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The Blow Monkeys have been name-dropped after the release of the new My Bloody Valentine album; some fans have suggested MBV's track "New You" is partially reminiscent of the Blow Monkeys' classic "Digging Your Scene." Whether you agree or disagree (both tracks posted at the bottom of the page), the discussion has been great timing for the Blow Monkeys because they're about to release a brand new album.  Feels Like A New Morning includes 10 tracks and comes with a bonus disc featuring acoustic versions of the band's classics performed by leader Dr. Robert. Feels Like A New Morning drops April 16 on import from Amazon or April 8th in the U.K. on Cherry Red Records. Take a look at the tracklisting for the album below:

CD 1

01. Oh My
02. Feels Like A New Morning
03. Cover Me
04. Chained
05. Said Too Much
06. Icarus In Flames
07. That's Not Right
08. In No Time At All
09. Shake It Up
10. Hold Everything Dear

CD 2 (bonus disc):

01. Digging Your Scene
02. Come On Down
03. Springtime For The World
04. It Doesn't Have To Be This Way
05. Man From Russia
06. Slaves No More
07. Heaven Is A Place
08. Choice?
09. Limping For A Generation
10. It Pays To Belong

Cherry Red also released expanded reissues of the first two Blow Monkeys albums at the end of last year - 1984's Limping For A Generation is available here, and 1986's Animal Magic is available here.

The Blow Monkeys "Digging Your Scene"

Blow Monkeys - Digging Your Scene by jpdc11

My Bloody Valentine "New You"