Deadmau5 will play a second show at the Fillmore Detroit on October 21st. Tickets will go on sale this Friday at 10am.

Smashing Pumpkins will play Fillmore Detroit on October 15th. The ticket onsale info has changed as follows: the pre sale will kick off NEXT Wednesday, August 24th at 10am. The general on sale will be NEXT Friday, August 26th at 10am.

Visit the Royal Oak Music Theater's website to grab tickets for their shows.

Shows at the Fillmore Detroit go through Live Nation, so click here for tickets.

Rhino U.K. posted a pretty cool documentary from 1992 about the Smiths. The documentary was originally given out to members of the British press almost 20 years ago to help promote the band's greatest hits collection they released that year. Fast forward to 2011--a new Smiths collection is coming out--a massive limited edition box set titled The Smiths Complete will drop on October 3rd (on import only). Check out the tracklisting for the collection, pre-order here, and watch the 1992 documentary below.


The first song from the Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack is streaming on Pearl Jam's official website. It's Pearl Jam's cover of "Crown of Thorns" (originally by Mother Love Bone) and you can listen to it here.
Erasure posted a new single today on their website. The song, "When I Start To (Break It All Down)" can be heard below. The digital version of the single will drop on August 27th, with the physical cd single coming out September 26th . The full length cd, Tomorrow's World, will be released on October 4th. For more on Erasure, visit the band's official website.

Erasure - When I Start To (Break It All Down) by Mute UK
A benefit basketball tourney is taking place in Toronto on September 10th. You can register to take part in Rock the Court now for 500 bucks. The top fundraising teams get to draft a celebrity player like Win Butler from Arcade Fire, Dallas Green from City & Colour, or even a professional basketball player. Get all the info here.
Take note: as it turns out tickets to see the Smashing Pumpkins will go on sale NEXT Friday (August 26th) at 10am, not THIS Friday. The show is happening October 15th at the Fillmore.
Bush has announced details for their upcoming North American tour, and there is a Detroit date! Don't miss Bush with Chevelle and Filter on October 6th at the Fillmore Detroit. Tickets are set to go on sale this Friday at 10am.

Bush will release the new cd, Sea of Memories, on September 13th. The first single, "the Sound of Winter" is available digitally now.

Meanwhile, Chevelle is busy right now mixing their new cd, which they hope to have out in October (nothing is firmed up yet, but they're trying to get it out soon).


The episode of Innovators in Music featuring Sonic Youth will air on the Documentary Channel August 20th at 9pm ET, and will repeat August 27th at 1am ET. This series originally aired on Bravo in Canada last year, and was recently picked up the Documentary Channel in the U.S. Check out the promo for the Sonic Youth episode below:

A James limited edition box set will be released in October. The Gathering Sound will feature 3 cds (cd 1=rarities, cd 2= live material & cd 3=two mini albums), a dvd, a vinyl (12-inch) record, USB stick, and more. The box set will be released on October 17th, but you'll be able to pre-order it starting this Tuesday. For more details and tracklisting, visit the band's official website.
Duran Duran is coming to town! The band will be playing Caesars Windsor on October 22nd. Tickets go on sale this Friday at noon. Here's the link to buy tickets.
Radiohead is set to play the Saturday Night Live season opener on September 24th. On October 11th Radiohead will release a Kings of Limbs remix cd. You can check out the 4th installment of remixes from the collection below:


The All American Rejects are still busy working on their new cd. Tyson Ritter revealed that the cd is now in the mixing stage, so it sounds like we're getting closer to hearing the new material! No release date for the cd has been announced as of yet, but we'll keep you posted.
Scott Weiland from the Stone Temple Pilots was interviewed by the Chicago Tribune recently. He discussed his autobiography, Not Dead & Not For Sale, future plans with the Stone Temple Pilots, and a couple of solo projects (contemporary covers cd, plus his long awaited Christmas cd). Read the interview here.
Sum 41's Deryck Whibley is having more problems with his back. The band decided to cancel the rest of their Warped Tour dates as well as their Canadian tour dates in order for Whibley to rest and heal.
If you like Coldplay, be sure to click here so you can read Billboard's cover story on the band. The band's new cd, Mylo Xyloto, is set to drop on October 25th.

You can check out the newly released Lego-licious video for "Viva La Vida" below.

You probably already knew that Anthony Bourdain is a pretty cool guy. But now he's revealed himself to be even cooler--he recently discussed some of his favorite music with the New York Times, and as it turns out he loves Danger Mouse and Mark Lanegan! Check out the short piece here.
Seether's Shaun Morgan reveals the band will cover Veruca Salt's "Seether" live:


Today Coldplay announced the title of their 5th studio cd will be Mylo Xyloto. Yep, that's the name, and at this point we have no clue what the title means. What we do know is the full cd is set to drop October 24th internationally and October 25th in North America. Mylo Xyloto will be available as a digital, cd, vinyl, and limited edition pop up album, and you can check out the reverse artwork for the cd now on the band's official website.

Interestingly enough, the first single from the cd is a song called "Paradise." Coldplay has not revealed the tracklisting for Mylo Xyloto, so it's unclear whether the new songs Coldplay debuted live at festivals this summer ("Charlie Brown", "Major/Minus", "Hurts Like Heaven", and of course, "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall") will be on the full cd.

Check out the band's performance of "Charlie Brown" from last week's Lollapalooza festival:

Smashing Pumpkins have announced the itinerary for the band's North American tour. The tour will kick off October 5th in L.A. and the tour will make a stop at the Fillmore Detroit on October 15th. Tickets will go on sale August 19th at 10am. According to the band's official website the band will be playing deep cuts, classics, and a few selections from their forthcoming cd, Oceania, which is expected out early next year.

In more Smashing Pumpkins news, Billy Corgan previously revealed the entire Smashing Pumpkins' catalog would be reissued over the next couple of years. Today the release date for the first two reissues was announced: Gish and Siamese Dream will be reissued on November 15th.

The Bled has broken up. According to the band's official statement, a farewell tour is in the works for the fall, so you may have one last chance to say goodbye.


Rolling Stone has posted another piece on Noel Gallagher. In today's article, Noel talks about success, fame, Radiohead, Mumford & Sons, and Beady Eye.

Meanwhile, the guy that orchestrated the looting of Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green boutique is going to the slammer for 8 months.

If you haven't checked out "Capital" by Films of Colour, be sure to watch it below. The band released the Capital/Persinette ep in July, grab it now on iTunes.


Pepper Rabbit has a new cd out this week titled Red Velvet Snow Ball. Check out a stream of the cd below and visit the band's official website or this website to order your copy, or buy it on iTunes.

Michael Todd, former bass player for Coheed & Cambria was indicted on robbery charges in a Massachusetts court on Monday. Todd will be back in court on September 8th to be arraigned. You can read more on Monday's indictment here. Coheed & Cambria announced last week that Todd and the band had made a mutual decision to part ways.
Trent Reznor is scoring the film, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which is set to open in theaters on December 21st. Check out some of Reznor's work on the newly launched website for the film.
Incubus will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight, so don't forget to tune in! Next week the band will kick off their North American tour in Denver at Red Rocks, and that show will be broadcast live. You can find more about that on the band's official website.
The annual Arts, Beats, & Eats festival is set to take place this Labor Day weekend in Royal Oak. A ton of great acts will be playing this year, including Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Panic at the Disco, Psychedelic Furs, Tom Tom Club, and George Clinton. You can check out the entire music line up right here, plus you can also check out the participating artists and eateries (the "arts" and "eats" of Arts, Beats, & Eats) too.
Lollapalooza has revealed the dates for next year's festival. Lollapalooza 2012 will take place August 3-5th. Tickets will go on sale in the spring, so you have a while to wait on that. In the meantime, the official Lollapalooza YouTube channel has a ton of performances from this weekend, so check it out.
Last reminder on the Angels & Airwaves Love showing tonight. You can still grab tickets here for tonight's showing. After the film, there will be an Angels & Airwaves concert (broadcast from Boston) and that will be followed by a question and answer session with Tom Delonge.

Also, Delonge has set up a news site, you can check it out here.


Tomorrow Angels & Airwaves will show the film Love in theaters across the country. The feature will be followed by a full concert from the band, plus after that Tom Delonge will hold a question & answer period. For more information and to buy tickets, click here.
Conan O'Brien and Edward Sharpe covered Radiohead's "Creep" recently. Check out their version here.
Noel Gallagher has posted a new song from his solo project, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. "The Good Rebel" is the b-side to Gallagher's first single, "the Death of You & Me" which will officially be released on August 21st. The full length cd is set to drop November 8th. Check out "the Good Rebel" below and visit Noel's official website to pre-order the single and cd.


Rolling Stone posted a short article about Noel Gallagher. He explained where he came up with "Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds" why he's not thrilled about playing smaller venues, and how he'll be playing a few Oasis songs at his live shows. Read the article here.
Evanescence debuted a new single, "What You Want" on MTV tonight. You can check out the song on the band's official website, and the single will be released officially tomorrow. The full length cd drops on October 11th, and around that time the band will launch a North American tour. The tour will be at the Royal Oak Music Theater on October 24th. Ticket info will be announced soon.
Tonight's the night! No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel will have a new episode tonight, and it's the one with Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. Tune in tonight at 9pm ET, and check out the trailer below:

If you haven't gotten enough Lollapalooza coverage over the past weekend, good news for you! You can visit the Lolla YouTube channel and relive a good portion of the festival. Clicky on over, or start below by watching Coldplay perform one of their new songs:

Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco covered the old Nick Lowe song (which Elvis Costello made famous) "What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, & Understanding." Check out the cover and download it for free here.
Drama broke out at a Flaming Lips show in Tulsa after weather destroyed the band's lighting rig. Luckily no one was hurt. Check out the aftermath below:


Check out pictures of Frances Bean Cobain (Kurt and Courtney's daughter) here. The photographs were taken by French designer and photographer Hedi Slimane.
Josh Homme was recently interviewed by Canadian comic Naudwar, you can watch the interview below, plus I posted a couple of old videos (interviews) Naudwar and Homme made reference to.

Here's the most recent interview:

Queens of the Stone Age interview from 2007:

Josh Homme interview from 2005:

Josh Homme interview from 2003:

The Hives will return with a new cd later this year, though an official release date has not been set yet. The band did debut a new song live at the Splendour in the Grass festival a couple of days ago. Check out the band performing "Go Right Ahead" below:


Incubus will launch their North American summer tour in Denver on August 17th. The show will stream live on the band's LiveStream channel, so don't miss it. And don't miss Incubus live at DTE on August 24th.
Queens of the Stone Age will complete work on the band's 6th studio cd by the end of the year. Expect the release early next year. The band has been on the road opening up dates for Soundgarden and they're also slated to play Pearl Jam's festival September 3rd and 4th in East Troy, Wisconsin along with the Strokes, Mudhoney, Pearl Jam and more. Info on the festival is posted here.

Monday, Josh Homme from Queens will appear on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain at 9pm ET on the Travel Channel. Check out a short promo for the episode below:

Blink 182 kicked off the Honda Civic tour in New Jersey last night. During their set, they premiered four songs from the forthcoming cd, Neighborhoods. Check out live audio of a new song titled, "After Midnight" below. Neighborhoods is set to drop on September 27th and don't miss Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance on September 11 at DTE.

Innerpartysystem has announced the band is now on an indefinite hiatus. Read the official statement on the matter here.
It's official--Alexisonfire has broken up. The short version of the story is that two band members (Dallas Green and Wade MacNeil) decided to leave the band to concentrate on other projects, so the rest of the band felt compelled to dissolve the band. You can read the official statement from George Pettit here.


Blink 182 has posted a new song here. But to listent to it, you need to know the code! Here's how to get it to play: Mac users, press "Command" + "A" and for PC users, press "CTRL" + "A" and you can hear the song and view the lyrics.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers are doing something special on the night of the release of the cd, I'm With You. The band will be playing a show in Germany on August 30th and they'll be broadcasting the show live into theaters worldwide! The band will be playing their new cd in its entirety, plus likely some fan favorites. Plus there will be an encore showing on September 1st. Theater tickets for both evenings will be going on sale tomorrow morning . To check out the entire list of theaters and to buy tickets, visit the band's official website, or fathomevents.com
Coheed & Cambria have announced that troubled bassist, Michael Todd has left the band. According to a post on the band's official tumblr, the split was mutual. The band wishes Todd well and also thanked fans for their support. The band also revealed they're working on a lot of new material.


The Red Hot Chili Peppers will be playing a special "fan only" show in West Hollywood on August 22nd. The folks at Fuse will be rolling tape and will be airing the concert on August 30th to coincide with the band's release of I'm With You.

Meanwhile, it seems that the cd's producer Rick Rubin has mastered I'm With You with iTunes in mind. A blurb about the release on iTunes states, I'm With You was "mastered specifically for iTunes to optimize sound quality."
It appears the Kings of Leon tour cancellation is going to be an expensive one. According to this report, the band's insurer, Lloyd's of London may have to pay out around 15 million dollars because of the axed tour.
Evanescence will premiere their new single, "What You Want" worldwide on television this coming Monday (August 8th). The band will be announcing full details on the premiere shortly. The single will be released digitally on August 9th and the full length self titled cd will follow on October 11th.
Rolling Stone has posted the results of another Readers Poll. This time, the magazine asked readers to vote for their favorite punk rock bands of all time. Shockingly, Green Day topped the list, beating out the Ramones, Stooges, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys and Sex Pistols, among others. Check out all the results here.
Blink 182 have posted a video for their new single, "Up All Night." The video is essentially a collection of footage Blink fans have uploaded onto YouTube over the years. You can check out the video below. The full length cd, Neighborhoods, is set to drop on September 27th.

Meanwhile rumors have been swirling about the band having canceled a Letterman performance scheduled for tonight. The band was never scheduled to appear on Letterman tonight, so I'm not sure where all the rumors even started in the first place!

Grouplove remixed Foster the People's song, "Pumped Up Kicks" and Foster the People have returned the favor by remixing "Colours" by Grouplove. Check out both tracks here.
Peter Murphy has narrated a new animated film titled the Lady Paranorma. The film is set to be released in the fall. You can check out the trailer for the project below and visit the official Facebook page here.

Coldplay will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Friday you'll be able to see their set from Lollapalooza streaming live on the YouTube Lollapalooza channel. Tons of other bands will be streaming sets as well, so be sure to check out the full streaming schedule.


Chino Moreno from Deftones has a new side project called Crosses. You can download the Crosses ep for free by visiting the Crosses Facebook page, or by using the widget below.

Kings of Leon isn't the only band dealing with drama these days. Back in June, rumors were swirling that Breaking Benjamin was breaking up and that lead singer Benjamin Burnley would go solo. It wouldn't have been too surprising to anyone since Burnley had played a few solo shows last year. However, Burnley denied the breakup rumors. According to reports and court documents, Burnley was hiding the truth.

According to this report, some of the issues started back in May when the band was putting together what would become their greatest hits cd (which is due to be released August 16th). The band decided to remix the song, "Blow Me Away" but Burnley was hesitant over including the new mix on the greatest hits collection. The band's record company wanted to use it anyway, and at some point the label allegedly offered the other two band members (Aaron Fink, aka Aaron Fincke, and Mark James, aka, Mark Klepaski) 100,000 dollars to put the song on the collection. Fink and James agreed, and when Burnley found out he fired the two over email. Yes, email.

Burnely said he had cause to fire the two members because they made "unilateral and unauthorized decisions on behalf of the band" (Fink and James deny the allegations). Burnley also sued the two over use of the Breaking Benjamin name. This is messy and will likely get even messier. Stay tuned.

The Lollapalooza webcasting schedule was posted earlier today. It's kind of bad news if you wanted to see Muse, Eminem, or Deadmau5. It's good news if you wanted to check out Coldplay, Foo Fighters, My Morning Jacket, Cage the Elephant, Foster the People, Vaccines, Bright Eyes, and more. May as well check out the entire streaming schedule to see if your favorites are going to be streaming. Keep in mind that the times listed are in Central Time (since the show is in Chicago), so don't forget to adjust to the time zone where you are.


I can't really confirm that this is truly the FIRST EVER concert performed by Rage Against theMachine, but it's being touted as being the first. The show took place in October of 1991, so it's likely legit. Regardless, if you're a fan of the band, by all means check it out (it's a full 50 minute set) below:

Check out an interview with Films of Colour here, and be sure to check out their newly released ep Capital/Persinette on iTunes.