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...hang the dj

...hang the dj is a music blog. Old school, shoegaze, psych, and darkwave are featured genres.

Legal disclaimer: This blog is my personal, independent website. It is not affiliated with Bell Media, nor does it represents the thoughts, opinions, desires, etc of Bell Media

For music submissions, press releases, or questions/concerns:

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Monday, September 11, 2017

The The made several announcements today - they'll play their first live shows in 16 years in June 2018, a three disc set will be released later this year, and several more U.K. screenings for The Inertia Variations have been announced.

The The's two comeback shows are the band's first shows since their 2002 performance at David Bowie's Meltdown Festival in London. The The will play Heartland Festival in Denmark on June 1st and London's Royal Albert Hall on June 5th. Ticket information is available here.

The Radio Cineola Trilogy Boxset will be available later this year. Disc One - The End Of The Day includes The The's new single "We Can't Stop What's Coming" along with cover versions (performances and interpretations) of The The songs by other artists. Disc Two The Inertia Variations features soundscapes, poetry, and spoken word performances; the third disc, Midnight To Midnight, features electronic scores, political commentary, and broadcasts from Matt Johnson's Radio Cineola transmissions.

The Radio Cineola Trilogy Boxset will be available on 3LP or 3CD; both editions come with a book filled with lyrics, poetry, photographs, and more. Pre-order from The The's official site starting October 6th. View the trailer and tracklisting for Radio Cineola Trilogy Boxset below and head here for more info.

Finally, additional screenings for The The's documentary The Inertia Variations have been announced for the month of October in the UK. View the listing here. No North American screenings have been announced as of yet.

The End Of The Day

01. This Is The Day - Thomas Feiner
02. Slow Emotion Replay - Meja Kullersten
03. Weatherbelle - Thomas Leer
04. Gravitate To Me - Elysian Fields
05. Bugle Boy - Colin Lloyd Tucker
06. Pillar Box Red - Anna Domino
07. December Sunlight - Liz Horsman
08. Bluer Than Midnight - Charlotte Etc.
09. Love Is Stronger Than Death - Tom Bright
10. Phantom Walls - Gillian Glover
11. We Can't Stop What's Coming - The The
12. This Is The Night - Willis

The Inertia Variations

01. Introduction
02. Atmosfear
03. A Long Hard Lazy Apprenticeship
04. Fear Of Known Things
05. Atmosmear
06. Nothing
07. An Explanation
08. How Little How Far
09. Atmostear
10. Consolation
11. The Challenge
12. Atmoshear
13. Suddenly
14. The Rites Of Indolence
15. Yellow Afternoon Of The Soul
16. Tense Offering
17. Creation
18. Ceremony
19. A Time Of Reckoning
20. Art And Eros
21. Suddenly Again
22. Lying On My Side
23. A Wednesday In August
24. Molasses
25. That Time Of Day
26. I'm Not Tired
27. Taped
28. Chair, Sofa And Bed
29. Leaden Afternoon
30. Inaction Figure
31. The Island
32. Butterfly Springs
33. Rush Hour
34. Butterfly Pings
35. Droning
36. The Legacy
37. Drowler
38. The Shadows Of Purpose
39. Accomplishment
40. Time Moves, But Not I
41. Another Day
42. Butterfly Rings
43. Gaslight
44. Ruinous Tranquility
45. Beauty
46. Days
47. Inured To Otiosity
48. Blood Streams
49. Anomic Otiosity
50. The Measure Of A Man
51. Elsewhere
52. Alien Lungs
53. View From A Hill
54. Born Winner, Self-Made Loser
55. Dust Falls Regardless
56. Drench
57. Riveting Torpor
58. Drenched
59. The Prime Of Life
60. Entitlement
61. Lifelong Lean Period
62. Point Hope
63. Room With A Void
64. The Arrival
65. Figment To Filament
66. Constancy
67. Ode To Invented Melancholy
68. Improvidence
69. This Day
70. Feelings
71. Point Hope

Midday To Midnight

01. Introduction
02. Between The Living And The Dead
03. The Late Station
04. William Engdahl
05. Wireless Trip
06. Zoe Hepden
07. When Tomorrow Becomes
08. Night Flight
09. David Edwards
10. Same Face Different Mask
11. Wireless Ship
12. Abdi Assadi
13. Wargasm
14. Here Come The Drones
15. Secretum
16. Lucinda Rogers
17. Spyrograph
18. The Divided Selfie
19. Neil Sanders
20. Between Raindrops
21. Digital Dystopia
22. Marian St Laurent
23. Missing People
24. Radiophonique
25. Neil Clark
26. The Watchers And The Watched
27. The Invisible Empire
28. Wireless Blip
29. William Engdahl
30. The Future Isn't What It Used To Be
31. The New Normal
32. David Edwards
33. The Space Between Words
34. The Veil Of Amnesia
34. Goodnight
35. Every Secret Life

Published September 11th, 2017