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...hang the dj

...hang the dj is a music blog. Old school, shoegaze, psych, and darkwave are featured genres.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is my personal, independent website. It is not affiliated with Bell Media, nor does it represents the thoughts, opinions, desires, etc of Bell Media

For music submissions, press releases, or questions/concerns:

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Band Of Horses, Black Keys, Foo Fighters, and Neil Young were among the performers at Saturday's Global Citizen benefit concert in New York City's Central Park. Over 60,000 fans showed up to the free concert which was organized to help raise awareness of global poverty. The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Band Of Horses, and K'naan joined headliner Neil Young for a rousing rendition of "Rocking In The Free World" at the end of Young's set.  Take a look at their performance below, and watch more video from the Black Keys here and Band Of Horses here.

"Rocking In The Free World"

Jack White also played a show in New York City on Saturday night, but things didn't go quite so well. According to several reports, White left the stage after a startling short 45 minute set. The crowd expected White to come back for an encore, but after 20 minutes the house lights came on and fans were outrageously pissed. One fan even screamed "Jack White kills puppies." Now that's mad. Read a report here and here.

Muse performed at the Roundhouse in London for the last night of the iTunes Festival on Sunday. Watch the replay here (until it gets pulled.) Muse fans can also check out some behind the scenes footage of the making of The 2nd Law here. And finally, the Guardian posted an in-depth feature which includes a discussion of bassist Chris
Wolstenholme's battle with panic attacks and alcohol issues.

A couple of weeks ago rumors swirled about a possible Soundgarden/Pearl Jam co-headline tour, but Matt Cameron has put the kibosh on that.

Radiohead are back on the road for the next couple of months playing gigs in Europe, the U.K., and Australia. On Saturday night Radiohead performed a cover of Bjork's song "Unravel" before launching into "Everything In Its Right Place." Watch video of the performance here.

More rumors surfaced about a Depeche Mode press conference allegedly scheduled for October 23rd in Paris. A Russian fansite first reported the news last month, and now the German fansite depechemode.de is reporting the same info. Additionally a handful of Depeche Mode dates in Germany have been posted here (translated version.) Interestingly enough the dates match up perfectly with the tour itinerary that leaked back in July.

Stream a track from Jonathan Davis' electronic project Killbot. A full album titled Sound Surgery is reportedly scheduled for an October 22nd release.

The Boston Phoenix posted a new e-mail interview with Morrissey. Though there isn't much new info in the interview, Moz is as snarky as ever, so it's an entertaining read. Morrissey plays Jimmy Fallon October 3rd and kicks off his North American tour in Boston on October 5th.  If you somehow missed the story about Morrissey's bookstore heroics, and admitting his love for System of a Down, follow the links for the deets.

If you missed Friday's wrap up with stories on Iggy & the Stooges, Josh Homme, Soundgarden, Muse, Interpol, Midge Ure, Dinosaur Jr, Depeche Mode, and more, click here.

The Black Keys performed at the Global Citizens Festival in New York City's Central Park on Saturday. Watch their full performance below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Muse closed out the month-long iTunes Festival in London tonight.  If you missed the live stream, check out the full performance below (until it gets pulled!)  The band's new album, The 2nd Law, drops October 1st worldwide and October 2nd in North America. 

(Muse begins ~ 10 minutes into the video)

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Radiohead are back on the road for the next couple of months and will be playing cities in Europe, the U.K., and Australia.  Radiohead played two shows in Berlin this weekend.  During the September 29th show they performed a (short) cover of Bjork's song "Unravel" before launching into "Everything In Its Right Place." Watch fan filmed video of the performance below:


Here's video of "Unravel" & "Everything In Its Right Place," however the audio is a bit more distorted

At Radiohead's second show in Berlin the band performed "True Love Waits" before ripping into "Everything In Its Right Place." Check out the performance along with some other footage from the September 30th show below:

"True Love Waits"/"Everything In Its Right Place"

"Ful Stop" (new song, debuted live earlier this year)

"Like Spinning Plates"

"Climbing Up The Walls"


"How To Disappear Completely"

"Pyramid Song"


The House Of Love are reissuing their 1988 self-titled album as a three disc set on November 26th. The reissue is a swoonworthy collection for House of Love fans - a ton of rare and previously unreleased material will be released, including demos, live tracks, and alternate versions.  According to a post on Facebook, the band is hoping to upload some of the unissued tracks soon, though no details regarding that has been posted yet. Take a look at the tracklisting to the House Of Love deluxe collection below and catch up with the band here.

Updated on October 1st: House Of Love posted the demo version of "I Don't Know Why I Love You Like I Do" on Facebook.  Stream it here.

Disc 1: The House Of Love

01. Christine
02. Hope
03. Road
04. Sulphur
05. Man To Child
06. Salome
07. Love In A Car
08. Happy
09. Fisherman's Tale
10. Touch Me
11. Shine On (Demo - Bonus 7”)
12. Christine (Demo - Bonus 7”)

Disc 2: Singles, B-Sides, Rarities

01. Shine On
02. Love
03. Flow
04. Real Animal
05. Plastic
06. Nothing To Me
07. The Hill
08. Loneliness Is A Gun
09. The Hedonist
10. Welt
11. Destroy The Heart
12. Blind
13. Mr. Jo
14. Destroy The Heart (Demo)
15. Shine On (F*ck Version)
16. I Don’t Know Why I Love You But I Do (Demo)
17. Love In A Car (Live - Previously Unissued)
18. Destroy The Heart (Live - Previously Unissued)
19. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live - Previously Unissued)

Disc 3: Previously Unissued Mixes

01. Shine On (Guy Chadwick Solo Demo)
02. Touch Me (Demo 1)
03. Real Animal (Demo)
04. Happy (Demo 1)
05. Hold On Me (16 Track Demo)
06. Christine (16 Track Demo)
07. Modern World (Demo)
08. Salome *
09. Man To Child *
10. Hope *
11. Love In A Car *
12. Touch Me *
13. Road *
14. Fisherman’s Tale *
15. Happy (Demo 2)
16. Sulphur *
17. Real Animal (16 Track Demo)
18. Little Girl (alias Mr Jo) *
19. Shine On (Band Demo)

* = alternative version


It appears we're only weeks away from an official Depeche Mode 2013/2014 world tour announcement.  A few weeks ago a Russian fansite reported a press conference was planned for October 23rd in Paris, and today depechemode.de (German fansite) is reporting the same October 23rd date.  They are also reporting the German shows will be in open-air venues next summer, with tickets for those gigs scheduled to go on sale October 27th.  The info (with respect to the timing of the German shows) seems to corroborate the tour itinerary that made the rounds in July.  The itinerary was later dismissed by the band's manager Jonathan Kessler, though he stopped short of calling the itinerary bogus.

The German site has been a credible source for DM info in the past, so at the very least, I'd put my money on the press announcement coming October 23rd. Kessler has stated previously that the tour information would be revealed by late fall, and a few months ago he confirmed an April release date for the new Depeche Mode album.

In the meantime, yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of Music For The Masses, so why not enjoy the silence a couple of videos.  Two different videos were made for "Strangelove" and both are posted below:

"Strangelove" (original video directed by Anton Corbijn)

"Strangelove" (second video directed by Martyn Atkins)

Muse drop their sixth album The 2nd Law on October 1st worldwide and October 2nd in North America. If you haven't already, head over to iTunes (in North America) or the Guardian (in the U.K.) to enjoy a full stream of the album. Today's Guardian also has an in depth feature on Muse here.  It's a pretty interesting read - the band talked about the new album, politics, songwriting, and bassist Chris Wolstenholme's battle with panic attacks and alcohol. 

To get even more insight into the band's new album, take a look at some video of the making of The 2nd Law below.

Muse appeared on Later With Jools Holland on September 24th and played three songs from The 2nd Law.  Watch their performance of "Madness," "Panic Station," and "Supremacy" below:

Tomorrow night Muse play the Roundhouse in London as part of the iTunes Festival. The live stream of the concert can be accessed through iTunes and the iTunes Festival app starting at 4pm ET/9pm BST.  More details on that here.

Muse perform on Saturday Night Live on October 6th, then head over to Europe for a three month tour of major European cities. Muse are expected to launch a tour of North America during the first half of 2013.

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Here are links to some of the stories that made news today:

Muse performed on BBC Radio 1 earlier this morning.  The band ripped through a six song set which included a cover of Prince's "Sign O' The Times."  Stream the full session here.

Andy Bell who was one-fourth of the legendary band Ride, was interviewed by Drowned In Sound today.  Bell spoke at length about Ride and also talked about his experience in Oasis.  The interview is posted here and is an excellent read.  If you're unfamiliar with Ride, I've posted some links to their music here.

The Smoking Gun got their hands on Iggy & The Stooges' tour rider, and it's a thing of beauty. They've requested lunch meat "sliced directly off a pig's bottom," somebody dressed as Bob Hope, and even a Triumph Scramble motorcycle. It's truly an amazing read, so bask in the glory of all 28 pages of the rider here.  Meanwhile, Gigwise posted some "startling pictures" of Iggy Pop here.

The Killers played "Moon River" in tribute to Andy Williams at their show Tuesday night in Hollywood.  Video of their performance plus other live footage from the show is posted here.

Soundgarden are offering an immediate download of their new single "Been Away Too Long" to fans who pre-order their album King Animal on iTunes. Fans who don't want to pre-order the album can purchase the single on iTunes or Amazon. "Been Away Too Long" is streaming here.

Foo Fighters, Neil Young, and Black Keys are performing in New York City's Central Park tomorrow as part of a Global Poverty Project benefit. The show streams live here starting at 4:30 pm ET.

Interpol are celebrating the tenth anniversary of their 2002 album Turn On The Bright Lights with the release of an anniversary edition. The collection includes a remastered version of the original album, an extra CD with demos and Peel Sessions, plus a DVD. Turn On The Bright Lights - Tenth Anniversary Edition drops on November 19th.  Take a look at the full tracklisting here.

A solo song from Josh Homme (Queens Of The Stone Age) is featured during the closing credits of End Of Watch. Stream the song here.

Dinosaur Jr played St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit last night.  Read a review of the show here.

A panel of goths got together to discuss Nick Cave.  Read about that here.

Tim Burgess, leader of Charlatans U.K. is about to release his solo album Oh No I Love You next week.  Stream the album in its entirety and take a look at the video for the first single here.

Midge Ure from Ultravox was assaulted with a pie while onstage performing last night in London.  According to Ure, the alleged perpetrator is known to the band and was previously banned from their website and Twitter accounts.  Watch video of the drama plus some other video from the show here.

Two classic albums were released on this day in 1987 - Depeche Mode's Music For The Masses and The Smiths' Strangeways Here We Come.  Both albums have a very special place in my heart, and I hope you feel the same way. Enjoy a song from each album below:

Midge Ure from Ultravox was hit with a pie during the band's concert September 27th in London. The pie thrower jumped onstage during the performance of "Contact," and a testament to Ure's amazing professionalism, after getting hit by the pie Ure just toweled off and continued playing without missing a beat.  Watch video of the performance below (altercation took place ~ 3:50) as well as a short video of just the incident (via ElectronicMagUK): 


Short clip of just the pie incident

The identity of alleged pie-thrower is known to the band according to this tweet Ure sent out after the incident (via Dumbing of America). 

Watch some other fan-filmed footage from the September 27th show below.  Ultravox are currently on the road playing shows in the U.K. for the next couple of weeks, then they'll head to major cities in Europe.


"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes"

A solo track from Queens Of The Stone Age leader Josh Homme is featured during the end credits of End Of Watch. The song isn't on the standard version of the film's soundtrack, but is available as a bonus track on the digital version iTunes is selling.  The good news is the track isn't an "album only" purchase, so you can purchase the song individually if desired.  Grab it here and stream "Nobody To Love" below (via Grunge Report).

Muse performed a six-song session for BBC Radio 1 earlier today.  The full set, which included a cover of Prince's "Sign O' The Times" is available to stream below.  A separate stream of just the Prince cover is also posted below.

01  Madness
02  Uprising
03  Follow Me
04  Panic Station
05  Sign Of The Times (Prince Cover)
06  Starlight

Muse  "Sign O' The Times"

Charlatans leader Tim Burgess is preparing to release his solo album Oh No I Love You.  The album, which features lyrics written by Lambchop's Kurt Wagner, drops October 1st worldwide and will be available digitally October 2nd in North America.  Take a listen to a full stream of the album this week over at The Guardian.  Later today (12:30 pm ET/5:30 pm BST) Burgess will be holding an on-line listening party on Twitter and you can take part here.

Here's the video from the album's first single, "White"

Drowned In Sound published an interview with Andy Bell today.  If you're not familiar with Bell's career, he was in one of the best bands ever - Ride.  After their breakup, he formed Hurricane #1, went on to join Oasis in 1999, and is currently in the everybody-in-Oasis-except-Noel band Beady Eye.  The interview in Drowned In Sound is a GREAT read.  Bell discussed his all musical projects, but the interview centered around his days in Ride.  Some excerpts are posted below, but you really should click over to read the full, amazing interview.  Swoon.

On Nowhere:

"...Nowhere is still my proudest achievement, more because it was our debut and we'd finally made an album with our names on it. It's grown on me more in the years afterwards. I don't think any of us quite realised what we'd achieved until many years later."

On Ride's deliberate attempt to distance themselves from the shoegaze scene:

"We saw ourselves as being far superior to all those other bands. I think any band that's worth its salt genuinely believes they're the best band in the world, and we were no different. As much as Ride were four very withdrawn and quiet individuals as people, we had that confidence, that belief, in ourselves."

On Liam and Noel:

"Working with the Gallaghers was brilliant. They're both very different yet in some ways quite similar, and also very appreciative for what I was bringing to their band"

On Ride ever playing again:

"Well, never say never. We're good friends now. We get together once a year and just have a few pints and whatever. We're all pretty busy with what we're doing, but personally, it would be a shame if we never got to play those songs one more time."

Do yourself a favor and read the interview here.  If you're not familiar with Ride, seriously, go listen to some of their music.  As much as I think you should buy it, I'll go ahead and post a link so you can stream Nowhere in full.  At least go listen to "Vapour Trail" or the epic "Leave Them All Behind" and while you're at it, swoon to "Chrome Waves."   Anniversary editions of Nowhere and Going Blank Again are both available and are highly recommended.


The Killers played The Fonda in Hollywood on September 26th, the same day news broke about Andy Williams' death. During a handful of shows last year the Killers covered the classic "Moon River" live, and found it fitting to once again dust it off as a tribute to Williams on Tuesday night. Watch video of the performance below.

"Moon River"

Last week the Killers released their new album Battle Born and announced a slew of live shows (including a stop at the EMU Convocation center in Ypsilanti on December 20th for the Night 89X Stole Christmas).  Take a look at the full tour itinerary here.

Watch more video from the Killers' September 26th Hollywood show below:

"Somebody Told Me"

"Read My Mind"


"Flesh & Bone"

"When You Were Young"


Here are some links to stories that made news today:

Mumford and Sons dropped their album Babel on Tuesday and it seems like everyone rushed out to buy it!  The album is poised to debut at number one on the Billboard Top 200 album chart next week, with projected sales of  600 thousand copies its first week out.  Turns out this will be the biggest sales week for a rock act since 2008!  Read more about that here.  

Mumford & Sons played a full concert for Live on Letterman last night.  Stream the full show here.

Though the song leaked all over the net yesterday, Soundgarden premiered their highly anticipated single, "Been Away Too Long" today.  Listen to the official stream on the band's official site or one of a zillion other sites hosting the stream.  Why not listen to it here?

Another day, another Morrissey story.  Yesterday Moz made news for rescuing an elderly lady.  Today's news can't really top that, however you can read a new Morrissey interview in the Courier Mail.  Topics discussed: he still doesn't have a record deal, still hates the Royal family, prefers Twitter over Facebook, and his favorite recent-ish song is "Lonely Day" by System Of A Down.  He also briefly snarked about Coachella's offer to reunite the Smiths.  Read the full interview here.  

Morrissey has also confirmed he's playing Jimmy Fallon on October 3rd.

The Smashing Pumpkins ran into some bad luck in Mexico last night when they realized ALL their clothes were stolen out of their suitcases!  Apparently they got everything back, because Billy Corgan sent out a Tweet indicating the clothes were recovered by US Border Services and even sent out a picture to prove it.

The Melvins' Trevor Dunn has been writing a tour diary for Spin while on the road this fall.  The latest entry finds Dunn talking about the band's recent stop in Detroit, and he also weighs in on the Billie Joe Armstrong drama.  His cutting remarks:

"That guy's main problem is that he doesn't realize that he is Justin Bieber. He should take some of the green in his wallet, buy himself a green smoothie and relax. What kind of band name is Green Day anyway? Is that in reference to all the chord progressions they continually recycle? But I digress…"

Peter Gabriel is on the road playing his classic album So from Back to Front.  Watch some fan-filmed footage from the September 21st show in Philadelphia.

Blondie are playing a Google/You Tube session in New York City on October 10th and the session will stream live.  More details on that are posted here.

The awesome folks at the Quietus are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Depeche Mode's A Broken Frame.  Read the feature here and enjoy a live version of "Leave In Silence" below:

Soundgarden officially premiered the first single from their forthcoming album King Animal today. "Been Away Too Long" will be available shortly on iTunes and is streaming below. King Animal drops November 13th.

Tracklisting for King Animal

01 Been Away Too Long
02 Non-State Actor
03 By Crooked Steps
04 A Thousand Days Before
05 Blood On The Valley Floor
06 Bones Of Birds
07 Taree
08 Attrition
09 Black Saturday
10 Halfway There
11 Worse Dreams
12 Eyelid’s Mouth
13 Rowing

Morrissey was recently interviewed by the Australian paper Courier Mail.  Like most of Moz's recent interviews, it was conducted via email.  Morrissey explained to the paper that he does that now (post-NME libel drama) so his words can not be taken out of context:

"I had to pay legal fees of over $150,000 in order to get the NME to apologise. That incident just about turned me off for life, as you can imagine."

Morrissey also made a brief comment about Coachella's offer to the Smiths:

"Fascinatingly they made it clear that they would 'not require' the Smiths' bass player or drummer ... which I thought certainly said something."

Other topics of discussion: Morrissey still doesn't have a record deal, still hates the Royal Family (wasn't surprised about Prince Harry's Las Vegas incident because "he's always been an absolute idiot"), loves Russell Brand (but not his films), prefers Twitter over Facebook, and revealed his favorite recent-ish songs were "Lonely Day" by System of a Down and "Born That Way" by James Maker

Read the full interview here.

In more Morrissey news - don't miss him live on Jimmy Fallon October 3rd. 

Related news:  Morrissey comes to the aid of elderly lady in NYE

Peter Gabriel is on the road in North America playing his classic 1986 album So in its entirety on the Back to Front tour.  Take a look at some fan filmed video below shot during the September 21st show in Philadelphia at Wells Fargo Center. 

Gabriel is releasing a deluxe box set to commemorate the anniversary of So on October 22nd worldwide and October 23rd in North America. Check out the contents of the box here and pre-order it here or here.

"Red Rain"

"Big Time"


"In Your Eyes"

"Solsbury Hill"

Blondie have announced a live gig at the Google offices in New York City on October 10th.  The band will play songs and answer fan questions during the hour-long session, and fans who will be in the New York area and want to attend can win tickets to the event here.  The full event will stream live on You Tube on October 10th from 4 - 5 pm ET (October 10th is a Wednesday, so start making plans to sneak out of work early that day!)

"Hanging On The Telephone"

Coheed & Cambria premiered the title track from The Afterman: Ascension yesterday on Rolling Stone.  Watch Claudio Sanchez discuss the concept behind the song and stream the track below. The Afterman: Ascension drops October 9th.


Here are links to some stories that made news today:

Muse held a chat with fans on Twitter today and the archive is posted here.  Last night Muse played two songs from The 2nd Law on the BBC's Later With Jools Holland.  Watch the performance here.

Soundgarden's new single, "Been Away Too Long" drops tomorrow, but it ended up leaking online

Depeche Mode's 13th studio record will be released in April.  World tour dates are expected to be announced in a few weeks.

Tre Cool's ex-wife told Celebuzz Billie Joe Armstrong had been "drinking a lot" prior to Green Day's show in Vegas, and is "doing ok" now. Meanwhile, Green Day's replacement on Jimmy Kimmel last night was Alanis Morrissette, who performed a new song as well as an emotional cover of "Basket Case." Watch it here.

Morrissey came to the aid of an elderly woman who fainted in a bookstore in New York City.

Coheed & Cambria premiered the song "The Afterman" exclusively on Rolling Stone and is streaming here. Coheed's full album The Afterman: Ascension drops October 9th.

Maynard James Keenan wrote about films in his latest column for the Phoenix New Times.  Read it here.

The Quietus celebrated the 25th anniversary of Jane's Addiction self-titled debut album with a feature here.

Jack's Mannequin recently announced they were breaking up, but they decided to give fans one last song.  Stream and grab a free download of "Wrecking Ball Heart" here.

Andy Williams died yesterday at his home in Montana at the age of 84 years old. Read more about Williams here and watch a performance of "Moon River" with Henry Mancini (who co-wrote the song with Johnny Mercer) below.

Soundgarden officially drops new song "Been Away Too Long" on iTunes tomorrow!  The track is the first single from their new album King Animal which drops on November 13th.  

Update: A full version of the song was streaming here but has now been pulled

Update: Stereogum found a different stream which can be accessed here.

On Monday, Strand Bookstore in New York City sent out this tweet:

At first, it seemed kind of a far-fetched story, but apparently it was true! Queerty reports that Morrissey was in the store minding his own business looking at photography books when suddenly an elderly lady collapsed nearby. Queerty's source reports Moz rushed over to her, but it turned out she was fine:

"He picked up her stray belongings and asked if he could get her some water or call for help. She declined and collected her things and moved on...He seemed very shaken up and flustered by the incident and left the store soon afterwards without buying anything."

Read the full report in Queerty.

Morrissey is hanging out in NYC sharpening his Superman skills preparing for his North American tour. The tour kicks off October 5th in Boston and will be hitting various stops across the country. Tickets for most of the shows (including the October 26th stop at the Whiting Auditorium in Flint) are available here.

Moz won't trip you up or laugh when you fall...


Muse appeared on Later With Jools Holland earlier tonight and performed two track from their forthcoming album The 2nd Law. Watch the performance of "Madness" and "Panic Station" below. The 2nd Law arrives October 1st worldwide and October 2nd in North America and is streaming in full all week ahead of the release.


"Panic Station"

On Wednesday at 2pm ET/7pm BST, Muse are holding a listening party and Q & A session with fans on Twitter (also accessible from official site.) The band is encouraging fans to stream the album and comment about the songs, plus ask any questions. Be sure to use #AskMuse when commenting.
Ian McCulloch played a couple of acoustic show over the weekend. Watch fan shot video from the shows below:

"I'm Waiting For My Man" (Velvet Underground cover)


"Stars Are Stars" (with Ian Broudie)

"Do It Clean" (minute-long clip of the performance)

Julian Cope is on the road playing a handful of shows in the U.K. Watch footage from his September 21st show in Leeds. Cope's banter with the crowd is awesome - be sure to watch the first video below where Cope admonished people in the crowd for talking: "hey, if you want to talk, fucking talk somewhere else..." Go Julian!

"Cromwell In Ireland"

"The Great Dominions"

"The Greatest Imperfection Is Love"

"Soul Desert"

"Raving On The Moor"

"Outta My Mind On Dope & Speed"

The new album from Muse, the 2nd Law, is streaming a week ahead of its release.  The full album stream is accessible via iTunes in the U.S., Canada, and Brazil; through the Guardian in the U.K.  Fans in other countries should click here for the full list of stream options.  If none of the streaming options work, the album has been ripped/uploaded to You Tube, though it's best to enjoy the album as a whole instead of just tracking through it. The 2nd Law is the band's sixth studio record and drops October 1st worldwide and October 2nd in North America.

Yesterday the BBC's Zane Lowe interviewed Chris Wolstenholme from Muse, who talked about the new record. At one point Lowe asked him about touring and if there were any plans to play some new places, to which Wolstenholme revealed that the band would like to do that at some point in tour cycle, but would begin the tour with dates in main cities in Europe, then head to North America for the first half of 2013, and then most likely play stadiums next summer in Europe.

Stream the full interview segment below (includes "Supremacy," "Follow Me," and "Panic Station")

Muse are holding a listening party and Q & A session with fans Wednesday, September 26th at 2pm ET/7pm BST on Twitter. Submit questions now using #AskMuse.  Non-Twitter peeps can enjoy the action through a microsite which will be able to be accessed through the official Muse site.

Muse play the iTunes Festival in London on September 30th and will be available to stream live via iTunes and the iTunes Festival app. A Saturday Night Live appearance is also scheduled for October 6th.


Gary Numan appeared on BBC Radio 6 over the weekend for an almost 20 minute interview. Numan talked about recording new music, moving to Los Angeles (he recently obtained a green card), how he got into music and synthesizers, and being considered a musical influence. 

Take a listen to a short clip of Numan discussing synthesizers with host Liz Kershaw below:

The full interview with Gary Numan is available to stream as part of the show's two hour broadcast archive (the interview begins ~ 1:05:00 and runs until ~ 1:23:00.) The show archive also features music from R.E.M., New Order, O.M.D., Ultravox, Kraftwerk, Japan, Blancmange, Tim Burgess, the White Stripes and more.  The archive is posted here.
The Psychedelic Furs kicked off their North American tour in Houston on September 21st and are heading across the country with the Chevins and Lemonheads in tow (the Chevins open October 2nd through October 6th and the Lemonheads take over as tour support starting October 12th.) The full itinerary/tour info is posted here and includes a Detroit area stop at the Royal Oak Music Theater on October 17th.

Watch fan filmed video of "The Ghost In You" shot at the tour opener at the House of Blues in Houston:

"The Ghost In You" (9/21, Houston)

Now trip WAY back in time and enjoy the Psychedelic Furs' full performance filmed November 4th, 1981 at Rockpalast in Berlin.  The set list is posted below.

01. Into You Like a Train
02. President Gas
03. Mr. Jones
04. Fire Engine
05. Dumb Waiters
06. Pretty in Pink
07. It Goes On
08. Imitation of Christ
09. Forever Now
10. So Run Down
11. Pulse
12. India
13. Fall
14. We Love You


Pearl Jam played Deluna Fest last night in Pensacola, Florida. Watch a collection of fan shot film from the show including the band's performance of "Baba O'Riley" (Who cover) below:


"Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town"

"Baba O'Riley"




"Yellow Ledbetter"


Paul Westerberg has debuted a new piano ballad "My Road Now." Stream the song below and grab a free download here.

Meanwhile the Replacements' documentary Color Me Obsessed lands on DVD later this fall. The film enjoyed a limited run in theaters last year, but the production company has wisely decided to bring it to a wider audience. The double disc DVD includes six hours of extras from the film and drops November 20th. Visit the official Color Me Obsessed site to check out interview clips with director Gorman Bechard, film teasers, artwork, and more. The trailer is posted below: